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Sea Wolf performing "Priscilla" Live on KCRW

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Alex Brown Church offers confessional songwriting under the name Sea Wolf. The LA artist returns to our studios with a new batch of songs on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full session here: http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb121107sea_wolf
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xdanierox (4 years ago)
I will never get over how amazing this song is. Old World Romance is a masterpiece, and Alex is a genius.
maritheguay21 (4 years ago)
fantomslobode86 (6 years ago)
Beautiful song...
Noe Amos (6 years ago)
very nice song....
Cat From The Future (6 years ago)
When I get a dog that is female, I'm going to name her Perscilla. I could call her Cilla for short.
lukejwalt (6 years ago)
what Martin is this?
93z (6 years ago)
really lovely

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