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Get in the Zone: Visual Studio 2017 Productivity Enhancements

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Learn how to be a better, faster .NET developer using Visual Studio 2017. In this demo-heavy session, we'll demonstrate the many capabilities we've added to Visual Studio 2017 to make you more productive—improvements to editing, refactoring, debugging, and testing your code—which previously required additional extensions. Whether you’re new to developing or have been using Visual Studio for many years, we guarantee you'll learn something that will make you more efficient.
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Text Comments (8)
Ummar Farooq Mahroof (8 months ago)
a lot of these are ripped from resharper, not sure why anyone would want resharper now
Martin Zikmund (8 months ago)
Ummar Farooq Mahroof I guess my favorite ReSharper only feature is smarter intellisense spanning code that isn't even referenced by using statement yet. If this were added to VS it would be awesome
Ummar Farooq Mahroof (8 months ago)
Martin Zikmund I have resharper, honestly, the features mentioned here are the ones I use daily, but rarely looked into anything that isn't here and even then I would have to first learn what the visual studio options were before trying the resharper ones. If there is any you think are not mentioned in this video that are useful day to day or offer significant productivity improvement then please share.
Martin Zikmund (8 months ago)
ReSharper still has relevance, there are many tools that are quite useful, especially for refactoring.
Aleksandr Azimov (9 months ago)
Why it is only 720p though? We have to read code from this resolution, and such quality doesn't help
sgwatyt (9 months ago)
Great demos
Ian Nightingale (9 months ago)
Very entertaining and informative! Now I just need a new C# project so I can try out all of these cool features...
abu hena mostafa kamal (9 months ago)
Gals are not boring. I am impressed.

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