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Suzanne Lee: Grow your own clothes

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http://www.ted.com Designer Suzanne Lee shares her experiments in growing a kombucha-based material that can be used like fabric or vegetable leather to make clothing. The process is fascinating, the results are beautiful (though there's still one minor drawback ...) and the potential is simply stunning.
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julian matthews (5 days ago)
I’m vegetarian but i must say you can’t beat the good ol’ proper leather. You can even wear the bloody thing outside and it’s completely see through. Might as well start wearing paper? Following her logic it would be a great idea because it’s renewable , can be organic and completely falls apart if you get it wet. GREAT MODERN INNOVATIVE IDEAS AND DESIGN, WELCOME TO THE FUTUR, WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR HOMEMADE CLOTHES MADE OF FAT. BUT BE CAREFUL, YOU CANT WASH THEM OR WEAR THEM WHEN IT RAINS AS THEY WILL JUST COMPLETELY FALL APART. (Bet she drives a prius.)
Carle Gorck (15 days ago)
What a waste of time
Yusuf Razif (1 month ago)
Using scoby from kombucha
Ervan Royce (1 month ago)
Ayyy, it doubles becuz u can eat konbucha
Kenneth Akin (1 month ago)
Use frequencies to grow the bacteria along with the procedures it takes to make it, because frequency makes everything the way it is.
Jeff M. (1 month ago)
What about brazing the material with a torch? Much like the top of a creme brulee it would create texture and give it a more leathery color.
Ummer Farooq (1 month ago)
Blast the future is crumply
miris (2 months ago)
This is an amazing idea for conceptual fashion.
Mika Foxx (2 months ago)
Most people think this is made of bacteria and yeast, and that it continues living.. it does not. The material is primarily nanocellulose, cellulose being the same material that cotton and paper are made of. This material is just made up of microscopic fibres instead of large ones, and could be a potential alternative to leather, given some oils to soften and waterproof the material. Without oil, it's essentially parchment.
TxT Peer (2 months ago)
Landon Blackledge (3 months ago)
This guy (https://youtu.be/Ds8ZFzOwGeI) shows how to make kombucha-based material water resistant.
Nathan Hassall (4 months ago)
Let me be the first to say *shopping bags*
Vishva Kumara (4 months ago)
A space-ship maybe, like the Stargate Wraith does :D
Farookh Matawi (4 months ago)
just put some put some dang hydrophobic spray on it
Jake Levinson (4 months ago)
Just completely dry it out and say OK and wax and oil then you’ll have a long lasting water resistancet substance
Lizardguy (5 months ago)
Realtalk Z (5 months ago)
The look, colour and texture looks horrible it has no real world applications and apparently the results are beautiful ? I saw a guy make a wallet from this stuff and it looked horrible lol be reasonable no one would seriously wear anything that's a by product of making booze just to satisfy the consciousness of vegetarians so they can sleep better at night with a hard on in their kombucha pyjamas
Cody Goodman (5 months ago)
Maybe take a cinnamon tree leave?
Gbenga Awobusuyi (5 months ago)
Tea is served. Bon appetite
Fernando Sanchez (5 months ago)
HC (5 months ago)
Artur Boras (5 months ago)
3 yes .., and invisible ..,
bhaskar huskamuri (5 months ago)
Can you help me for producing mushroom lether I am really interested in this.
Bogdan Pirsan (5 months ago)
That jacket or whatever that she is wearing looks like the skin suit from silence of the lambs.
Duncan Bananatyne (6 months ago)
Perhaps it can be used to make viscose in a more bio-friendly and safe manner.
4foryouglencoco (6 months ago)
There is another channel that had made a mixture to be waterproof
alican yerlikaya (6 months ago)
Eatable condoms
THE FOX (7 months ago)
grow your own human skin like sheet in a tub for about the price of tea and sugar.
Paul Neilson (7 months ago)
I intend to use kiddie pools to grow them. The diameter of a large kiddie pool is about the size of a pelt from a beastly animal, 90 cm (35 inches).
Artemirr Lazaris (7 months ago)
lol.... hmmm could make weaves out of shillings then into knits or threads. Not quite sure on this use, but can one create a sealer... since it is a life form and a bacteria, injecting the lobster virus or other mutengenic compounds from say wasps could create dynaimic changes that strengthen or alter the product significantly.
CQN APDN (8 months ago)
The supra-absorbancy, does it mean that the clothes go on absorbing everything, every chemicals, or at least every hydrophilous chemicals. Not safe. The part of the video I don't like is about OGM kombucha making the 3D cloths, hydrophobic cloths, etc. I don't know if she intended OGM, but it seems. What's the advantage to have non chemical dyes and OGM kombucha?
CQN APDN (8 months ago)
I like it, but it shows the cloths that are see-through, it would be easier to see if it's OK worn by human models. She wears her Kombucha vest, but I'd like to see the pants, the dresses, etc...
H Xen (9 months ago)
Oh, this idea has sci-fi disaster written all over it! You just wait... the organic clothes will evolve into sentient beings and then start demanding rights and before you know take over the world and force us to make more of them. Basically I, Robot but the biological version.
in the end I thought the guy kicked her off stage by saying "Suzanne LEAVE!"
XplaneZ (9 months ago)
but people will still eat cows and pigs and their hides would be taken. The real problem is food.
8 plates (9 months ago)
How crazy is this. Was just thinking about this today and I was looking at my scoby.
meneope (9 months ago)
A girlfriend
Rara Avis (9 months ago)
Interesting...I wonder what became of this, seeing that the talk is 5 years old.
RamessesIX (10 months ago)
Best Science Fair project, ever. This is awesome. One more perplexity for how anyone would want to not like this.
Asahki Applewhite (10 months ago)
Do we really need to wear kombucha... is this the future... am I in the future
lea rodriguez (10 months ago)
I think there's more important to be done..and I feel that this might mimic leather someday if process is improving...it's good for cruelty free things...
Yoite (10 months ago)
This would be good for biodegradable shopping bags.
Keops PS (10 months ago)
It is a start.
Edvis Glu (10 months ago)
straight out of horror sci-fi
hazyjellyfish54eva (10 months ago)
Oh wow, with better hygiene, you can use the scoby for your fabric purpose and bottle up those gallons of good kombuchas 😍
TrainerWhit (10 months ago)
Looks too much like flesh...probably wouldn't wear.
Mira Plasta (10 months ago)
Looks like parchment (dried goat skin). I guess its as stiff.
Shin Da (10 months ago)
Wasn't there a liquid recently that you could spray onto surfaces and it would be water repellant? :P
Shin Da (10 months ago)
How does it feel on the skin? Lmao If it's gooey, ew. No thx XD
thunderbird vg (10 months ago)
Looks like combutcha...
Anand Pawara (10 months ago)
That's how Shoe-flower got its name...Hmmmmm
johnknoefler (10 months ago)
There are currently products it could be treated with to make it hydrophobic. That already exists. I'm not sure why she doesn't know this. At that point, it would be a great material possibly for shoes. Also, it would make a unique paper. Imagine business cards you could grow, cut out and then print up. Hmm.
La Thinktopian (10 months ago)
Some sort of glue, like Elmer's, mixed in with her kombucha-based material might work, or rubber tree rubber. You know I find milkweed sap fascinating, there has to be a more varied use for it, besides wart remover.
InAliensWeTrust (10 months ago)
AnonYmous (10 months ago)
that looks gross
Ceren Belayaskala (10 months ago)
can you wash it?
wow this looks really like human skin 😐
Mochab001 (10 months ago)
Imagine the Bacteria and "Fungal" infections from wearing these clothes.
Mochab001 (10 months ago)
....then your clothes will eat your..."SKIN OFF!"
Raisin Robsi (10 months ago)
ok but the clothes are purely fashion. This material appears to be not flexible, stretchy, soft, or thick enough to serve as good clothes.
justin rose (10 months ago)
Hana (10 months ago)
corthew (10 months ago)
Great concept. Seems silly though. And she really needs to work on her terminology. "We can even begin to imagine growing consumables"? Yeah...We should be able to imagine it. We've been doing it since...forever!
TELEVISIBLE (10 months ago)
It is very silent of the lamb
U Wot??! (10 months ago)
that's disgusting
will (10 months ago)
Mom Iam aungry !... eat you coat dear
confusedwhale (10 months ago)
Uh, gross
tayaporn ruang-sri (10 months ago)
I know a group of students who research exactly the same thing. Who knows, we can learn from each other.
Gloria Adu (10 months ago)
thanks youtube fto not letting me commenting
[email protected] (10 months ago)
There is a way of making it water resistent...a method used to make wood permanent water resistent...
Gil Matibag (11 months ago)
Isn't that same as scoby? A layer formed in making kombucha and other probiotic products...
jonny clayborn (11 months ago)
thats the same way the greys grow the clones at dulce.
Bunny Ved (11 months ago)
This is future
Fucked Gplus (11 months ago)
Ill just say it and break all your dream. 18 century Intestine comdom
tyler roberts (11 months ago)
"Grow your own clothes" cotton! but who am I going to get to pick all that cotton?
Gray filter Guy (11 months ago)
When you realise she's wearing one of the pieces she's talking about.
kuroki kagamine (11 months ago)
...you can't wash it.
Midwest broterhood (4 months ago)
just ad coconout oil, bee wax and mineral oil and is waterproof
Ian Tosta (5 months ago)
You can't wash regular leather either?
Leonartist (11 months ago)
"growth bath" AKA "tub"
clone doctor (11 months ago)
"add colours without using chemicals" *lists chemical processes*
Sun King (11 months ago)
no not a good performance piece, get over yerself
Eo Lew (11 months ago)
This is bio-3d-print?
Nathan voidcast (11 months ago)
Use oils before and after it dries. Could work? Worth expirementing with.
Red H3rring is false path (11 months ago)
It can be hydrophobic through plant wax infusion.
Terrence Vergauwen (11 months ago)
awesome!, now we can use cheap 3rd world african labor to grow, harvest and process sugar cane into all the sugar required to make a tiny piece of "kombucha leather" :)
Berkay Saldamlı (11 months ago)
What is the logic behind the thought that its is ok to take adventage of bacteria? That is so idiotic to ignore the fact that we dont kill for leather and its already a biproduct. And then you say that you save the life of animals saying that they feel and live too yet you basically abuse bacterias with this. Do you consider bacteria lifeless and worthless? That is just hypocrytic.
Steve Thomas (11 months ago)
Bacteria? Yeast? How is this going to react to 98.6 degree human body temperature? Can we say stink! No thank you. Don't forget to put an experation date on your wears Like my loaf of bread please . Fyi leather / cow hide last many years. This stuff is a joke. No thank you.
Domino Picamation (11 months ago)
But you still have to grow the tea and sugar first, and they take a lot of time, water and energy to grow.
Vegan Parent (10 months ago)
Except that as she said in the video they could use the waste from other things that are produced and the liquid can be reused as a growing medium. Also in theory since there is already a market for kombucha you could essentially grow this, sell the kombucha which is already being made, so you wouldn't be using any addition sugar or tea that wouldn't already be used.
Sebastian Freiberg (10 months ago)
Domino Picamation just imagine how long it takes to grow a cow.
Sabuj Jana (11 months ago)
Is tha fabric skin friendly ? You are actually wearing bacteria and fungus
Steph Ss (2 months ago)
You already are... better than the pcb's leaching into your skin with plastics, and the horrible carcinogens in leather.
Scarface Reivax (5 months ago)
Its treated by heating
Bunny (5 months ago)
Sabuj Jana it’s not bacteria. The thing was clearly dried in sun/UV rays so has no bacteria or fungus actually. It’s a byproduct of biological processes by microbes, like wool, leather, pearl, cotton, etc: byproducts of natural processes by animals/plants/microbes, treated well to serve human needs. Ofcourse it is not practically useful yet as it is not water resistant.
CQN APDN (8 months ago)
Your skin is already full of useful bacteria. Remove them and you will have serious health problem. Your gut is also full of useful bacteria... You make the confusion between useful bacteria and harmful bacteria causing diseases...
sally D.N. (9 months ago)
Sabuj Jana pretty sure the Scoby dies once it's taken out of the kombucha.
D Baggins (11 months ago)
Pointless if it breaks down in water. I love the idea and potential though
D Baggins (11 months ago)
It would be perfect to help heal severe burn victims.
artistpw (11 months ago)
Kombucha is amazing. I saw another video, where the dried scoby was painted with a mix of mineral oil and wax, and that made it pretty water proof. Other things you can do with extra scobies from making kombucha - you can eat them, make jerky, mash them up and add to garden soil for beneficial bacteria. I just tried that out last summer on a pot of zinnias, and they absolutely exploded with blooms.
Alyslesa Franks (11 months ago)
I could see this idea of growing your clothes in the near future.
andrenegwer (11 months ago)
So you can’t wash it
FutureLaugh (11 months ago)
i cloned myself and wear a leather duster using only my foreskin.
Leep Fart (11 months ago)
Add bee wax and coconut oil let it get absorbed and there you go water resistant
Jfreek5050 (11 months ago)
Genetically splice this bacteria with cotton or silk producers, see what happens.
Gbenga Awobusuyi (5 months ago)
Hmmm the rocket science continues. Would be nice if we can grow bullet proof vests
Pierrick Bramberger (11 months ago)
Couldn't you waterproof it with some oil?
TheBaconWizard (5 months ago)
Yes you can. You need a hard fat such as coconut oil with a little bees wax mixed in.
ReabowRotors (1 year ago)
its horrible!
Iris Woo (10 months ago)
Bernard Figiel that’s because the trillions of bacteria are brain dead like you
Joannot Fampionona (10 months ago)
Lowlandweller _ There is leather made out of plants today. And in this video, it's not faux leather.
blue blueness (10 months ago)
A cow has a trillion other organisms in it as well...
Luisa (10 months ago)
+Miss Melle no way faux leather is as good as actual leather. I learned this the hard way. It doesn't last and it goes straight to the landfill since it's not recyclable. Real leather if properly cared for lasts decades, and it is biodegradable.
Michael Balfour (10 months ago)
Bernard Figiel, vegans are defined as "a person who does not eat or use animal products". Animals are of the kingdom Animalia, Microbes are kingdom Microbes which means they are not of the kingdom Animalia. So moral of he story, you should have listened more in school! 😂😂😂😂😂
Red_Doggo (1 year ago)
This must be how synthetic leather is made.
Noah Spurrier (1 year ago)
What about the odor? Does it have a smell? Does it absorb much sweat? I would think this is a bigger drawback than how it behaves in the rain since I can choose to stand in the rain or not. I can't choose not to sweat. I am impressed by the translucency and the stains. I really like the way it looks. When this talk first started I had pretty much figured this would be some nutty, hippie thing -- and it is, a bit, but it looks really interesting. If only the hygrophilous nature could be eliminated. I feel like if I went out on a humid day with a jacket made of this stuff that I'd come back to find it growing into my skin and I'd be unable to remove it. If it's cellulose then can't it be converted to an acetate or treated the same way rayon is made? I believe the process to produce rayon is not very difficult or complex. Then it should be water resistant.
Zachary Bittner (1 month ago)
+jinr86 uggghhh. I'm not writing a whole paper but either way. If environmental impact is your concern then this is a horrible product because this just gets you to the pulp phase. The process of making these cellulose fibers (from Kombucha or wood pulp) into a waterproof soft fabric is a VERY chemical laden process that is wildly environmentally damaging compared to just say... Cotton.
jinr86 (1 month ago)
​+Zachary Bittner That's a bit weighted toward wood pulp there. Both have environmental impacts, you're ignoring a large part of the wood industry and tree to pulp process while elaborating on the kombucha process; they're both environmentally harmful and have negative drawbacks. Without a thorough analysis on land, water and energy usage at every step of both processes you can't say one is worse than the other. I'm not disagreeing that somehow the kombucha process is less harmful, or that wood pulp is, I simply don't know and I'll be researching it myself; your method of presenting information and arguments however leaves a lot to be desired (and researched). ;)
Zachary Bittner (2 months ago)
+Ana 127 wood pump = take trees, grind them up. Kombucha = take leaves off trees, break down leaves into smaller sizes using machines, package the leaves into pouches, transport the leaves. Take water, sugar from beets that are processed and broken down into sugar which is then bleached and packaged and transported. Take seed propagators and run through trade fermentator to seperate the air, sugars, and nutrients from the yeasts. Which are then seperate and cooled, packaged, and distributed. Which you combine to make alcohol, which releases carbon dioxide from the yeasts consuming the sugar to produce the alcohol. Take the resulting yeast slury and dry it to make essentially...... Wood pulp.
Ana 127 (2 months ago)
+Zachary Bittner how is kombucha worse for the environment than wood pulp?
Zachary Bittner (5 months ago)
+maggPi Prime nope, it's not and rayon isn't an environmentally friendly fabric because of the treatment process.
Jason Bristol (1 year ago)
Anyone else completely grossed out by the end of the first minute?
jwesson30 (1 year ago)
This chick is disgusting. Her house probably stinks.

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