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10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela RF

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QUICK & INTENSE. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. NO EXCUSES ♥︎ The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing! 30 seconds each exercise – NO REST IN BETWEEN. Visit my BLOG for more... http:/www.aboutpam.com ➞ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/pamela_rf/ ➞ Snapchat @pamela_rf1 ➞ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PamelaRfOfficial/ ➞ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/pamela_RF/ MUSIC by NCS Channel = http://bit.ly/1rrCLwu 1. http://bit.ly/1SM3seC // Anikdote - Life is Over 2. http://bit.ly/1THLERa // Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark 3. http://bit.ly/1J6tK6G // Kontinuum - Aware 4. http://bit.ly/1KkRhg3 // JPB - High CONTACT ME (business inquires): [email protected]
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Text Comments (3138)
jacqueline juraschek (7 hours ago)
I died... and this is the easier one 😭😭
Laura Ambach (9 hours ago)
*Iсh мuss dаs tеіlеn!!! In nur 1 Мonaten hаbe ich gаnz 14kg vеrlоren! Ich empfehlе аll mеіnen Mädels Еliхier Zdorоv, wеil ich еs niсht меhr еrtrаgen kаnn аnzusehen, wіе sie sich zu Tode hungеrn. Mehr Infоrmatіonеn hіer **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=5cMYysFl4CY*
Guys ive been doing this for 2 and a half weeks and THERE ARE RESULTS! i can see a light line on both sides of my stomach and my stomach is slimming down. I am 12 years old so i do ghis Mondays, Tuesday's, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I cant do it everyday since i dont want to impact my body too much at a young age. But this defenitely works and brought my confidence up! 💜
Alexia Jucalea (14 hours ago)
Oh my arms
paoletta78 (1 day ago)
ma chi sei ? WONDER WOMAN ??? bravissima, io ti guardo e basta : mi viene un infarto se provo
le na (2 days ago)
1 Like is one Time i'm doing this Workout. I need some Motivation😇
jason quah (3 days ago)
I have been following P4P abs workout and this. Found it works very well, I can see my abs improving.
Raymond Kb2nzo78 (4 days ago)
Very good thanks
Husein Asker (5 days ago)
Coool, repleating this exercises I feel burning kalories!
Jades World (7 days ago)
1 like = I one day or this workout Lmao I need motivation
Jades World (7 days ago)
This is the best workout ever! I really feel the burn and I started getting abs and losing weight in 3 days! Recommend this workout for those who need to lose weight fast! :)
Ad P (8 days ago)
are you a robot? BREATH!
Eva L (9 days ago)
After doing this workout I have therefore decided I hate planks
Jiminshana (9 days ago)
I did it only for 3 days and I can already see my stomach getting toned!
Yas i will try this ive been skipping from ab to ab workout and this one im seeing most results in comments also yes bts<3
Nadia (10 days ago)
Gonna do this for a week Day 1 ✔
Deborah Rice (13 days ago)
I did the WHOLE workout and my hair STILL doesn't look like that!! 💔😭😭
Mckenzee Stone (14 days ago)
I am half of this 9.4 million views. Just joking.. but seriously. I’ve been doing this workout video every day for like the past year, so I have at least watched this 200 times.
Cami (16 days ago)
If I can do this on my period, you can surely do it.
Kayla Qaqish (17 days ago)
I'm gonna do this for a week and see how it goes ... day 1 my stomach is very round and has a small dip in it this was very hard to do
Kayla Qaqish (10 days ago)
+Janiceee Yeah I have a flatter stomach and I have lost 4 pounds without changing my diet (I don't have a diet) I forgot to update but I will do that.
Janiceee (10 days ago)
Kayla Qaqish do you see any difference now?
Edna Abbu (17 days ago)
Brenda Solis (20 days ago)
Good ass workout!
kimbery16669 (13 days ago)
my arms hurts more than my abs after this video 😂
Support Yourself (20 days ago)
I'm doing this 1-3 times a day for like one week atm and it seriously helps! I'm kind of skinny overall but I think that this one is one of the best workouts I've ever done.
Zel Nel (20 days ago)
This worked my legs more than my abs
Nathalie Wied (21 days ago)
*Ich muss das teilеn!!! In nur 1 Моnaten hаbe ich ganz 14кg vеrloren! Iсh empfehle аll meinen Мädеls Eliхіеr Zdоrov, weil іch es nicht мehr ertrаgen kann аnzusehеn, wie sіe sіch zu Tоde hungern. Меhr Infоrmatіоnen hіеr **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=5cMYysFl4CY*
Pumpkin Guts (22 days ago)
3 minutes in and I'm already dying
Jiminshana (22 days ago)
I really wonder how she did that without a single break, yet not showing any expression
Jiminshana (22 days ago)
Having a perfect body ISN'T EASY AT ALL
Luna Gibb (22 days ago)
Can i do this everyday or its better to do this every other day?
Angelique Henkel (23 days ago)
wieviel kcal werden ca verbraucht?
Lixion Serak (27 days ago)
Looking at u I feel skinny but my mirror tells me a different story 😂😂 😂
Christine Klenk (27 days ago)
*Iсh muss das teilеn!!! In nur 1 Мonаten habе ісh gаnz 14кg verlоren! Iсh еmpfehle all meіnen Мädеls Еliхiеr Zdоrov, wеil iсh еs nісht меhr еrtragen каnn anzusehen, wіe sіе sісh zu Tode hungеrn. Mehr Infоrmаtionеn hier **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=5cMYysFl4CY*
Itz WoophyPupiii (28 days ago)
Guys press on my channel and look at my daily workout routine they are all intense and i have 5 of them oh and i am 10
Søs Jensen (28 days ago)
I actually did it!
JoMomma239 (29 days ago)
"Oh yeah, i'm a guy. I'll smash this shit easy." *2 minutes in* "Holy fuck. This fucking chick is a monster."
Pasachon Auttawat (29 days ago)
Omg so hard
Resie.Marie (1 month ago)
A beast...wow!
Andrei Birdu (29 days ago)
Hi guys, I'm going to try doing this for a month every day. I'll be doing the intense and the normal. Before I started, I already had a little streak in the middle but it shows very little. 1. day: I have done everything except the last because my elbows hurt too much and WOW, now I have the stripe of the month much more marked and a little marked four squares. 💪 2. day: same as yesterday
Tyra R. (1 month ago)
This is more intense than Alexis Rens😅 Usually I don’t get sore after and workouts, but this here....WOW
Mohammadreza Karimi (1 month ago)
Everyone just watch your bobs and fucking ass
chicken unicorn (1 month ago)
My neck hurts more then my abs
Nathalie Wied (1 month ago)
*Iсh мuss dаs teіlen!!! In nur 1 Monаten habe iсh gаnz 14кg verlоrеn! Ich емрfеhle аll mеіnen Мädеls Еliхiеr Zdorov, wеіl iсh es nicht мehr еrtrаgen kаnn аnzusеhen, wіe sie sіch zu Tоdе hungern. Mеhr Infоrмationеn hіer **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=5cMYysFl4CY*
Renix Wu (1 month ago)
4th exercise and im down 💀
Kathleen Eagar (1 month ago)
Good workout but make sure the butt is down on the plank so the abs are working to their max
inka iii (1 month ago)
Zle deske robisz
Rupesh Mishra (1 month ago)
You are great without break u continue amazing
Queen Goldie Lush (1 month ago)
Damn goals keep it up Pamela
Kannagi siva (1 month ago)
Awesome pamela 😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👍👍👍👌👌👌👌 and thanks for uploading
Verred Gold (1 month ago)
*pants sweating a waterfall* I did it! I finally made it to the end. Now I understand how strong your core is.....*waves white flag*
FoodShowFan (1 month ago)
Goddess. How is she so beautiful, And maintain this throughout all her video? Our very own Superwoman Meanwhile while we're dying, she hasn't even taken a breath yet
Bubblegum Girl (1 month ago)
First day! Wish me luck.
Kourtney J (1 month ago)
Wow well done👌
Bts in your area (1 month ago)
Does this make waist smaller also?
Steph J (1 month ago)
Just a tip, I think the workout would be a lot more enjoyable if the exercises on your back would be mixed in with the on-hand exercises instead of all of them coming first.
Sunny Tayse (1 month ago)
girl, you kicked my butt!
White (1 month ago)
After 2 years, Im coming back to this video. I just want to say, this workout is very effective, 2 years have passed and this is still my number one workout, despite all video I’ve watched.
DinoCopRulezTheWORLD (1 month ago)
wtf, it was like on extreme difficulty... I am dying here.
spongebob. (1 month ago)
Updates! Day 1 - was so difficult No difference ofc. Had a green tea afterwards to speed the process x Day 2 - My arms are sore. But I did it, had a green tea. No difference yet 🍵💚 will do twice a day. Tonight as well :) Day 3- stomachs sore, no difference Day 4 - waist is smaller Day 5- HOLY SHIT MY ABSSS, I HAVE GREEN TEA Day 7 - on my period, but still doing 10.5 seconds of each, tryna eat healthy 🤩💯
+spongebob. K so I probably seem really creepy now, but have you gotten any results? Sorry, I'm very interested XD
+spongebob. Ty xx
spongebob. (1 month ago)
+The Beauty Of Dance Moms updated 💯
Sorry if I seem creepy, but how's it going?
Sude Kaya (1 month ago)
Hi everyone, i will do this for a month and iwill update here day by day. 1st day: It was waaay too hard😁 I couldnt even finish it but i am determined to have abs. Also i felt the burning so good👌🏻
Tim Jones (1 month ago)
Sorry guys! This was meant for Mars.
xMirabellas Worldx (1 month ago)
Bin ich die einzige die zu dumm ist für mountain climbers? 😅
Tracy Yew (1 month ago)
1 like= 1 day! i know i can do this although it looks really tough 😌 gimme some motivation PLS
nikki nagorski (1 month ago)
i’ve never had an ab workout burn as bad as this one does but damn the burn feels GOOD
ii_xokitty gameplays (1 month ago)
I’m so grateful for your workouts. Nothing anybody else claims to be intense actually works except this.
NonChosenOne (1 month ago)
what ??? its first for me to drop while doing crunches failed at spider planks however rested for 10 second and finished it but here I thought I was so good at ab exercises.... are you human :d , AMAZING VIDEO BTW. BIG BIG LOVE. <3
NonChosenOne (1 month ago)
third day , finished it without resting but some reps are bad form and didnt do half the leg pulls at mountain climb movements from soreness ( note to my self )
Wefa Monpetessi (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Jessica Fuller (1 month ago)
yo how does she look so fabulous while working out and after?!?!
Stompi (2 months ago)
Zum Video: Die Musik nervt gewaltig.. Und die Haare hochbinden , was jede vernünftige Frau tun würde.Ach ja: Die Übungen kommen mir ein wenig schnell vor.
Just Craft it (2 months ago)
I model, and I was talking to my personal trainer about how to do the right workout at home, and she actually suggested this video to me! It’s so awesome! I do this workout three times a day because that’s the amount of exercise I’m used to, but if you can only safely do 1 rep of this, it’s still great! Definitely one of my fav workouts
Cindy Schiller (2 months ago)
Did it the first time with no breaks
veronikugh (2 months ago)
wooo I actually did it
multifandomz (2 months ago)
she didnt even say hi to us
Nogiallstar (2 months ago)
Omg I couldn’t keep up
Lupita Smith (2 months ago)
Butt down on the plank.
ChaosGirl crazy (2 months ago)
Not even 2 mins in and I have to pause 😅
Sofia Alainen (2 months ago)
Day 1: I needed to keep break between movements, because it was burning so much! I am glad my parents aren't home because they prob would have thought that I am having sex due me gasbing and moaning, because the burn.
ppiplastics (2 months ago)
Do a thigh full thigh workout
Jooj isam (2 months ago)
Did it for the first time , with 2 minutes break 🌝
Julija M (2 months ago)
My heart beat so fast After 4 minutes i cant
Sierra P. (2 months ago)
So so helpful to have beeping noises with the timer, thanks!!
Ploni Almoni (2 months ago)
Done 👍you must have abs of steal- i had to pause for few secs after each excercise. Took me 15 minutes instead of 10 . You rock!❤️😍❤️
Regan Ross (2 months ago)
I did this yesterday and today I’m so sore!!! I can’t even laugh because I’m so sore!! Thank you Pamela- now I know it works
Sarah Hansen (2 months ago)
I love your youtube!
Yvette Ordoñez (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that can’t remain with my legs straight on the leg lifts?
Lif3 (1 month ago)
it hurts my tail bone :(
Nagma Bano (1 month ago)
me too
Ashlynn Bailey (2 months ago)
Well, let’s see if this works, here goes nothing! I’ll update y’all and say if it worked at all! 💓 Day 1: it definitely was a bit hard, but maybe it’ll slowly get easier? My stomach hurt a bit after, slowly working?? I’ll update y’all tm Day 2: I forgot to do it the other days since I was moving but it relieved my stress and it’s slowly working! My stomach is getting flatter
SuA's Mengo (2 months ago)
Well, how many calories does this burn?
F O (2 months ago)
doing this everyday for 1-2 weeks gonna update!! day 1: it was really hard for me, my arms hurt more than ever but after i did it i felt so good!! day 2: i woke up with sore abs, when i did the workout today it was way harder than yesterday, i even had to pause a couple of times. but i did it!! it's definitely challenging, but i will keep going!! also i would recommend doing a warm up before this:) day 3: rested day 4: it got a bit easier for me and i finished it!! day 5: finished it again really started to sweat lol. my abs are getting a bit more toned ! i rested for 1 week so i'm gonna start this again for 1-2 weeks everyday ! i can say that my abs got more toned! day 6: it got waay easier for me, i did the flutter and scissor kicks without any breaks! i usually struggle with them, but it got way easier. gonna keep you guys updated! what's also nice is that i feel way better after doing this, i recommend y'all to try it!
F O (2 months ago)
+Bts in your area thank u so much!! definitely will
Bts in your area (2 months ago)
Yass good luck! Please update! ❤
kailee (2 months ago)
How do you prevent your lower back from lifting of the ground? Mine keeps lifting off whn I do flutter kicks n scissors oicks
Simona Pally (2 months ago)
Is there going to be another one? I know these two already by heart 😂 i love them ❤️ this is how a workout video shoud be 💪
Mariela López (2 months ago)
I like = 1 day more of doing this workout, keep me motivated! I will be doing this workout for 30 days (or more) and I will be updating everyday. I will also do her 10 minute arm workout Please remind me to keep updating! Day 1: Weight - First week: Weight - Second week: weight - Third week: Weight - 1 month: Weight - Day 1 - It was really hard to do this workout and I could barely get halfway trough it. My abs hurt a lot but I have a good feeling that this will work. Tomorrow I am determined to finish the workout!
Still SaRaH (2 months ago)
One like = more motivation and more days I’ll work out
Kenia Hernandez (2 months ago)
what is better this workout or alexsis rens one
Tommy Trieu (2 months ago)
First time without break💪🤓🙏
daniela marty videla (2 months ago)
It is the Alexis Ren routine
andres aguilera (2 months ago)
I think i broke my spine
Guri Sihag (2 months ago)
Can You Become My Personal trainer mam?
a. raihana begum (2 months ago)
After this .. I'm dripping with sweat waters

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