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Bleu De Chanel

226 ratings | 25384 views
Available instore and online at David Jones: http://bit.ly/1MdKJzX
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Megan whatsittoya (1 month ago)
It still looks beautiful but Gaspard's other two Chanel commercials were much better.
Adorable cette pub
n1rwana (6 months ago)
you . . . . . becoming who you are ?
My name is Eden (6 months ago)
You are forever becoming who you are
Vendetta (7 months ago)
canal de chanel en you tube fue eliminado
isabel orbegozo (10 months ago)
Quién canta la canción ?
NEV TV (19 days ago)
Si es Jimi hendrix
Just Dubstep k (4 months ago)
+Miguel Serrano mis webos bob Dylan
Miguel Serrano (7 months ago)
Letra de Bob Dylan
xxFxxExxR Flores (10 months ago)
isabel orbegozo Jimi Hendrix

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