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Mans Not Hot performed by Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah) Available to Buy & Stream NOW! - https://bigshaq.lnk.to/MansNotHotID Directed & Edited By Marv Brown Instagram - @MarvBrownFilms - https://www.instagram.com/MarvBrownFilms/ Video Produced By Michael Dapaah: Instagram - @MichaelDapaah_ - https://www.instagram.com/MichaelDapaah_/ Twitter - @MichaelDapaah_ - https://twitter.com/MichaelDapaah_ Facebook - Michael Dapaah TV https://www.facebook.com/MichaelDapaahTV/home Snapchat - ImSoDapaah SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/vsrLyz MORE VIDEOS TO COME! STAY TUNED! #SWIL Island Records © 2017
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Text Comments (322091)
bubb stuff and things (1 hour ago)
Denchik best (1 hour ago)
пацаны откликнитесь
Mr Succ (2 hours ago)
Want ketchup on your....... Just sauce Ok so what do you want? * Raw S A U C E*
Mr Succ (2 hours ago)
The fact that he is a comedian and Big Shaw is his alter ego is kind of cool.
Matteo 64 tucci (3 hours ago)
Matteo 64 tucci (3 hours ago)
Its fantastic
Classic Sonic (4 hours ago)
1:18 The New King Of Jabari
Madhuri Sarkar (4 hours ago)
Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot 21 Savage - Man's not American
Kazuto Kirigaya (7 hours ago)
CLAY GAMING (8 hours ago)
184.00 people don't know this song :( fck dislike
Alenex 87 (8 hours ago)
I got trees wanna smoke some?
mans not coul
POE LWE (9 hours ago)
Any similar song to this??
Pa-one 1 (3 hours ago)
Nachne Ka shauq by raftaar
Yoshisepticnose 3232 (9 hours ago)
2+2=4-1=3 I thought at first mind it was two he does have quick maths..... this is a big joke btw
ShiroNeko (10 hours ago)
Boom Skidipapap
Anonymous3777 (11 hours ago)
Max Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
I got the sauce no ketchup
Hash Brown (13 hours ago)
Ain't no one making lyrics now🤣🤣
zhbvenkhoReload (14 hours ago)
what's up with being at the beach with canadien hoodies?
Lauren Martin (15 hours ago)
"Take mans twix by force." *me in the cafeteria with no food*
Hannah Coward (16 hours ago)
1:31 imagine going to a beach and the first thing you see is... Well, that.
Banana Split (16 hours ago)
When school finish(2:28)
Killian Jerrr 2 (16 hours ago)
Hey Mr. Shaq, could I use a clip of this for a review I'm doing on you and Lady Leshurr? I'll credit to you
Killian Jerrr 2 (3 hours ago)
Parsa Ehyaee yeah
Parsa Ehyaee (5 hours ago)
Killian Jerrr 2 had to have high high hopes for a reply but never got sht back so ...
roy keene (17 hours ago)
What is this about 👍🏻
Gazr Music (17 hours ago)
Kutukuku pu pum krrrr papapa po... the things goes srrrreeeeee
Itz ABZ (17 hours ago)
2019 anyone? 😎
Danuta Cybulska-Czerniak (18 hours ago)
tomuscranius (18 hours ago)
40! degrees and a man not hot..
ReacToSystem (19 hours ago)
Lets lurk
lil avocado (20 hours ago)
Pyramid Ceres (20 hours ago)
He protec He attac But most importantly he Skkkrrraaaattttt
Batman (20 hours ago)
It's such a epic beat everyone uses it . Probably many songs have it , which ones I know are: First- 86 Lurk Next- 67 Let's Lurk Next - Man's Not Hot Now- Nachne ka shaunq
Samar Singh (21 hours ago)
2:30 A 7 year old kid after his toy gun breaks.
Latosha Boone (21 hours ago)
This song is to hot
Abdul Raziq (21 hours ago)
I was I can sing man's not hot in the cinema
akash suryavanshi (21 hours ago)
Ab jaake raftaar Bhai ka Nachneka shaq h sunooo😂😂😂
Tia Aaron (22 hours ago)
Old name: Big Shaq New name: Big Shit
SMD_ Steffe (22 hours ago)
*Legend SAYS he STILL got a frisbee*
Khiêm Thiện Võ (22 hours ago)
Just sauce...not ketchup...just sauce...raw sauce yo..boom..a the ting goes shrrrrrraaaaaaa ka ka ka ka ka skidiki ka and the pum pum pum purrrrr boom boom
Crazy Default (22 hours ago)
After this music video he probably took off his jacket so fast. 🤣😂😂
WSX (22 hours ago)
Imagine all the views subbing to him
Monika Kalinowska (23 hours ago)
2+2 is 1
Trinity Diaz (23 hours ago)
i luh u
Alfie Pibworth (23 hours ago)
GameProVideo Lopez (23 hours ago)
2.30 When u get to date ur crush
nuur caynush (23 hours ago)
Who is watching 2019
C Jay C Jay (23 hours ago)
Who else is listening this in 2019?
Exploring Student (23 hours ago)
This song has separate fanbase
HOT channel (1 day ago)
Waw fantastic Like 😘😘
XLilAmigo X (1 day ago)
My 14 bro is obsessed with this because his friend got ligma of this.
The yolo Agent (1 day ago)
Ichsan Bayu26 (1 day ago)
2:28 i am laugh
Mo (1 day ago)
0:54 thank my later.
Manta (1 day ago)
This is so hot that i feel through nokia 3316
Joyce Fitzgerald (1 day ago)
Nice song
Christian Wamberg (1 day ago)
krystian matysko (1 day ago)
Widać ze w krwi ma Polskę klapki i skarpetki muszą być
SharpShooter (1 day ago)
Ooh t’challa Can Rap!!
TheFixMix BG (1 day ago)
Real rap
Vika Galtseva (1 day ago)
кто здесь российский?
Alfarooq Movdia (1 day ago)
Anyone here 2013
Ivana Kolarski (1 day ago)
MrBricksGaming (1 day ago)
my favourite song
Annabell Jong (1 day ago)
they played this at my school camp disco...
Can someone please put this over the saving private Ryan Omaha beach scene?
biji kurd (1 day ago)
Vevi06 (1 day ago)
When your mom tells you to take ur jacket off I tell her mans not hot Skrrrr pop pop
sup2.O (1 day ago)
Lohgan Hanna (1 day ago)
2:30-2:44=Big Shaquanise
Life With Hope (1 day ago)
WHOSE MANS IS THIS.... Why is this manzz wearing a coat on the beach with sandals on SOMEBODY COME GETS THERE MANZZZZZ
Yomar Lopez (1 day ago)
4 Is his his favorite number. Even the music video is 4 mins🤣
thế huân (1 day ago)
Rapper is the best
Alfian Faruk (1 day ago)
this song makes me sick
Romz TR (1 day ago)
2:29 Yang kalian cari
Pimp Chimp (1 day ago)
When is he and 21 gonna collab?
Levi Findely (1 day ago)
That mans not hot 🥵 is very awkward
DR3NDY TV (1 day ago)
Royale_Waquz (1 day ago)
Danny Devito (1 day ago)
Ilias Matbor (1 day ago)
Skrr madafca
legendary brothers (1 day ago)
Bully: I'm richer than you jerk and my dad is older than yours Me: 2:14 Bully:*crying
dario ferreira (1 day ago)
When Michael pass away Big Shaq - Man don't Die
jozef mrkvicka (1 day ago)
*Franklin from GTA 5?😂*
jack HUNTER (1 day ago)
2:30 The reason that made you come here😂
0% english skills 0% white people 0% ketchup 100% raw sauce 10% rap skill 100000000% maths skills
+Brandon Awe I don't see any white people
Brandon Awe (1 day ago)
xXTr1CkSh0t360nOsCoPe.OvEr9OOO.hEiLPutinXx I saw a bunch of white ppl💀
James Martinez (1 day ago)
My dog understands this skkrrrrr
James Martinez (1 day ago)
I remember listening to this when it was season 2 memories 😪😪😪
thereal inzTV (1 day ago)
James Martinez innit
Sanya Smirnov (1 day ago)
Русские кушать?
Artem Koshovuy (1 day ago)
Здесь кушать руские, украинские, либо казахи???
Olivia Survivor (1 day ago)
Alaa Alsharifi (1 day ago)
Alaa Alsharifi (1 day ago)
Mans not hot
Fagot Reich (1 day ago)
ahh uhhh.......... BOOM!
ZAC KNIGHT (1 day ago)
the language of the gods i want to learn it
My teacher:what happened in world war 2 Me:skrrr popop Asznee:I got a Frisbee My man:I'm a guy Teacher:shut u- Me:skkkkkrrrrraaaaaa
ebxndz _ (1 day ago)
Anyone listening in 2019?
Syed SVD krav (1 day ago)
Wtf lyrics dont know what
mamed jalalovi (1 day ago)
Ngolo kante
Ava W WARIATKOWIE (1 day ago)
skrrrrrrrrrrrra ;)
Jürgen Walküre (1 day ago)
This video omg lolololol

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