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This is what happens when Amazon comes for your business

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CNN's Jon Sarlin explains why companies panic when Amazon enters their markets and what unexpected opportunities that can bring.
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Text Comments (131)
TurkishSmurf (3 days ago)
it doesn't matter. they don't do anything illegal. the could have patented the idea businessmodel
Live Hard or die easy (4 days ago)
Copied from Hasan minhaj's Patriots act!!
Nikki Burris (12 days ago)
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Clorox Bleach (29 days ago)
Whatever a jew says, do the opposite.
JuanLeMod (1 month ago)
I, for one, welcome our Amazon Overlords. I've been a Prime Member since 2013 and have been loving it ever since. They have the best customer service. Period.
William Hale (1 month ago)
*It's just capitalism. There is no harm in the long-term. This approach is way better than the socialist approach that you see in Europe. Capitalism encourages innovations, competition, and creativity. In the end, the business which is the best for the consumers wins. And in turn, the consumers win. There is a very systematic and specific reason as to why there hasn't been a single company in the 21st century or even late 90s that came out of Europe or Asia and really became a global player in the market.* *The US is NOT the only developed country in the world. There are a ton of them in Europe and few in Asia and South America. But year after year, decade after decade, the Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, etc. of the world keep on coming from the US. And this is true for almost every industry, not just technology. The US is where innovations take place, Europe and Asia are where copy and paste of those innovations take place.* *And I am not American.*
Thomas Szpak (1 month ago)
but guys, they wear fluffy pink socks and and have soothing voices. Surely Amazon is up to no bad right?
Thomas Szpak (1 month ago)
Meanwhile you're literally dealing with the psy-ops-satanists with black op command forces predicting the future with spy-grid-AI going in anywhere, that can go in and punch up world models that the pentagon has as well it's all integrated and ACTUALLY know the future!!!!!!
My Name is Gladiator (1 month ago)
Amazon's overriding goal is to destroy all small businesses which in the end will destroy America. That is after all what the globalist Jeff Bezos' stated life goal is - the destruction of America.
Andrea David Edelman (1 month ago)
Lol free money helps too
H. Usui (1 month ago)
Volume in this video is beyond unbalanced, some parts are inaudible while other parts annoyingly loud.
Peter k (1 month ago)
Call it what it is asswipes. Monopolistic predator capitalism. Break up Amazon. The network belongs to everyone. Not Jeff Bezos.
hyou zan ren (1 month ago)
wait till all competitors died out amazon will charge you as much as they want since...no competitors sighted!
Prakash Kumar (1 month ago)
Come to India and see how Flipkart is pushing Amazon.
thanks (1 day ago)
The only hope we have is a huge Amazon like company coming out of either China or India
flanker22 (1 month ago)
the advantage that amazon has is the incredible amount of capital that they have for any market they want to enter. breaking up amazon aws and online retail would be a good starting point.
dewa khmer (1 month ago)
nice no more jobs
Nishchay Srivastava (1 month ago)
Love amazon
alpo 702 (1 month ago)
Jeff bezos is the definition of greed
P-mtc (1 month ago)
Dont you have anti dumping laws?
Min H. OO (1 month ago)
The only way to get killed Amazon by Amazon.
Peter Pan (1 month ago)
Consumers thinks this is good and yes it is in the short term but once Amazon driven all the competitions they will start hiking up the price to make profits. Then it will get to a point where they can make it at any price they want because there’s no competition. Consumers think only short term benefits but amazon thinks long term dominance.
minhle1291 (1 month ago)
Stop making sense, the sheeple can't handle it
Mickiii P (1 month ago)
Amajew greasy reptilian Bezooos
fake Apple Store (1 month ago)
stop romanticizing monopolies
aniruddha rawale (1 month ago)
Reporter : you should not compete with amazon Elon musk : hold my beer bro 😂 😂 😂
Brandon Denver (1 month ago)
Good for Amazon.
Mac T (1 month ago)
Isn't that against the law? Operating at a loss in order to drive out the competition
Azerty Qwerty (1 month ago)
The US is a democracy, Amazon can start any legal business without the need to answer to the government
The Other Side (1 month ago)
*Aliexpress gives me all I want. And they use an ESCROW system. That means they hold unto your money until you receive the product then they'll pay the seller. If not, they'll return your money to you.*
Anthony Marquez (1 month ago)
amazon is becoming a monopoly
Graham X (1 month ago)
If Amazon sold products that people commonly need installed in their home, then Porch would be dead already. One of Amazon's strongest abilities is to leverage existing successful businesses to synergize with new ones and draw those existing customers.
Shize Xu (1 month ago)
Not in China
AriVovp (1 month ago)
Too big to fail philosophy
Kris B (1 month ago)
Is it a prerequisite to be a stuffy, stick-up-your-ass, white male to run a business?
Bailey Henderson (1 month ago)
Amazon investors get the shaft tomarrow, I may have lost kmart in my county for the last 3 years but sears and kmart will comeback , Wal-Mart clothes go out of order in a year sears has sold better quality items while it was public
Virality Factor (1 month ago)
So Amazon is Thanos of service market as Disney is to media business.
Andrew O (1 month ago)
Isn't it illegal to sell the products below costs to push competitors out of the market?
Brian Green (1 month ago)
Same thing standard oil did.
Raja King (1 month ago)
Prishanthan Naicker (1 month ago)
I think that’s what John D. Rockefeller did to get market share, let’s see who can run at loss longer 😩
Eamon Shields (1 month ago)
Amazon delivers the best experience for the consumer. This is capitalism. Some may argue that they are starting to resemble a monopoly. This aside, consumers drive the market. Sorry mom and pop (no hate) but you can’t beat Amazons prices, include free two day shipping, unparalleled customer support etc. Just like Uber is better then the taxi service, Amazon is better than most retail shopping. We’re not going back to taxis, and certainly not back to traditional shopping.
Andrew (1 month ago)
+Pernection Im a liberal so your wrong
minhle1291 (1 month ago)
Wrong. Amazon actively censors reviews and pays employees for good reviews on its own website.
Eamon Shields (1 month ago)
SP the best experience doesn’t only come down to free shipping and bans. Amazon has the largest marketplace. Walmart isn’t far behind but Amazon is beating them. The market tells us people like Amazon better at this point in time
SP (1 month ago)
Eamon Shields "Amazon delivers the best experience for the consumer" Inaccurate claims right off the bat. I could argue that a retail giant like Walmart for example, offer better experiences. Amazon charges you for 2-day shipping (unless you have prime) which Walmart provides for free on all purchases if eligible. They ban your account if you have too many returns, do they not realize customers are buying only and won't know what the item is exactly like, until they receive it? Walmart also doesn't do this. Amazon is far from delivering the best experience.
Eamon Shields (1 month ago)
Craolta unnecessary point, doesn’t change the context of my argument
Juan Ramirez (1 month ago)
Hopefully they’ll sell my product
Ken (1 month ago)
Amazon is being led by a very smart and aggressive capitalist. It's amazing how fast Jeff Bezos has accumulated his wealth in such a short period of time (2 decades)--surpassing Buffet, and Gates who spent their entire lives building their respective empires. He may be a philanthropist, but he's building a monopoly similar to the fictional Buy n Large.
Rich 91 (25 days ago)
Gates is far bigger monopolist than bezos
minhle1291 (1 month ago)
Gates quit working two decades ago. He has too much money to care about making more.
laffytaffy (1 month ago)
Amazon vs uber!
Lu Kelly (1 month ago)
In China, people prefer to use Taobao or JD to buy things online, which are more convenient and localizing than Amazon.
Felipe Chaparro (1 month ago)
Isn't pricing yourself in the short term at a loss with hopes of driving your competition out of business so you can then enjoy a monopoly on that thing, called predatory pricing and is recognised un competitive technique and illegal in most cases?
elreytriton (1 month ago)
That is literally what John D Rockefeller did to obliterate his competition. He even brought the owners of those companies to his place and showed them his books. Told them he could plummet the price of oil and operate at a loss for years longer than they could. The ones that didnt sell him their companies were destroyed, went bankrupt, and caved in to him in a short time.
Beep Bop (1 month ago)
Pernection (1 month ago)
Yes but the sheeple don't care.
jhim dotnet (1 month ago)
there will be a time where the only companies left will be amazon, google and facebook....
gorav dyan (1 month ago)
And Apple and Microsoft..
Karabo ManneZA (1 month ago)
The Rockerfeller business model
Madhav Trivedi (1 month ago)
Bezos is like.. whos laughin naw!?
Abdullah (1 month ago)
Amazon is good for consumers but not for local businesses.
Alpha (1 month ago)
Amazon doesn't only take out bad business. Surprisingly Michael Scott from the Office said it best "They come in, they undercut everything and run us(local) out of business and then once we're all gone, they jack up the prices." I know it sounds bad coming from a comedy TV show but it's true. That is where the whole long-term gain strategy comes in, they know consumers will always select short-term gain(extremely low prices) and because local business can't just hemorrhage money like Amazon, they close down. Once the other competitors shut down or leave the industry they just slowly jack up the prices to where they're profitable and might even go beyond that to make up lost revenue faster. In the long run, it'd be better for consumers to stop purchasing products from a company if they are using that strategy(hemorrhaging money) so that more competition stays in the industry.
Kobe Wild (1 month ago)
May the best business win. As for small businesses well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SskKsTqlpA
elreytriton (1 month ago)
+Edward Ornelas only bad business? Nonsense. No small business can compete with billion and trillion dollar titans. Walmart has destroyed thousands of small businesses. There is no competition or free market when you only have one store in your town you can go to because they rest couldnt make a profit due to low prices. That's textbook monopoly. JD Rockefeller dropped the price of his oil and destroyed his competition and they all sold him their companies at the end after going bankrupt. Amazon is such a threat that even Walmart, target, and every grocery store is frantically changing things to try and keep up.
Edward Ornelas (1 month ago)
Amazon only takes out bad business. As a business owner your initiative is to provide the best services. Customer service comes a long way
Michael Gray (1 month ago)
Is good for the consumer good for the consumer
Abdullah (1 month ago)
Amazon will end capitalism.
In 2100 planet Earth will be renamed to Amazon.
TECHNOLOGY WE KNOW (1 month ago)
That guy is definitely scared
TECHNOLOGY WE KNOW (1 month ago)
Amazon I don’t see it falling.. but amazon will fall if it f*** with everyone
Miguelon (1 month ago)
Amazon will compete with their own sellers...
Indrajit Dewanjee (1 month ago)
Amazon is romantic but it has to be broken up now
Ishan Bansal (1 month ago)
+Brandon Denver how about higher taxes just by 5 6 percent more
minhle1291 (1 month ago)
+Brandon Denver Incorrect. It has data on the best selling items. Then, it private labels those items and undercuts. When everyone else is driven out of the category, Amazon gains virtual monopoly power. It doesn't need universal monopoly power, because so many people default to Amazon that a lower price elsewhere is never truly discovered.
vshah1010 (1 month ago)
+Joe Al No swearing.
Joe Al (1 month ago)
Gandu chuttiya banchoud
Brandon Denver (1 month ago)
Amazon primarily sells OTHER COMPANY'S products, thus it cannot be a monopoly. If anything, it looks out for the little guy at the expense of the larger players. Fair game.
Projects To Mansions (1 month ago)
Aye Projects To Mansions!
h8meppl (2 months ago)
Amazon is destruction
h8meppl (2 months ago)
More negative amazon coverage please. I will renounce my fake news mind set. CNN you can be a crusader
Succular Talk (1 month ago)
no one cares about you
ILoveCoffee (2 months ago)
Amazon has the best customer service i have ever experienced. I live in Europe, and i once ordered a book through Amazon, the seller was a scammer, i paid him, but never got the book. After one month of waiting, i contacted Amazon, and they not only made the seller give me back my money, they also offered to sell me a brand new book free of charge, including no shipping fees. That was my first ever experience with Amazon. The second time was couple of months later, i ordered a book, but had few questions about the shipping, i contacted Amazon to ask them, and the guy i was talking to offered to get rid of the shipping fees and switch my order to a priority shipping with no additional charges. I.e. they sold me the book with free shipping. The third experience i have with them was near christmas, i was again buying a book, and they cut the price to almost 50% less than it was. I couldn't be more happy with them. Extremely reliable, polite and helpful.
camtwan1 (1 month ago)
No, that was a small seller, amazon rarely gets involved they leave it to the seller. As a seller, offering a refund and free of whatever order got fucked up is normal for cheaper products
elreytriton (1 month ago)
what type of weird books are you buying is the real question.
Joe Al (1 month ago)
+The Other Side what do you buy? Turds?
Joe Al (1 month ago)
+Beep Bop gandu chuttiya
The Other Side (1 month ago)
*I buy from Aliexpress. I've never lost a dime.*
Hero Of Bukit Padang (2 months ago)
It’s called disruptive technology. It’s been here since the dawn of mankind 。Stop whining
Pernection (1 month ago)
It will have heavy costs
I don't see any disruptive tech here. Where is it?
NickSal310 (2 months ago)
It's hAbbening
The Solemn Nut (2 months ago)
Adapt or Die
Joe Bradley (2 months ago)
I've never bought anything from Amazon nor used any of their services... It's an unbelievably terrible company. A great company if you're an unbotherd shareholder, but one of the worst companies if you have a conscious.
xCkillaxC (1 month ago)
Joe Bradley Yup, I bet they can’t wait to get rid of us blue collars
Joe Bradley (1 month ago)
+xCkillaxC - On top of that, they're doing all they can to replace you with a robot as soon as possible. I wish you luck and hope you soon find better employment.
xCkillaxC (1 month ago)
Hussin Ali Lol people like you make me laugh. Only looking at the surface of that “good guy company $15/hr”. I work in a fulfillment center for Amazon and once we got that raise this place has gotten a lot worse. They are trying to fire as many people as possible now, even the best workers are on thin ice, including me. We’re supposed to maintain a 77UPH rate when my building is at 110% capacity... and our 15 min breaks we get that are BY LAW are held against us as our rates drops during those 15 min.
SP (1 month ago)
+Hussin Ali They don't pay $15 in all states, when I worked for them I only made $11.25, it was $1 over minimum wage but it wasn't worth it for the amount of work you had to do.
SP (1 month ago)
+Ele Lee Agree on the working conditions. I worked for Amazon's fulfillment center and it was the worst six months of my life, looking back it now, I am wondering how I was even able to work there for so long.
choosey87 (2 months ago)
Amazon is a true Monopoly...
I’m happy about it. Amazon is great
Back to work, muskrat, I'm still waiting for my Model 3
King Katt (2 months ago)
Amazon is trying to take over the world
Mega Raph (27 days ago)
And the Philippines
GOD (1 month ago)
+Cole except in China
Serag Badr (1 month ago)
Ali-express is bigger..
VAPE NATION! (1 month ago)
lol, the world and the usa is 2 different things...
Cole (1 month ago)
they already did

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