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Unboxing The PSNY Nike Air Force 1 High

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Utilizing the sneaker industry’s on-trend deconstructed aesthetic, NY-based menswear label, PSNY, is set to take its design talents to the Air Force 1 High. Exposed stitching and an exaggerated heel collar are the clear hero of this unique collaboration. Full Release Info: https://snkrne.ws/2AmiIfu Subscribe for more videos! - SneakerNews.com - Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sneakernews - Facebook: http://facebook.com/sneakernews - Twitter: http://twitter.com/sneakernews
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Text Comments (35)
Joey L (4 months ago)
$200 for a pair of AF1s... lol bye
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl (5 months ago)
No 9.5
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl (6 months ago)
Got 4 pair 4 sale right now.
#DeathrowDC (6 months ago)
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl im good bro
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl (6 months ago)
+#DeathrowDC $325.00
#DeathrowDC (6 months ago)
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl i need 13 wat your asking price?
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl (6 months ago)
+#DeathrowDC 11, 11.5 ,12 and 13
#DeathrowDC (6 months ago)
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl what size?
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl (6 months ago)
Got 4 pairs 4 sales asap.
h3nRiCkxxmlgxx (5 months ago)
YoEl BenYahmin YisraEl how much for 9.5
Andrew Beach (7 months ago)
I don't like the lace collar and the unstitched look
dre day (8 months ago)
Get the Fuck out of here. They look. Have made. Nooooooo
Pete P (8 months ago)
Got that off-white feel to it🤔👌🏽
Desmond Bradley (8 months ago)
Virgil put everyone on this deconstruction wave. It's dying down tho
peter Andrade (8 months ago)
nice design looks good
ESTE D (8 months ago)
they look hideous
hac xx (8 months ago)
This is an AF1 low disguised as an AF1 high 😂
王小丹 (8 months ago)
Deconstruct styling is already dieing down. They are too late. There will be resell but minimal profit imo
ESTE D (8 months ago)
王小丹 deconstruction of peices will never die it's only been over publicized by that faggot virgil and everyone who is suckin his dick to get in his circle
Peter Park (8 months ago)
looks killer !!!
Illest Visionz (8 months ago)
Damn. I really really want these.
MUGKID (8 months ago)
I’d freakin love this as a af1 low. wish they’d make a low version
Scott (6 months ago)
That is low.
cameron rivera (8 months ago)
But highs are better
Illest Visionz (8 months ago)
MUGKID damn imagine that
Rick Brown (8 months ago)
These are dope! Can't wait.
Max Julien (8 months ago)
These are fire, but the deconstructed look is getting ran into the ground.
refused (6 months ago)
It's a trend what are you expecting?
ESTE D (8 months ago)
Virgil is destroying fashion and playing out aspects of fashion that should have never been over done.
era (8 months ago)
he isn't correcting you, he is agreeing
Max Julien (8 months ago)
DARTH MAUL “this are fire” doesn’t make sense tho
oaklandNBA&NFL 2005 (8 months ago)
Great shoe, and an even better review/unboxing!

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