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Do MEN also have BODY TYPES??? - Part 1

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Aly Art (25 days ago)
MY RECORDINGS ARE NOW FOR SALE! Amazon: https://amzn.to/2wqi3pp GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2NiIzYX Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2obuWjy iTunes: https://apple.co/2Mvvmj2
eimearinez (23 days ago)
I enjoyed this video a bit too much kept smiling at the pictures sorry not sorry ☺️😬 Please do more video transformations love those maybe do girl band series x
butterfly9274 (25 days ago)
Aly Art hi Aly do you have a video on how to shape eyebrows for hooded eyes?
cheo DeMedici (13 hours ago)
Thankyou so much for posting this ! Been watching you for so long and as a male i’m happy i can finally find my body type !:)
Gigi (1 day ago)
Christian Bale looks juicy haha for sure! :P
Mika Helvete (3 days ago)
I love how you used examples from different and older eras! You are a breath of fresh air compared to all the “beauty gurus” who all are so similar!
Froufrou Deluxe (3 days ago)
I appreciate the moment of silence we get at 9:56 to take in how absolutely gorgeous Harrison Ford is
Kathy Azzari (3 days ago)
LOL...I enjoyed that as well!
Carolina Colombo (7 days ago)
i loooove the way you speak and the words you use, does that sound weird? lmao
louise7401 (9 days ago)
You probably didn't find many Naturals because David Kibbe no longer uses this type (or Classic or Gamine), at least for women. Great video, now trying to figure out what my husband is.
kaidawisteria (11 days ago)
I think my dad is some type of Natural, because I'm a Soft Natural myself and I look reallyyyy similar to him. A lot of people will notice how similar we look. Hehe.
ghosted166 (15 days ago)
Ooh... Harrison Ford 9:55, smokin hot!
Michelle (15 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what category Michael J Fox belongs to? I think he's a Gamine but I could be wrong.
BrokenPointeShoes (16 days ago)
I think I would type clark gable as a soft natural. I've always been very struck by width in his shoulders and face. His hands have a broad strong look to me.
Thank you so much for this <3 Much love <3
Flower17 (16 days ago)
Just wondering...how come you are not putting up part 2?...we are looking forward to that...Thnx
Aly Art (16 days ago)
It's already uploading )))
lizzie Dry (17 days ago)
could you please do an updated Victorias secret makeup tutorial? the old one has no sound
Monika (18 days ago)
Hello Aly! The cold season arrived. How about a video on hats/caps for the body types?
Can’t relate (18 days ago)
This hairstyle looks SO good on you, wow
Eros L (19 days ago)
Miss Alyy could you please make a video about *earrings for different face/body shapes and occasions?* It would be of great help! 💖🌷
Jasmine Sharp (20 days ago)
What kind of accent does she have ?
Monica s (19 days ago)
She is Russian.
Sihem Rifiia (20 days ago)
Could we all agree that Ed Westwick is a pur romantic please??
Monica s (19 days ago)
I would say almost. He does have some pretty sharp yin cheekbones and nose like Mr. Ezra Miller.
Georgia G (20 days ago)
What do you think Michael Fassbender would be? When you described flamboyant natural that’s who I thought of
Monica s (16 days ago)
Ok, I believe he might be a classic now.
Jewelle Stange (21 days ago)
Very fun video! I'm trying to figure out what my husband is.
Aubrey Luce (21 days ago)
Thank you so much for taking the time to research and present this information Aly. You are a gem!
Layla Ciy (21 days ago)
What about black or asian men?
Lily Rexha (21 days ago)
What body type is Leonardo Dicaprio?
m86 (21 days ago)
maybe gamine?! i always thought he was really short and then found out hes tall!
Aly Art (21 days ago)
See part 2 in a week )))
Olga P (21 days ago)
Nóri Hegyi (22 days ago)
"thats him on a bitch"
May Coleman (22 days ago)
For some reason this is easier to recognize for me on men than on women!
m86 (21 days ago)
May Coleman (22 days ago)
I’m with a very dramatic male. Tall and very warrioresque and women are very attracted to this but tbh I’m classically attracted to men my height 5’7 and rounder more feminine features dowey eyes and round full lips and meaty body. With thick hips and juicy eyes meatier pecs!! You know
May Coleman (22 days ago)
I’m addicted to these for some reason! Shot out to my lady soft naturals!!!
A B (22 days ago)
Cant wait for part 2!!
Esther (22 days ago)
I'd love to know Kim Taehyung's type, 'cause maybe we would have to add the 'Angelic' type or somethin'
Dont Pusheen Your Luck (22 days ago)
The only man of color they could find was O J Simpson????
Layla 3777 (22 days ago)
amberdoe (22 days ago)
I can’t wait for part 2! Currently trying to type my bf but I don’t think we’ve covered his type yet. Thanks for doing this video I’ve been curious about this for so long 😁
looni .pooni (23 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I was one of the people asking for this and your explanations made it so much easier for me to spot the distinctive features in men... Can't wait for part 2!
Flamingo Fight (23 days ago)
Your video made me realize HOW hetreo I am xD You talking about men even gave me all the feels xD
Claire Schweizer (23 days ago)
I love you aly art and I'm glad you made this video but did you say you'll pronounce names wrong because your "rushing" or you're "Russian"
Luz Puebla Lara (23 days ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch is obviously dramatic, omg, I love him 😍... he definitely has a Virgo rising appearence
Fanny's LoA (23 days ago)
Thank you! This was way easeir than the females, and thus I think I finally figured out my female type. I think I'm still slightly too soft for the Soft Dramatic, so I'm a flaboyant natural even though i don't really have muscle definition
Mikaela (23 days ago)
My mom is soft classic, my dad is spot-on dramatic and I am dramatic classic. I think my boyfriend is soft natural! He is part Filipino part Italian, and sorta looks like a taller lankier Tom Cruise with the slight fullness of Asian/Italian features. He also looks great in natural type clothing styles; like relaxed layers.
Nurhan xo (23 days ago)
Hi ally, can you do a wedding dresses for the body types ?
chrmdchild (23 days ago)
Very interested to see Part 2... my husband has a bigger butt/ muscular thighs but is still very broad shouldered so I am curious to see if he fits in one of these!
Monica s (23 days ago)
"Harrison Ford" silence
Monica s (20 days ago)
+caro K18 mood: flamboyant naturals only
caro K18 (20 days ago)
He deserves it. He’s damn gorgeous lol
Olga P (23 days ago)
Erika Barse (23 days ago)
Nice job darling! I know this must have taken you a while. I myself have wondered how male body types compare with the female. I like this list, so far. Can't wait for part 2. What else could be added..? Especially in the development of muscle versus the natural skeletal structure and flesh? ... I would like to see more heavy set men on this list somewhere, those we consider "big boned". My fiance is one of these men. Perhaps he falls under natural, maybe even softer in the face, but his *body* type is wider, not vertical. I think proportions are interesting to consider too, some men and women are more proportional (are these naturals/classics?) versus taller or sharper (dramatic), shorter or softer. ??
MsTrouble80 (23 days ago)
Hi Aly, Love your chanel and all your videos about body types. Do you do any online consultation on that? I tried so many times to find my body type but no luck😂 So I thought I would ask and maybe you do that kind of online appointments?
Burials (23 days ago)
thank you <3
Tizia Hall (23 days ago)
its better u delete Oj Simpson .. in that picture he is with his wife that i killed ..
Kathy Azzari (3 days ago)
I agree. That picture really threw me. Gave me chills, even.
bravita rey (23 days ago)
I love naturals 💜
Miss S (23 days ago)
Yesssss i was waiting for this!!
Виктория (23 days ago)
Omg what’s on your lips?
Hai Pham (23 days ago)
Aly could you please do a separate vid for Asian men? Preferably a K pop idol version. Because Asian men tend to be softer and smaller while retaining their baby fat much later in adult age so it's very hard to tell sometimes.
trixi1608 (24 days ago)
Sooo interesting.. Thanks! Looking forward to part 2 and seeing the male equivalent to the gamine and romantic type in women..
Tree Stump (24 days ago)
Random sidenote: I love how the green plant contrasts with the dark background.
anjo c (24 days ago)
my queen pasted a PLANT in the frame
Noemi Akopian (24 days ago)
Aly, have you heard of Dwyn Larson's body type system? It is based on Kibbe's but is far more accurate and comprehensive. It seems a bit strange at first when you're used to Kibbe, but when you get used to it, it becomes really fascinating and it makes more sense. I think you'll find it interesting. Check it out :) This is the official website: http://www.alltypesofbeauty.com/ There are some great videos about it by Russian stylists on Youtube. Here are a couple: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0xSIyQMTaf2-3pJtl_ddqQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FtWL08KGgMreuTunNXDBA
Denise Herud (24 days ago)
That was awesome! So much info about guys body types...this will help women dress their dudes when we gotta buy them stuff😂💗💗💗
Linda LaRoche (24 days ago)
I'm glad you're back Aly, I missed you!
If I was confused with the women’s type, now I am more confused. They all look the same to me 😂😂
Maday Carnley (24 days ago)
Sounds like NYC in background?!
Veruska Gonzalez (24 days ago)
You’re back! 🤩
Cherry Lane Monroe (24 days ago)
ALY, I tend to like and prefer a shorter man, strong and lean. Someone like Paul Newman or Yul Brynner, a man with slim hips and naturally small. Hopefully that will be in part 2? THX!
Hermit Elf (24 days ago)
For the love of cheekbones add Tom Hiddleston to an extra part where you tell us which shape other men are
Josephine Winter (24 days ago)
your use of the word brutal is totally correct, because you're using it for that hinterland, that nuance of meaning that all words have but usually only native speakers can access, here it's french origin meaning rough, crude and also it's association with 'brutalist' architecture
jee lains (24 days ago)
Johnny Depp is some kind of Gamine I think
Riri (19 days ago)
and his daugter probably, Lily rose depp
Olga P (23 days ago)
He's a TR
Celeste Stonebraker (24 days ago)
You're pure knowledge, Aly!! Thank you for this video- we should be paying for all this information! :)
Kateyan (24 days ago)
I couldn't see different body types in the women and I can't see any body types in the men. I''m stupid :-(. I like the videos but I'm too stupid to see it.
Kathy Azzari (3 days ago)
I'm slow to grasp these differences as well. I think I need more examples and I'm not sure it is really that important in the grand scheme. It is somewhat interesting, but I just need to know whey looks good on me, and I'm starting to figure that out by trial and error.
Yana N (24 days ago)
great! thanks for this information!!! very helpful
Daryl Baboulis-Gyscek (24 days ago)
Fringe for body types 💜🙏
Vanity Velvet (24 days ago)
I'm so happy you're back!
emma (24 days ago)
Always excited to see a new video by you Aly!
Hannah Hs (24 days ago)
Aly please explain how would beard and different clothes and hats look on them
Regina Kayumova (24 days ago)
Alyona, thank you so much! Was looking forward for this video. Forced my man watching it with me, didn't find his type yet
flo rist (24 days ago)
I was hoping for a male version, so excited to see it finally. Thanks!
Sharlene Andujar (24 days ago)
I think Sylvester Stallone could be a true natural
Edwin Yeong (24 days ago)
I wait to see more of that pt 2
Anne Cooper (24 days ago)
we missed you!
Dipanita Naik (24 days ago)
U are back!!!!!
leWargrave (24 days ago)
I think my parents are both flamboyant naturals, hence both are very tall and wide. I don't know how I happen to be a 5'6 classic, lol.
Brownmahfun (24 days ago)
DEEEEEEEEEEEEP!  Thank You for this.
Aline F. (24 days ago)
I think that naturals are more manly than dramatics. We can see that on women to. Broadness are considered more manly than dryness
Lisa Pollitt (8 days ago)
Beauty is in the eye if the beholder. This is only your opinion
daniak (10 days ago)
Debatable, for example Christie Brinkley/Jane Fonda(N) do not give the impression of manliness, but neither do Barbara Carrera/Lana Turner (D). I actuall preffer their actual names rather than the masculine feminine description. Because naturals are just that, look best when not altered by anything artificial, somewhat strong and sturdy impression, well grounded and dramatics are evident, noticeble, sharp, . We traditionally appreciate men who have a @[email protected] look because it gives the impression of a person who is strong with no frills and minimal effort(I personally like that in women too) and dramatic might look more striking and polished. I would avoid the masculine/feminine thing simply because it can negatively impact certain clusters, if you say naturals are masculine, it sounds good for men, but not for women, if you say romantic are feminine, it sounds good for women but bad for men. However, you will see attractive people in all groups, just look at the romantic men who are for the most part sex symbols and for the natural ladies who are for the most part supermodels. Just a personal, opinion, take it with a grain of salt.
Monica s (16 days ago)
Also let's not forgot all the short women out there below 5'2 with more blunt/wider faces that would not qualify to be gamine. Is height the priority here?
Monica s (16 days ago)
+Sam A Yes but OC only spoke of naturals. Adding any type of S will automatically look fem. I thought Jen was a good example because unlike some other Ns, her feature's lines actually match her body's. I have been confused about some naturals for a while too, like Gigi, (and I also think of Selena Gomez) who seem to have some soft gamine (young girl qualities) --albeit not the large eyes to them. I just assumed sometimes the face may be one type and the body, the other.
Sam A (16 days ago)
Monica s most of the times it has nothing to do with the face, Gigi Hadid is natural but her face is very girly, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel are also naturals but each one of them has different angles and faces.
Diogo Azoia (24 days ago)
Finally! Thank you much I love your content!
Corina Turcan (24 days ago)
You look so gorgeous with straight hair 😍
Josephine Strand (24 days ago)
I get so much asmr from your videos <3
Thania Sehlin (24 days ago)
Clothing for male body types pleasseeee!!! btw love you aly! ♡
Zainab Malik (24 days ago)
Aly I always wait for your videos. They're well put together. Keep making more amazing content ❤
Fadwa 89h (24 days ago)
I am soft classic, I think my husband is soft gamine or soft natural, I like this video and waiting for part 2 ☺
Ana-Maria Mihalachi (24 days ago)
Very interesting, I didn't expect some of them to be on the Dramatic side, actually it is very hard to tell what body type men have, comparing to women. Difference between Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural is pretty small for me. I thought Sean Connery is a Natural more. Thank you, waiting for second part!
Katarina Đorđević (25 days ago)
OMG literally thought of this theme yest
MoppieDun (25 days ago)
I actually like the slightly cutish ones...
bruna de lioncourt (25 days ago)
omg im so excited for part 2
Elin Ljungström (25 days ago)
I love this idea! It makes it even clearer what yin and yang stand for and how it manifests itself. Keep 'em coming :)
Elliott (25 days ago)
Hi Aly, great video! I wanted to get your thoughts on this; in Kibbie's types we talk about Yang and Yin - Masc and Fem. However I feel to call Dramatic types most Yang (hence most masculine) is incorrect. Let me explain why - the most masculine men are Naturals and Flamboyant Naturals, you can also see this in the female list. Natural women are the most 'manly' looking, not the Dramatics. Hugh J or Harrison Ford look far more manly and masculine next to Benedict Cumberbatch, for example. I would compare it to this in the female list; both Gamines and Romantics are small, or can be, but the Gamine can look like a little girl, the Romantic is curvy, womanly and hence most Yin and feminine. The Dramatic can sometimes look like an overgrown teenage boy (depending how they dress - like Gamines), long, lanky, maybe scrawny, they do not look very strong. Sharp but not muscular so they lack that masculine Yang element. Like how Gamine is small but lacks the flesh and curves of the Romantic, Dramatic lacks the muscles and width of the Natural and Flamboyant Natural. I'm sure you noticed something similar in making this video. I know you are just showcasing Kibbies list, these are just my thoughts and how I see it. How do you feel about it? What if Dramatics were considered more as Gamine and the list went from true Yin to true Yang, at least how I see it, Romantic to Flamboyant Natural. Likely the names would be a bit different had Kibbie done it that way though. Perhaps with a different perspective on Soft Natural and Soft Dramatic (in women, often a very womanly figure, though 'bigger'). Nothing wrong with straying from Kibbies initial guide. I feel his list goes from Soft to Sharp but not from Yin to Yang truely. When we look at men I feel that becomes even more obvious, but it can be seen in the female list too. The typing would be the same, just that describing Dramatics as most Yang rather than Naturals would be different. Thanks for the videos! I look forward to more
Elliott (22 days ago)
+Olga P As an aside, I feel masculine and Yang influenced women are regularly praised for being very striking in their appearance and beautiful. Aly herself has mentioned that almost all top models are Natural types, or in recent years often also Dramatic types. Small Romantic women are not at all usually seen on catwalks, but are considered very beautiful too of course. (and feminine) Every body type is appreciated in its own way. Its also true that people like different aesthetics, in general - that is always the case
Elliott (22 days ago)
+Olga P I disagree with what you've said, as I feel it contradicts itself. Femininity is Yin and masculinity is Yang, both are archetypes. Like two base 'building-blocks' of the universe. I'm not talking about men and women, which seems to be what you're confusing. Women can be more feminine or more masculine (more yin or yang) in various different aspects (including personality, not just physically) which is a core observation of kibbies, or any, typing system. Same for men of course. A more masculine woman is no less of a woman, the description of 'masculine' describes the 'yang' influence in their appearance. (Or behaviour) In my original comment Im expressing that I see the Dramatic type as more androgynous of an aspect, potentially, and Natural as more Yang inherently. Both yang and yin are wonderful traits, and people have their varied preferences. And almost always a mix of both in different ways.
Olga P (22 days ago)
+Elliott That's how Kibbe puts it (talking about Yang women): "The simple truth of the situation is: your strength and power are extremely feminine and terribly exciting! You must always remember that the specific type of femininity Nature blessed you with isn't fluttery or soft - it's sultry and sophisticated!"
Olga P (22 days ago)
+Elliott You've got interesting thoughts, but I don't really like the division between masculine and feminine here. Kibbe doesn't use these words to describe types. Moreover, by using them, we imply that women of some types are more feminine than others, which is not true. A woman of any type can be feminine, there are just different types of femininity. The same goes for men.
Elliott (23 days ago)
+Olga P Yes, I understand the original comparison, just proposing a different perspective and 'scaling' system. In my other comments under this one I also suggest Dramatic being 'in the middle' as I don't think it is the most Yang nor masculine trait, as the original system suggests. Yin is opposite to Yang, and I view Naturals as most Yang personally. 'Complementary' can also be used here, and is maybe more accurate, paradoxically - refer to Yin and Yang again for example Edit: you also said 'Rs and Ns have width in common' but this isn't the same width. For R it is flesh, curves, for N it is broadness and muscle. Very different. I do see you are referring to kibbies description/comparison though, I am just disagreeing with him in this regard
marysol cranston (25 days ago)
Loved this !!
Indira Andrea Pérez (25 days ago)
You look really beautiful in this Aly ❤️
Nicole Sheehan (25 days ago)
I've been looking up body types for men for some time, and I think I know some naturals: Jon Hamm and Jon Krasinki. It's not alot but I hope it helps. Also, some other body types I know are thomas brodie-sangster (gamine), daniel radcliffe and elijah wood (flamboyant gamines), and jack black (soft gamine). edit: ive been thinking about marlon brando for some time and i think he is probably soft natural but might be classic. i may not be right about that though...
Uhhhh caitlyn jenner shouldnt have been on the males list. I understand you were just mentioning people off Kibbes list but it would have been better to mention her in a video with other women, as a flamboyant natural woman.
Tiffany Summer (21 days ago)
They are female now. But before they weren't for a lonnnnggg time. Leave her be. No one's trying to be transphobic here.
ju (24 days ago)
Well, she was born in a male body, and was a famous athlete, nothing wrong with that.
J .S (25 days ago)
I'm curious how you'd type Victorian celebrities since they were under so much clothing and mustaches obscured the face. I do wonder how fashions change in men too so you have Nikola Tesla as a cerebral male look like Cumberbatch but SHARP and Hemingway for rugged, even when he was younger. Broad but both very angular.
정글펭귄 (25 days ago)
You save my closet, i watch your videos over again, and again. Thank you XO
gargi kaushik (25 days ago)
Finally ... Where have u been ...:(
MJBpeace (25 days ago)
Well, I have never seen younger photos of these actors...now I know why they are considered so sooo handsome...😶
Eloïse Angelina (25 days ago)
for part 2 I'm expecting nice pictures of Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis dressed as women in Some like it hot. so you can confirm your theory ! aha

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