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2018 Winnebago View 24D - Walk Around

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Look no further than this absolute DREAM of a coach! Combining the best and most fuel economic chassis with the best RV manufacturer out there you get the Winnebago View! This 24D is a brand new model and we absolutely love it! Features abound you will love the following options: Large screen infotainment w/ GPS/Sirius A/C with heat pump DIESEL GEN Full body paint & Electric stabilizer jacks! Watch our VIDEO and check out the window sticker for more options! Call or stop in for more information!!
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조인섬 (22 hours ago)
총길이 폭 높이 이런건 어디서 봄 ?
didnt show the dinette as sleeping area.
Rex Hargrove (8 months ago)
Beautiful! Love the European styling and elegant lighting
Ian Scott (9 months ago)
For future videos pleas show with slides both in and out.
JAnn K (9 months ago)
Hi, Thank you for the nice video. Can you please tell me the weight capacity of the Murphey Bed, we have two big adults.
Larry Conrad (11 months ago)
How many pennys is it worth?
larzDJ smith (1 year ago)
How many amps is the power cord? what is the wattage on the generator? Does the fridge run with the generator and electric or does it use propane? maybe at least read up on the unit BEFORE you do the video?
Thank you for watching Larz
mcanning51 (1 year ago)
Believe that’s a compressor driven refrigerator, not LP as you stated.
Ray Wakley's RV Center (9 months ago)
you are correct! Still learning these rigs..

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