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Leather and meat without killing animals | Andras Forgacs

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By 2050, it will take 100 billion land animals to provide the world's population with meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods. Maintaining this herd will take a huge, potentially unsustainable toll on the planet. What if there were a different way? In this eye-opening talk, tissue engineering advocate Andras Forgacs argues that biofabricating meat and leather is a civilized way to move past killing animals for hamburgers and handbags. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (883)
Na Han (2 days ago)
Everything this incredible guy said will become true. The world is already changing towards the new path. To humane and responsible one.
Goku (2 months ago)
This is fantastic! Protects wildlife, saves animals and lessens/removes our dependency on them. Allows us to co-exist with them instead of subjugate them. Amazing!! Rich people, fund this!!!
Hari Taqwan Santoso (3 months ago)
How much the effectivity of creating a leather using that technique compared to just breeding animals?
Emmanuel DIAZ (3 months ago)
Is it our future? Growing cells in labo to eat????  Is it natural? Im not sure at all. By the way, what the cost of it? economicaly and environemtaly? Should we put on more nuclear central for the Energy that this labos 'll need????Humain nature is to eat animals but I can see too that humain natuel is to make more more and more money…I let you think….Could it be possible to have an idea of how many $ this kind of labos subsidize vegan associations every years all around the world??? LOL
Jessica Fuller (5 months ago)
Sea Level Cain (6 months ago)
YES! This is what we need. I see the beginning of a new era. I'm ready. I wonder what our age will be called? This is a list of the major periods in world history. It includes broad global eras, such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. It also includes modern eras, which have lasted only a few decades, such as the Gilded Age, Progressive Age and the Information Age. Stone Age (50,000–3000 BCE) Bronze Age (3000–1300 BCE) Iron Age (1200–230 BCE) Ancient Egypt (3000–300 BCE) Ancient India (7000 BCE or earlier to c. 500CE) Ancient Greece (8th Century BCE–0 CE) Ancient Rome (8th Century BCE–476 CE) Middle Ages (Europe, 4CE–1500CE) Islamic Golden Age (Middle East, 750CE–1300CE) Age of Discovery (or Exploration) (Europe, 1400CE–1700CE) The Protestant Reformation (Europe, 16th century) The Renaissance (1350s–1650s) The Enlightenment (1650s–1780s) Age of Revolution (1750–1917) The Romantic Era (1790s–1850s) Industrial Revolution (1750s–1900) Age of Imperialism (c. 1700–1950s) The First World War (1914–1918) Inter-war era (1918–1939) Roaring Twenties (1919–1929) Great Depression (1929–39) The Cold War (1948–1990) Information Age (1971–present) American Revolution (1765–1783) American Civil War (1861–1865) Reconstruction Era (1865–1877) The Gilded Age (1870–1900) Progressive Era (1890–1920) Civil rights movement (1950–1960) and so on...... Source: https://www.biographyonline.net/different-periods-in-history/
Christian Baloga (6 months ago)
We must make this our now.
Yuliana Chavdar (7 months ago)
Now I know where I would invest all my money if I were a millionaire!
Rodney Johnson (7 months ago)
we will still need animals for dairy products
jhunt5578 (9 months ago)
It's disgusting how everyone is for this solution because it's easy and our habits don't have to change. There are already Vegan meats, eggs and dairy products as well as Vegan leather. I think that human beings are inherently good, but we are also inherently weak, and we choose the path of least resistance. We can stop destroying our planet and exploiting animals right now. By being Vegan.
Mike Fani (10 months ago)
Great 👍🏻 fantastic fabulous idea 💡 save animal 🦓 our plants 🌱 energy I love 💕 this idea .great job
moneyblackblood (11 months ago)
I would love to see the technology that allows for the maintenance of the kinds of sanitized spaces need for this kind of manufacture without killing any animals. I wish headlines would be more honest, this should read: "Leather and meat with killing fewer animals", or "Leather and Meat with only killing pest animals." Don't get me wrong, this tech is an improvement on our current meat and leather sources but the claim is still untrue.
Cynthia Ennis (11 months ago)
Yes...this is possible, yet you never see this used to help anyone to overcome disease, for the health of the people, etc.. It seems to be a great idea, but then this stuff must cost a fortune, as it is NEVER used to help the common people! NEVER & I am damn sick of it!
Unreasonable (1 year ago)
Wow, love this company. These companies could have a huge impact on the world. Unreasonable is a fan!
Blu (1 year ago)
so long as they can perfect the technology. all the same nutrients at the same ratios, then im all for it. vegans better not complain about this.
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
As long as you are vegan yourself mate. Otherwise it's all about "them" and your opinion doesnt matter.
James Allaire (1 year ago)
Weirdos; I'm all for animal cruelty prevention but how do you think human being evolved?
jhunt5578 (9 months ago)
James Allaire What does our evolution have to do with anything?
Yahumar Risrael (1 year ago)
I like it.
Zeyu Wang (1 year ago)
4 years later still nothing, good job man
James Bond (1 year ago)
Where is my hamburger??? Have been vegan for 3 years. WTF. How long i still need to wait? Where can i buy stakes to fill up my fridge? Haa. Don't make me kill a Cow!!!!! I
Mark H (1 year ago)
This is the future don't be afraid, embrace the science.
Because of yeast
Eric Lebar (1 year ago)
i agree with this it will stop the cruel animal killings its is exactly what jhe said its humane
I would want this to happen so the retarded and triggered vegans can stop bitching about animal abuse. You could literally post a video about swatting flies and apparently it could be "animal abuse"
Kendra Fleming (1 year ago)
Cole Breda (2 years ago)
I just wish I could get involved :( like join the business by starting to work for them. That would be awesome, knowing I'm working for a great cause
Fabio Parra (2 years ago)
pancho villa (2 years ago)
Very good, so the animals will not suffer, and we can get healthier with a better prepared meat and a better texture, I went to the slaughterhouse and with the sanitary controls is very difficult to meet them, and feces are also a problem
Sharvani S (2 years ago)
Huge respect to inventors like this! Salute!!
Matt Kind (2 years ago)
great advancement for our civilization
The future is now using our reasoning ability with great ideas.
Don Ententini (2 years ago)
Respect for this guy
karthik sista (2 years ago)
Rimmi Johnson (2 years ago)
****Amazing, and truly key to our advancement as a civilization. *** Very much support this
Yuliana Chavdar (7 months ago)
Cole Breda I can surely waive the meat and all animal products AS LONG AS NO ANIMAL WOULD BE KILLED FOR my stupid human needs
cassanoa (1 year ago)
it is a great concept
Toux (1 year ago)
We already grow meat, it's called ranching.
Cole Breda (2 years ago)
Sharvani s No, but if he grew meat that would be sweet
Sharvani S (2 years ago)
Cole 10367 u dont eat leather
SJFPenguin1854 (2 years ago)
I don't know what the animal meaning of life is, but it has to be something more than being a sandwich. Though I still wouldn't eat this meat because it would be too weird for me, as a vegetarian this research is something I support.
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
Do much more research. Firstly, visit ditchdairy.com. Contact me anytime for suggestions.
SH L (2 years ago)
please hurry! hope one day you guys produce enough of fake meats in enough cheap price so that u can provide them to all countries, then to all over the earth(helicoper someone?) , so that we can change the history of earth since Noah~ in the bible written that meat eating started after the great flood. not only among human but also among animals. u can turn this cruel earth back to eden.
Banjerz and Hipsterz (3 years ago)
Future customer right here.
Paws4Mercy (3 years ago)
this information and technology needs to be made public on the nightly news it's better than a cure for cancer and only a trickle of views ? it's being suppressed and I say we need to get it to go viral. share like crazy don't let the cattle and corporate farm industry Crush this before it can happen. TELL THOSE MURDERING DRUG PUSHING GREEDY SOBS THEY ARE FIRED AND PROMOTE THIS LOGICAL AND URGENTLY Needed TECHNOLOGY. i hope I live long enough to see this destroy the current beef Industry and change into this. . hooray for modern meadows. !!
Yuliana Chavdar (7 months ago)
Paws4Mercy lol support *Sharing it like crazy too*
Michael L. (2 years ago)
lol @ being put on the news. How are those channels going to survive without the meat and dairy adsss$$$$$? ;)
Becca Panarra (3 years ago)
WOW! This is awesome. I am not a person who supports killing animals for our wants. We should only kill animals if it our need for survival. I completely agree that it is wasteful and that we need monitor our cravings. Our wants our hurting our planet. I believe that it is unethical to kill animals for the sole purpose of wanting to new consumer good or because you simply want a cheese burger. There are other ways to get the items that we want in a store, other than killing innocent animals. This idea of 3d printing animals I believe is a solution to helping fix our planet and our wants. We need to be considerate of our home for outers to come. I belch that the speaker is along the right path on helping the earth. This is not unethical to do so because it is not hurting a living life just because we want that item or we have that craving for a cheeseburger.
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
Watch Joey Carbstrong and visit the website for Anonymous for the Voiceless. You have the compassion and heart, now take the next steps. No meat, eggs or dairy.
Emilio J Barzallo (3 years ago)
i support this
astreakofcolour _ (3 years ago)
it is a materialistic need
Dev Alphamon (3 years ago)
Wouldn't this put ranchers out of work. I mean we allow these animals to breed specifically to be eaten that's like taking my computer away from because it gets hot.
Jay C (3 years ago)
+metal greymon It will yes, but they'll have to adapt and find something else to do. We now have robots performing many jobs for us in place of what people would do in the past, especially dangerous ones.
Sam Wendt (3 years ago)
What happens to all the cows, sheep, goats, and pigs? Will you just kill them all off once this a thing? And keep a few alive in a laboratory cell with even worse conditions than a feed lot today?
Paws4Mercy (3 years ago)
they will have no need to artificially inseminate millions of cattle at a time . that whole industry is SO FIRED. I'd love to be the one to tell them I love it .
Maya (3 years ago)
Industries would sell the last natural meat at an incredibly low price for marginal gain. So it wouldn't differ from the cruel conditions animals have today. It would be the end of this perpetual holocaust, finally.
8BITculture (3 years ago)
+Sam Wendt A few farm animals will likely be kept and bred, or at least monitored in the wild. I can see practical application for this, as I'm sure we will see things like exotic tasting foods without the guilt behind the kill, and yards of fur extracted from just one tiger who will still have its life in tact.
ok (3 years ago)
This is so smart. Please let this be the future
iElectryXi (2 months ago)
Hello, im from the future, it didnt work
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
(two years later) Can we be more specific? When in the future will this be? Visit www.kinderworld.org/get-involved/
Rettequetette (3 years ago)
I so wish I had a talent for fashion design right now.
kodkodkat (3 years ago)
I really hope this is the future!
Paws4Mercy (3 years ago)
it is if the corporate goons don't crush him first but eventually they will either die from their own stupid ways and take us all with them or they will evolve into the future. it will happen just better sooner than later it's up to us to make sure this doesn't get buried. we need it on the 5 o clock news not hidden behind you tubes closet views
vnoemi33 (3 years ago)
meat is not good for health even it comes from a "brewery" ...but leather is good if it comes without violence and death!
cassanoa (1 year ago)
think of the possibilities - even the meat can be tuned for better taste and lower fat - this could make meat safer and taste better - no antibiotics - no torture of the animals - i love a nice steak - this could make it even better
vnoemi33 (2 years ago)
Clysen (2 years ago)
It is not true. Meat is very healthy.
WeiYinChan (3 years ago)
If this becomes reality, so many problems would be solved. As long as there is no idiots going around saying "it's not natural"
Bryan M (3 months ago)
@Julia Kirsten well grazed pasture creates more soil than any other process, preventing desertification like No Other, therefore traps more CO2 than any other process.
Bryan M (3 months ago)
There isn't natural bacteria that we need for seeding our gut Flora & fauna. Remember, he said animals are "living animals". They are only alive because they are host to more bacteria than animal cells. There are no short cuts in Nature/Life. Be more curious than certain that science has our back. Nature's got mine.
Sea Level Cain (6 months ago)
It's not natural? nor is a toilet bowl, nor is plastic, nor is the food you buy right now. Nor is it natural that you have surgeries to last longer or a cure for a disease. Cities are not natural environments. Nothing has been natural for many years now. What a silly argument. As long as the technologies are good and don't harm your ecosystems the key is balance.
Rodney Johnson (7 months ago)
But it just ain't natural LOL. You know what I don't care if they can produce food and feed people than that's okay by me as long as the food is safe to eat and is nutritious than so what
Jennifer Desatoff (3 years ago)
This is very interesting. absolutely something that we should look into.
JOE JOHNSON (3 years ago)
What an idiot.  Use babies.
Marta Ramos (4 years ago)
It is a wonderful idea, but I think it needs to be seen in a larger scale, in terms of corporations, regional industries, trade, profit and demographics. What would the consequences be in the development of countries and what could this mean?  My perspective may be completely off topic or irrelevant to the matter, this is just a genuine concern of mine, in hopes that this project extends to a bigger scale and for a better world...
cassanoa (1 year ago)
takes a bit of time
Kharmazov (4 years ago)
I am still waiting for Captain's Picard replicator;-)
roy vincent (4 years ago)
is it cost efficient? or will a burger cost 50 bucks to grow its a great concept.  but reality is  still reality
cassanoa (1 year ago)
it will have to be cost effective or it will not work
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
It will start out expensive, like most new things, and it will get cheaper, as production is scaled up. This is nearly always the case.
Paws4Mercy (3 years ago)
mass quantities will make it affordable. that's a ways off yet. but as long as no one k ow about this it can't get the support in needs. why isn't this on the 5 o clock news
WeiYinChan (3 years ago)
@roy vincent yes, they can't stop science technology from making our world suck less XD
WeiYinChan (3 years ago)
@gunit8590 yea let's hope they won't get their ways... I live in HK so it would be a while until renewable energy works for us (we all live in buildings, which means more people are sharing the same area that can be used to collect solar power). But having the rest of the worlds where it is plausible to switch completely to renewable power would mean a lot to the planet
alexanderrupp (4 years ago)
Amazing how he not once mentions the billions of animals that are tortured and abused for their sick flesh and their skin.  However, I strongly support these new technologies and hope that our current generations on the planet are open enough to give these in-virto meats a try. It not only saves our earth but also the all animals that today are treated as slaves.
cassanoa (1 year ago)
he did mention it - he even showed how the cows are slaughtered - he just didn't get gory - fine by me - this is great tech
Li-San Loves (4 years ago)
Very interesting video! 
Inna Zhurav (4 years ago)
This great innovation impressed and encouraged me much. Respect to all the people who care about such issues.
Veej Jeiss (4 years ago)
"We no longer enslave animals for food purposes." William Riker, 24th century
Rodney Johnson (6 months ago)
+Orsoral we will still need them just not in the massive quantities that we have now and we will still need some animals provide milk and still some to provide leather but we just won't need the ginormous feedlots that we have now
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
That's far too long into the future. Let's focus on getting it done during our lifetime. I dont want to die before I see real progress. Too many vegan dreamers.
BIKER LAD (2 years ago)
Veej Jeiss well not actually
Angela Valley (4 years ago)
@Andrew Olson I'm a vegan and I also love fashion. I do still wear the leather I purchased before I became vegan, and still today will purchase thrift store leather items. (I view it as I am not supporting the company who creates the items since I am supporting the thrift store.) However I still love today's fashions. There are amazing vegan designers, yet the material never is as quality as leather. So this 3D printing technology is making my fashion self combine with my vegan self and it is amazing. 
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
What Angela says makes complete sense. Buying bran new meat from a store directly supports the meat industry. But buying old unwanted leather goods that were donated to the thrift stores, does not support the traditional leather industry at all. They get no profit from that sale.
Crimsom89 (3 years ago)
Following that logic of yours, you could say that eating meat does not mean supporting the slaughterhouses, as you are just buying it from your local butcher and "hey, it's already dead". Hypocrite.
Sam Wendt (3 years ago)
gasmanoo (4 years ago)
f*ckin hippies...
Divio (4 years ago)
The best Ted Video I have ever seen, Bravo Andras !
Ujjwol Joshi (4 years ago)
and how can we produce meats???? o.O
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
The same way. Start with a sample cell, provide the nutrients, and grow it. Just like the animal does it, but without the animal.
Bill Footer (4 years ago)
"leather is a gateway material, a beginning for the mainstream biofabrication industry. If we can succeed here, it brings our other consumer bioproducts like meat closer on the horizon"
Sarah Panullo (4 years ago)
Animals would still be used and there is no guarantee they would be treated good and not killed.  Go vegan!
Ta2less (4 years ago)
dont understand why this hasnt gone VIRAL YET 
Crimsom89 (3 years ago)
+Paws For Mercy then you better stop using any computers, cell phones and any other electronic devices around your house, because most, if not all of them are at least partially manufactured in China.
Ta2less (4 years ago)
why isnt this on the 5 oclock and 11 o clock news and why is this not being put into effect immediately I cant believe its not getting more support , IT IS THE BEST HOPE THIS PLANET HAS and you are a GENIUS who ma have saved the world  I wept with joy upon seeing this and am sharing this video EVERY WHERE GOD BLESS YOU 
Sam Wendt (3 years ago)
Have you FULLY looked into this?
Doodelay Explains (4 years ago)
The future is vegetarian.
Vegan Marc (9 months ago)
If you still drink cow's milk and eat eggs, please visit dominionmovement.com and ditchdairy.com. Thanks.
BIKER LAD (2 years ago)
doodelay no you wish it was because my meal deal is a deal not to be broken
harish sharma (5 years ago)
What about human meat...I love human meat!!
Delia D (2 years ago)
Ribs are delicious
KlarLogik (5 years ago)
I kinda like this because of the reasoning of 'being humane' and whatnot, but rather than using cell cultures to create leather.. couldn't it be possible to create some machine that simply bypasses all that and strings together the various chemicals (like collagen) that would make a substance similar to leather? I'm wondering if something like that would be simpler or more complex.
Sailor Barsoom (5 years ago)
Today leather, tomorrow fur?  Today cartilage, tomorrow bone, the next time... ivory?  And think of the variety of meat, if you don't have to raise the whole animal: beef, venison, chicken, guinea hens, guinea pigs, pork, mutton, moose, elephant, mammoth,* maybe hummingbird or penguin tastes wonderful, but for obvious reasons you shouldn't eat them now.  But with this?  I'll take a can of loggerhead turtle soup, and that iridescent hummingbird jacket for my daughter, please. * There are samples of mammoth meat in labs; it was found frozen in Siberian permafrost.
Fiddlekrazy Steve (5 years ago)
does anyone realize that back in the forties there was a Naugahyde faux leather that would last many many many years and on account of this the producers of this good fake leather saw monies lost in their long lasting creation and added a chemical to create its failure over a given time. THINGS ARE INTENTIONALLY MADE TO FAIL when it interferes with greed. we do and have done this with many things and continue to do so with many products. Computers, tOOLS, mACHINERY, ETC EtC.
Fiddlekrazy Steve (5 years ago)
this all sounds quite interesting. I can see the use. I am not so sure of the health properties of a food item though. ie: lack of enzymatics, photosynthesis, and perhaps, a plethoric loss of so many nutrient values. GMO's and things like Monsanto have, out of greed, are killing our bodies with the dangerous creations that they thrust down our throats without us knowing for years! Only now,some 30 years or so later are finding these are wreaking habit and disease into our bodies. Is this any different than the Japanese making meat product from human excrement and waste to AGAIN fill our bodies? maybe we should revert back to some age old practices such as small scale livestocking and farming practices within each and every home. If we do not drill for and use oil, what catastrophe lies ahead for the natural occurring build up of such items. Explosions? pits that will swallow a home from underneath or a full city loss to either? what about animals and livestock that still breed and do what was intended yet are populating simply to continue to over take land masses? What about things like the Kudzu vine that can overtake 150,000 acres within less than a year? The Balances are Perversely obese and tottering on every level of society. we are way too extreme on every level. we as humans do not take serious recognition to the simplicity and the sensitivity of the these "balances"! Again...though these ideas are brilliant and can be a good thing, to negate any balance and allow any Greed to come into play has a corner stoned threat to the welfare of ALL People, Animal, Land mass and Nature abroad!! WE MUST STAY STRICT IN THE Mothering and Fathering OF THESE BALANCES! 
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
You shouldn't shun genetic modification though. https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/06/19/how-your-food-would-look-if-not-genetically-modified-over-millennia/
Sophie Marc-aurèle (5 years ago)
So...... there's a lot of issues in logic, logistics, science and facts here with Phil Collins' speech. A few: there's already tons of cheap, viable alternatives to leather flooding the market - they'd have a hard time competing with that, and the actual real cheap leather coming from places China and India. There would be cheap leather as long as there is meat, so he can't logically say that his fake leather would come "before" his fake meat in the market. He's also doing the "we can't go on with this system"... well yes, the CURRENT big Agra and food distribution/shipping system is completely unsustainable. The one we have now. But it just needs changing and improving on, just like our consumerism and political structure. Like the Monsanto advocates, he's saying there is "no other way". There's TONS of proven, natural and sustainable ways, like permaculture, without ever having to tamper with nature in a lab. I'm looking at his graphic: source cell - layers - bla bla - end material. The end materials are fancy designer bags, high heels, and watch. So he's not into changing the sick consuming mentality in the first place.... buy buy buy consume container-ship the latest "fake leather" goodies. Care to insert the impact of the shipping industry into that neat simplistic graphic? And them wham - trying to compare age-old natural fermentation processes like making yogurt, beer or wine to FrankenMeat. Monsanto's speech is pretty similar, tho for anyone who paid attention in Biology 101, you just can't artificially create something in a lab that would NEVER tke place in nature and call it an improvement on anyhing. We are left with the question of deciding to consume flesh or not based on the level of animal suffering.... well, say, what's the impact on wildlife with the pollution generated in shipping and producing said Frankenmeat? What a can of worm!!!
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
"you just can't artificially create something in a lab that would NEVER tke place in nature and call it an improvement on anyhing." Yes we can. We can call it an improvement on previous methods.
Sailor Barsoom (5 years ago)
Fiddlekrazy Steve (5 years ago)
:) Sure thang! in simplicity...Temperance on ALL. :)
Sailor Barsoom (5 years ago)
It isn't fake leather.  It's animal cells and collagen, which is what leather is.  It's leather.  And the "fake meat" and "FrankenMeat" you speak of, is real meat too.  It's the exact same materials in the exact same configurations. I'm sorry, but the whole world is not going to go veggie.  God bless those who do, but most people won't.  Besides, all of our vegetable, fruit, and grain crops are "improved on nature" anyway.  When's the last time you saw corn growing wild?  You never did, because it cant grow wild. Now pass that mammoth steak over this way, would you?  And an ear of corn on the side.
Fiddlekrazy Steve (5 years ago)
Baby Doll YOU SAID IT!!! I Could only hope MORE people as yourself can see through the slurry of Medicine men that roll through peoples towns leaving behind their " Magical Filth" in the name of their own greedy little ideals. Keep up the Knowledge and the Fight for "REAL" sustainability. <3
Dlovan D.mahmood (5 years ago)
This is just a business, as I know you have to study all probabilities when you step toward this new technology however in myopinion actually it is not.
RainBowArcherer (5 years ago)
If they could find ways not to harm animals, I would eat meat again. 
Cole Breda (2 years ago)
RainBowArcherer nope
roy vincent (3 years ago)
@Sam Wendt sam that question really isnt relevant as  you cam  make leather form any  dead animal even if it died of natural causes
Sam Wendt (3 years ago)
Do you wear leather?
Antony Gago (4 years ago)
@RainBowArcherer If they could find ways not kill humans, i would think you are not a morron.
roy vincent (4 years ago)
@RainBowArcherer  well technically it would not be meat it would be a synesthetic meat like substance like star trek were you tell the computer what you want and it makes it
Khushi Sharma (5 years ago)
Wow we need to go for this
Zetarrino (5 years ago)
I wholeheartedly wish that this comes true as soon as possible!
Anu Hirawat (5 years ago)
very humane and thought provoking.
Cure4Living (5 years ago)
Just think one day we'll have meat factories. To bad for those sheep, goats, cows, pigs and chickens... you all do know that humans have been selectively breeding livestock animals over thousands of years for the purpose of farming? They've been so genetically modified via selective breeding that there is no longer much of a natural environment for them (try imaging a horde of pigs running across the green meadow). So once we no longer need them... well let's say without farming there will be little need to breed cows.
Fiddlekrazy Steve (5 years ago)
YES! People will be killing them off any how as the animals will all become wild. kinda like how the pig can become wild and all they see it as a nuisance opposed to sustainability.
tiamat2009yt (5 years ago)
Stop pausing when you speak... it doesn't make you sound educated or important no matter what books you have read on giving public speeches, or what "body language experts" have told you... it makes you sound artificial and fake. At first when I was just listening to this I thought the yotube voice was speaking... then I looked at the film and saw it was a person. :)
jmdesros (5 years ago)
To produce the same amount of meat, you don't think you would need as much if not more resources than using animals?
GoNuts! (5 years ago)
This is great to hear. On the other hand, i don't use leather, nor meat and don't miss it a bit... 
Michael Holden (5 years ago)
fuck yeah
professorquarter (5 years ago)
Who the fuck cares about stupid animals meat is fucking delicious and I know I for one will never stop eating it even if everyone else on earth were to go all veg(not gonna happen).
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
the lack of intelligence here is astounding. The meat grown without an animal can be identical to that being grown on an animal. So the only thing stopping you from eating it would be your own ego, and apparent obsession with death.
Frostyundercarriage (5 years ago)
Lab grown meat looks like water logged scrotum flesh. No thanks.
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
Have you seen all of them? Most are just tests and experiments at this state. You shouldn't rule out the entire future industry of this just based on a few images you saw online. Have you never heard of "improvement" or "progress"?
iNezumi (5 years ago)
Growing leather right now, without growing meat doesn't make sense 'cause lether is produced from animals killed for food. (I guess not if we talk about crocodiles, but normal weather is made form pigs skin).
Evan102030 (5 years ago)
There is added value, as these new types of leather offer increased possibilities in manufacturing. After thousands of years, leather is STILL one of the best materials for clothing. Milk cows have little baby brothers that end up on our plates. Sentient little animals born in concentration camps. Doomed.... by our greedy appetite. I can't help but feel there's a better way. Inspiring and hopeful fella, this Forgacs.
Bud Nunyerbusiness (5 years ago)
Very interesting indeed! Cant wait to see where this goes. If I was a farmer, I think I know where I would place my educational interest.
MajorSeventh (5 years ago)
The world population will not grow to 10 billion, because virtually all growth is in the third world, and it is sustained largely through a parasitic relationship with the civilized world.  The time is fast approaching when the rest of us either wise up, or will no longer have surplus resources to share, and the useless will die off.  It's not going to be pretty, but it is the predictable outcome of emptyheaded liberalism.
J Cole (5 years ago)
@davek oblivion would be paradise for them. You think they want their progeny to suffer the same way they do...for a purse and a cheeseburger they don't need or eat ? Extinction would be a blessing for all farm animals
DaNuDa (5 years ago)
amazing, would you like if the cow comes kills you to eat? then no need to kill these animals. in Japan they even kill dolphins, they are like humans.
Jade Corong (5 years ago)
It's strange how the audience didn't applaud anytime throughout the talk. Not just in the end... Violence lovers? O.o
James Bond (1 year ago)
That is because they ate too many hatdogs
cassanoa (1 year ago)
no not violence lovers - they are just not sure its safe - but when they realize its conceptually different than any other possessed product - they will get used to it and never look back
Calhor (5 years ago)
No, I think the talk was just mesmerizing... to me at least, I couldn't do anything while watching/listening, because I was simply too fascinated.
Aaron the Humanist (5 years ago)
This is truly brilliant. I am not for killing animals but I love meat! This is a perfect answer as I am not turning veggie anytime soon. The leather concept is amazing, but the meat tissue I would love to try. Wondering if a powdered egg could be created? I only eat scrambled egg, or use it as an ingredient, so there is no need for it to be an unfertilized chicken embryo. 
Sam Wendt (3 years ago)
You are an idiot
Aaron the Humanist (4 years ago)
@Mircea Vidovescu well not all animals are killed horribly. And yes it is for five minutes of taste...
Mircea Vidovescu (4 years ago)
unfortunately for 5 minutes of taste, a precious innocent life is taken in the most bloody, brutal and horrible way. I'm veggie for 20 years and i feel GREAT, in perfet shape, no sickness and everyone gives me 20-30 years less. I asvise you to go the same way .:)
Pompelipom33 (5 years ago)
This is the future.
arotom (5 years ago)
when will people know that we need to reduce the human population. we are over 2 billion people too much today
Yifan yifan (5 years ago)
stop killing animals plz   >_< I'm begging ; (
FATFLAT ARGOSY (5 years ago)
Honey !Can we 3D printed eggs and bacon for breakfast? and maybe for dinner we can copy a steak or two ...boooooooi
pohkhui (5 years ago)
grow meat on the tree, not in the lab. The best way is to go vege.
LOL Cool J (5 years ago)
Put the lotion in the basket.
severed321 (5 years ago)
Shawn Dimery (5 years ago)
Its rubs it on its skin when its told.
kahwigulum (5 years ago)
Hooray for human leather handbags!
DoctorWeeTodd (4 months ago)
kahwigulum Human leather bound books are priceless.
Jared Fontaine (5 years ago)
We already have pleather though....  Good idea though!!! great work keep it up!!!
DoctorWeeTodd (4 months ago)
Pleather is uncomfortable and turns brittle and flakes.
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
Polyurethane leather (fake leather) is shunned by many people, hence why they still buy the real deal. And real leather is seen as being higher quality.
Food Bros (5 years ago)
Every change have ups and downs...Do we know the dangers or outcomes this might bring. One example could be if we stop farming animals and can't kill them, what will we do with cows which don't have many thing wanting to kill them. Also what if the cells are made incorrectly by whatever it might be. We already have problems with trans. fats and how our body can't get used to it. There are still many questions but this "idea" might all together be good.
Ganga Din (5 years ago)
Oh my god! This is the stupidest shit there ever was! And it is on TED, not TEDx!!!! RIP TED,. You have dwindled into stupidity.
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
Ganga Dinm everything you said was completely wrong. It goes to show the complete lack of education in this field, and short-sightedness.
Ganga Din (4 years ago)
@Tai Cleis Where is the expert in meat production? I see only a con-artist.
Veej Jeiss (4 years ago)
@Ganga Din Of course you haven't. The statement is future-tense. You can label any future as an unproven claim. I could "claim" that tomorrow you will still speak English and you could reply with "no proof." But every expert in the field, and many many people who are much smarter than you or I and who know far more detail on the subject, agree that this is the case and have given plenty of long, detailed reasons why if you would care to read them. Something tells me you wouldn't.
Ganga Din (4 years ago)
@Tai Cleis "In-vitro meat will be cheaper, cleaner, safer, require less resources" I have seen claims before, no proof though.
Veej Jeiss (4 years ago)
@Ganga Din In-vitro meat will be cheaper, cleaner, safer, require less resources, and be filled with healthy fats while reducing emissions, pollution, and disease. It will also be sustainable, likely grown locally, and far more geographically available than livestock. All of this is the opinion of the majority of those working in this field. You have demonstrated little understanding of the "expenditure of resources and energy" involved and immediately jumped to the defense of farming practices which are inefficient, cruel, wasteful, and unsustainable. You even through in a silly moral defense (imagine 60 billion humans chained up in factory farms being slaughtered at 1/5 their life expectancy being told "you're going to die eventually anyway, so we decided to breed you ourselves, directly into this hellish existence worse than death, and then eat you so that no meat would be wasted"). In 30-50 years, people will read comments and defensive positions such as that in much the same way we would read an anti-abolitionist's rant on why freeing the slaves will destroy the economy and upset the natural order of things. Keep that in mind. To the people of the future, it will be that transparent and distasteful.
Zachary Arons (5 years ago)
What about growing ivory?

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