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Well dressed woman being robbed of everything including her clothes

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Everything for Pleasure AKA Tout Pour le Plaisir (1977) Arlène (Siegried Cellier) has various misadventures with men and comes to feel they are only after her money. After being robbed of everything including her clothes by Guy Royer, she is admitted to her apartment by the caretaker who confesses his love for her. But he leaves in disgust when she offers him money.
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Sting Prado (10 days ago)
Eoin Vaughan (11 days ago)
Safa Talukder (4 months ago)
If i was the girl i would never take my clothes and stay naked i like to show my hottest and the hot, sexy body to everyone.
Paul Leckner (1 year ago)
Very SEXY!! Would like to see her other adventures.

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