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This is what happens when Amazon comes for your business

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CNN's Jon Sarlin explains why companies panic when Amazon enters their markets and what unexpected opportunities that can bring.
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Aye Projects To Mansions!
h8meppl (8 days ago)
Amazon is destruction
h8meppl (8 days ago)
More negative amazon coverage please. I will renounce my fake news mind set. CNN you can be a crusader
ILoveCoffee (9 days ago)
Amazon has the best customer service i have ever experienced. I live in Europe, and i once ordered a book through Amazon, the seller was a scammer, i paid him, but never got the book. After one month of waiting, i contacted Amazon, and they not only made the seller give me back my money, they also offered to sell me a brand new book free of charge, including no shipping fees. That was my first ever experience with Amazon. The second time was couple of months later, i ordered a book, but had few questions about the shipping, i contacted Amazon to ask them, and the guy i was talking to offered to get rid of the shipping fees and switch my order to a priority shipping with no additional charges. I.e. they sold me the book with free shipping. The third experience i have with them was near christmas, i was again buying a book, and they cut the price to almost 50% less than it was. I couldn't be more happy with them. Extremely reliable, polite and helpful.
ILoveCoffee (7 days ago)
I guess they are such a wealthy company that they have figured out that giving away free stuff or cutting down prices is more beneficial for them in the long run than paying for ads.
allisontpowell (7 days ago)
wow, but all that stuff behind scenes that you can't figure out.. it's eating money outta pockets.
Hero Of Bukit Padang (9 days ago)
It’s called disruptive technology. It’s been here since the dawn of mankind 。Stop whining
NickSal310 (9 days ago)
It's hAbbening
The Solemn Nut (9 days ago)
Adapt or Die
Joe Bradley (9 days ago)
I've never bought anything from Amazon nor used any of their services... It's an unbelievably terrible company. A great company if you're an unbotherd shareholder, but one of the worst companies if you have a conscious.
Ele Lee (6 days ago)
+Andrew Gisler you are talking about customer experience while I am talking about their work ethics two differend things
Andrew Gisler (7 days ago)
+Ele Lee There working conditions are not any worst than any manufacturing job that people in this country hold so highly.. But the company services are excellent. It has changed the expectations of people for online shopping and I imagine soon it will change our expectations at physical stores.
Ele Lee (7 days ago)
+Andrew Gisler are you living under a rock do you see their working condition and they find loophole to pay less taxes
Andrew Gisler (9 days ago)
Would you please explain what's terrible about it?
choosey87 (9 days ago)
Amazon is a true Monopoly...
Elon Mušk (9 days ago)
I’m happy about it. Amazon is great
Back to work, muskrat, I'm still waiting for my Model 3
King Katt (9 days ago)
Amazon is trying to take over the world

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