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Fiona Bruce teams up with art expert Philip Mould to investigate mysteries behind paintings.Can the team prove that a beautiful still life of a glass jug and pears is the work of celebrated British artist William Nicholson? The investigation began when viewer Lyn got in touch to ask for our help - a painting she owns recently suffered a fatal blow when it was rejected by the leading authority on William Nicholson and was left out of the artist's latest catalogue raisonnee - the official list of all his known worksAs the team delve back into the provenance of the painting, they come across an alarming find - could this painting have been involved in one of the great art crimes of the 20th century? Fiona meets reformed art forger John Myatt to find out if he ever faked a Nicholson.
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cyberlucy (3 days ago)
I'm sorry but the one in Canada is not nearly as good as the one she owns.
john bozo (3 days ago)
So Nicholson let someone use his paint box and an artist board with his handwriting all over it to paint a fake picture and sign his name to it. Makes Nicholson sound like a fool. I am sure he wasn't.
Morten Hansen (3 days ago)
If Nicholson did do the signature with the paint splattered thumb. It could be interesting to know if there would be fingerprints. If he used this as a common technique, maybe there might be fingerprints on other of his paintings somewhere else to compare to!?
carole lerman (7 days ago)
Art experts are like Archaeologists they can never admit they are wrong which doesn't make them experts at all.
Gary Stiltner (7 days ago)
What about the finger print on both paintings?
Paula Mourad (8 days ago)
I LOVE Fiona's voice :)
April Marie (9 days ago)
It would seem that Nicholson was experimenting with abstraction and painted both of these painting around the same time using the same still life set up. Lyn's painting is obviously by his hand. It takes a big person to admit they have made a mistake. Such a shame that miss Read was unable to simply say that the new compelling evidence brought before her has changed her view.
Bright Newlook (10 days ago)
So let's get this straight. The forger guy admitted to forging 1 Nicholson still life (hasn't been caught yet), so we know Patricia Reed already approved of an ACTUAL FAKE at one point. And yet, despite all the evidence for Glass Jug, she still is unconvinced DESPITE the 100% handwriting match and idiosyncratic "thumbprint" signature? I don't think 1 person should have the sole authority of what gets accepted or not. It should be a committee of experts.
Luke Bell (11 days ago)
Reed is an idiot.
neal the Deal (15 days ago)
I like the Lillian Browse still life more, because it is more life like, especially the pears, and plates. An open and shut case, Williams art case. Churchill didn't take up painting until after the war, and whoever had access to his art would never over paint his original work and then ask him to name and sigh it . Ridiculous assumptions altogether. Maybe some professional rivalry even jealousy between the 2 female experts, Lillian Browse and Patricia Reed as to who is the best and sells the most books.
Tom Tom (19 days ago)
I don't know. I didn't like the painting. There is no chain of custody back to the artist.
JayveeSonata (24 days ago)
There is overwhelming evidence that this is a genuine Nicholason painting. Why is a bitter and biased "expert" such as Ms. Reed allowed to play God? She didn't even have the guts to show up in person to deliver her verdict.
cyberlucy (3 days ago)
+carole lerman Yes and not admitting it.
carole lerman (7 days ago)
Too busy making mistakes.
Potwheelz (24 days ago)
That forger won't tell because it's probably very bad for his well being and future existence.
howdy268 (25 days ago)
Such blatant arrogance by Patricia Reed by supposedly expert person refusing too admit that she got it wrong ... Ridiculous
morey hubert (25 days ago)
reed needs to pack it in.
american pro (26 days ago)
fake or fortune: perhaps the produced series ever presented on the inet ...
J Watson (27 days ago)
I believe it's a Nicholson, the evidence is there but it seems like the "expert" has dug her heels in. time will tell. nice painting though.
Dion Govender (28 days ago)
Can't aunt Lillian's gallery publish an updated version of her own catalogue? Why must this Ms Reed be the only authority on the subject?
TD McCoy (11 days ago)
I wonder this too
HAGGIS .MCHAGGIS (28 days ago)
Surely that's his fingerprint on it? The 'Expert' in question obviously has a bruised ego that she has been challenged... pathetic.
Devin Devon (29 days ago)
This was an open and shut case, that painting is a 100% genuine Nicholason, the evidence for it is overwhelming. It's also a fantastic painting, To hell with Ms. Reed.
D. Angelo Ferri (1 month ago)
I know very little about this but it seems to me the only thing Reed is concerned about is covering her own ass.
Leslie Whittaker (7 days ago)
And her ego is so big she can’t admit when she is wrong.
truthseeker444 (7 days ago)
Exactly, rather than admit she was wrong, she dug an even deeper hole for herself, like is it her belief, that a student of the artist, faked his signature thumb print and initial? I think that the thumb print on both paintings should be analysed by forensic detectives, and when it is shown to be the same print, then Reed can go crawl into a hole, she has already been exposed as no kind of an expert in anything. I wonder what the artists grandson thinks now that he has seen all the evidence.
mallory besom (1 month ago)
'an intricate argument can be rebuffed' -- that's the gist of it. Because Nich'son himself cannot be traced to it, it can't be sanctioned. Score one for the shrill voice of expertise. (My statements are made with the same irony as Mould's.)
mallory besom (12 days ago)
As I said, irony.
Christina Moore (13 days ago)
Reed is protecting her own ego.
Tom L (1 month ago)
The expert was upset that she had the "ugly" painting of the two and really did not want anymore side by side comparisons. So the better painting of the two was nullified as not genuine. I would have another expert look at it.
circlek (1 month ago)
That's not a Winston Churchill....Stupid people...if anything it's probably the wrong picture they catalogued, and now they can't admit it.
I had a hard time following this episode.... It was a bit confusing.
hongsien kwee (1 month ago)
What an explnation by Patricia Reed, as if other students could have painted it on Nicholson's board, and let him sign it???
hongsien kwee (1 month ago)
one is before he ate the pears (Lyn), the other one is after finishing eating the pears (Ottawa)
teppolundgren (1 month ago)
It's obviously a concern if clear providence cannot be established and linked back to the original painter, but in which other field of forensic science, is a verdict decided by just ONE person? Expert or not, it's positively un-scientific to rely on the opinion of one person, regardless of how familiar they may be with a particular subject. And not only that, but it also allows for petty jealousy and personal revenge to occur, especially if said expert has some sort of grudge against the current owner of a work, or even a relative of that owner. Personal opinion can only go so far, and unfortunately, politics and snobbish ego are also all too often mixed up with these things. So in order to get a fair verdict, it really is vital to at least get a second opinion before a work of art is completely written off as a fraud or a cheap copy, etc.
carole lerman (7 days ago)
X (1 month ago)
flamevlam1 (2 months ago)
No there is another reason why she dismisses this wonderful painting by Nicholson and only Patricia Reed knows the answer.
Mike D (2 months ago)
Wow. Why would Nicholson title someone else's work though? Sounds like Ms. Reed is too embarrassed to correct her mistake and is willing to rob that woman and art world to maintain her pride.
cyberlucy (3 days ago)
jinjah lilly (2 months ago)
Quantum Kitty (2 months ago)
The expert seemed to have it in for Patricia and her aunt.
John C (1 month ago)
Patricia Reed is the expert. (Lyn owns the painting) ....But I know what you mean.
dorotheainmiddle (3 months ago)
Did Patricia Reed know Aunt Lillian and dislike her?
b021c (3 months ago)
thanks for posting +vanitytrash
vanitytrash (3 months ago)
b021c your welcome 🙏

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