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Girls Six-Pack Abs Workout

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Want a leaner stomach? Stronger Abs? A Firm belly? Then give this stomach workout a try. You can do it everyday. For longer ab workouts and nutrition plans check out: https://BikiniModelFitness.com
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Text Comments (42)
JAK Pranks (1 month ago)
So hot veido
Hexx F (3 months ago)
Please please please REMOVE the music from this video and relaunch it. I would love to hear your instruction and focus on your technique. The music makes that impossible. Thanks much!
Esrnhell (6 months ago)
Do I have to do it everyday?
PlatoniumInfo Network (8 months ago)
Your Excersise really work..love it..great job😘👏👏
Aina Kunigelyte (1 year ago)
really annoying that you guys put music over her explanations that I actually really would like to hear
Jamie fortenberry (4 days ago)
I'm feeling sad wish mixed with white and Mexican it hurt me want my legs to tone and tight muscles in my legs can be strong smaller i'm going on diet with myself I love workout
Tiffany Kudrikow (1 year ago)
This was so poorly done you can't even hear her over the loud music. Keep the music out. Do you want people here to workout or to check out the girls...
Aina Kunigelyte (1 year ago)
agreed 100% , I am interested in explanations how to do it correctly instead of some shitty tune
riconavy1 (1 year ago)
the toe is strong in this one
Əķ ŪþbËąț (1 year ago)
شكرا 😍
xxWolfyHacksxx (1 year ago)
Hi, I just wanted to ask how to get abs faster; doing this daily or with rest days between like mon,wed,fri and the rest days are tue,thu,sat?
Natalie Rodriguez (4 months ago)
xxWolfyHacksxx I’ve been doing this for about 8 months and I’ve seen great changes I already have a six pack so I’d say have at least 2 rest days.
Maribel Calamateo (1 year ago)
Okay the music has to go or it should stop when she's talking.
ChicksFit (1 year ago)
Literally perfect, head to toe! What an amazing goddess!!!
Sylvie Sylva (1 year ago)
Hi i would like to know if these workout can do it 2 x per day to have a good results
Raymond (1 year ago)
Asi yo tengo los abdominales
Tomáš Javora (1 year ago)
Amazing...I realy enjoy
Meena Kumari (1 year ago)
Is there any diet plan along with these exercises???? Plz reply....
Debbie Rake (1 year ago)
Would have liked to hear instructions.... But the music.... However, I love it. Will use!
Russell Abresch (1 year ago)
A worthwhile routine. I like the plank part in the middle with bicycle at the end.
Meena Kumari (1 year ago)
What do u eat????
Meena Kumari (1 year ago)
I wish I had body like yours n abs 😭😭😭
mrboss305 (1 year ago)
getting a lil bit better with the angles
ceesay mohamed (1 year ago)
Wow that's awesome amazing stunning and adorable beautiful body shape, ur body is so incredibly gorgeous all I wanna do is explore every tiny square inch of it.
Alpha Barre (1 year ago)
LOL he muted her with the music,but we still love you baby girl
Charlie McFitness (1 year ago)
Excellent fricken video. Thumbs up from me 👍
GAAVOK (1 year ago)
Christine Bickle (1 year ago)
R those bruises?
Alpha Barre (1 year ago)
Christine Bickle she probably did some wild sex thang lol
king (1 year ago)
Very hot
Cheesy Wolf (1 year ago)
How long does the results take?
Basma Channel (1 year ago)
Nice workouts💪💪
Dee Luther (1 year ago)
😗😗😗😗🖤💪Definitely LovE This SexY Workout VideO💪😻😗😗😗😗 😘😘💪Hard Work Pay Off💪😙😙
tyncho tymo (1 year ago)
Viktoria kay y nada mas!!!!
AnthonyGoesWild (1 year ago)
What a hottie
Richard Leon (1 year ago)
Kim Rodgers (1 year ago)
I’m 10and I got a four pack, but this is linked to my mom.
Bashir Brown (11 months ago)
Look at that six-pack
Bashir Brown (11 months ago)
Kim Snyder good
SALENA LOPEZ (1 year ago)
Kim Snyder im skiny i just want a 6 pack
SALENA LOPEZ (1 year ago)
Kim Snyder thats so mean
Allen Sheppard (1 year ago)
Kim Snyder.

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