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Art History’s Greatest Love Story: Marc & Bella Chagall

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Marc Chagall’s granddaughter, Bella Meyer, recalls vivid memories of the artist speaking about his love and muse, Bella Chagall. Les Amoureux, on offer this November, depicts Bella and Marc mid-embrace, masterfully capturing “the beauty of life.” Learn More: http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/2017/impressionist-modern-art-evening-sale-n09740.html View Catalogue: http://www.sothebys.com/pdf/2017/N09740_CHAGALL_Vanity_ENG_10_5/index.html Download The Sotheby’s App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sothe... FOR MORE NEWS FROM SOTHEBY’S Newsletter: http://www.sothebys.com/en/news-video... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sothebys/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sothebys Twitter: https://twitter.com/sothebys Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ Weibo: www.weibo.com/sothebyshongkong WeChat: sothebyshongkong Snapchat: Sothebys
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Text Comments (6)
Ken Chawkin (1 month ago)
Thank you for posting this beautiful video!! I included it in a blog post: Marc Chagall’s paintings contain beautiful colors of love and a joyful floating lightness of being https://goo.gl/XAog8D
Rose Agaatsz (2 months ago)
Beautiful art and strong loving couple. 👀
rolf rykken (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! Their love is so wonderful.
aarongluzman (1 year ago)
A Portrait of Passion Her whole being Crystal clear Fantastic, gorgeous Fascinating The perfect figure Of The feminine look Provokes an emotion Charm Poetic, stunning match Let be honest she is captivated An image of love harmony " Marc & Bella Chagal " ©...Aronne
Child of God (1 year ago)
Ok Chagall's work is abhorrently amateurish but indeed colorful. Only work like this can be elevated as artful because of magical academic acceptance. If a few wealthy people buy that bill of priapistic commentary and resale at auction, the provenance is the purchase not the art.
Burek bez sira (1 month ago)
Najpoznatije djelo Marca Shagalla

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