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Chain Rule Derivative (Formula with Examples)

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How to use the chain rule when taking derivatives. We go through some examples in this free math video tutorial by Mario's Math Tutoring. We discuss 2 methods for using the chain rule. The first method involves using a u-substitution and the second method shown is a quicker shortcut you can use. 0:25 What is the Chain Rule and How To Use 0:41 Example 1 y=(3x-2)^3 Take Derivative Using a U Substitution 2:16 Shortcut for Chain Rule 2:56 Example 2 Take the Derivative of y=cos(2x) 3:21 Example 3 Take Derivative of ((2x-5)/(3x^2))^4 4:31 Example 4 Take Derivative of y=(tan(3x))^2 Related Videos: Quotient Rule Derivative https://youtu.be/7TXDubwGOSk Product Rule Derivative https://youtu.be/QeOTfHLG13c Looking to raise your math score on the ACT and new SAT? Check out my Huge ACT Math Video Course and my Huge SAT Math Video Course for sale at http://mariosmathtutoring.teachable.com For online 1-to-1 tutoring or more information about me see my website at: http://www.mariosmathtutoring.com * Organized List of My Video Lessons to Help You Raise Your Scores & Pass Your Class. Videos Arranged by Math Subject as well as by Chapter/Topic. (Bookmark the Link Below) http://www.mariosmathtutoring.com/free-math-videos.html
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Cole Davis (2 months ago)
I am incredibly thankful for your videos Mario, you're a nice fella.
Mario's Math Tutoring (2 months ago)
You’re welcome Cole! Glad my videos are helping you!

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