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Mountain King by FunnyGame.

1527 ratings | 41092 views
The speed is Insane, lOl ──────────────────────── -Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ukDSV6v -Twitter: https://twitter.com/NexusGMD
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Text Comments (338)
Gmd Funnygame (1 year ago)
The Dazzlings (4 months ago)
Gmd Funnygame how long did it take u to build dis
2 ion (1 year ago)
Gmd Funnygame 퍼겜님 예전부터 원하시던 카메라 줌인 줌아웃 기능 2.2에 나오는데 기대해도 될까유?
FırtınaKartalı 3564 (16 hours ago)
0:13 hah easy! 1:16 oh nevermind..
Orthoxias Legend (4 days ago)
5× 》》》》》6× 》》》》》》
Annomated YT (8 days ago)
Before this : Normal After : Frenetic :;(
GD LeafWater (17 days ago)
watching this while my tablet battery is 1% and trying to find a charger lol
Xtravagan 097d (17 days ago)
Wottttt! >>>>> x5 >>>>>> x6 was in thre!
A random Tabby Slime (26 days ago)
chaos, chaos!
2018 Mclaren Senna (1 month ago)
DancingLineDevin (1 month ago)
Omg 5x and 6x speed
if you are a demon master I bet that you will not pass( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Crying Man • (2 months ago)
*Funny King by MountainGame*
Starting is easy but ending is extreme demon Like if u agree
[GmD] Windy (2 months ago)
6x speed?
ZeanmiXPlUS Gamers (3 months ago)
GG Nexus
RazoNXD 11 (3 months ago)
Adelx (3 months ago)
Death moon v1.8 xd
Anthoni Joe (4 months ago)
When you think x4 speed isn’t enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tyler PlaysThings (4 months ago)
This level confuses me
Fudgee Bar (4 months ago)
+ 5 speed 6 speed
JJ LOVES SOME R0BLX XD (4 months ago)
Dear Nostalgists 3! :O
Henry Xi (4 months ago)
Zizou Touat (4 months ago)
Mer C (4 months ago)
DZ Garfazza (5 months ago)
I search it but i cant find it :(
Andreas Billi (5 months ago)
just f*ck off TriAxis
Doge Gotfamus (5 months ago)
Perfect sync!
Maurice Otto (5 months ago)
This is the speediest level
Jumping Mango (6 months ago)
naoki Hunter (6 months ago)
I am Batman
Kevincitop WTF (6 months ago)
Eaisy demon
SpicyBaconSandw [GD] (7 months ago)
Susanna Payyappally (7 months ago)
Hey I heard this song lol
Song Name?
InsV 144Hz 2-nd Channel (8 months ago)
Turnipsi Studios (8 months ago)
Plz robtop feature insane 9⭐️
Nifty_Boi (8 months ago)
reminds me of death moon
thebonerzone 1 (9 months ago)
Yammez (9 months ago)
Wouldn't want a wave part at that speed.
adosha iraq (10 months ago)
The Furious Hard Demon
Yamaster2 1 (11 months ago)
classic :)
Mundane Doodle (11 months ago)
I personally don't like the tons of fire deco in some sections.
1:39 6x speed?
1:28 is that a 5x speed?
cubong (11 months ago)
i love this level haha
ManDrake Official (11 months ago)
I agree, but really easy, maybe 7* rate worthy.
SlimeGuy (11 months ago)
This song is such a classic here on Norway!
SAILENT (1 year ago)
I want a 10x speed Nine Circles level
Icy Tabby (1 year ago)
I'm against dash orbs in wave parts or ship parts but I guess this is nice
Crafty Kevin (1 year ago)
even though the decorations are pretty much non-existent, it's still a good level for it's originality (and speed XD)
Lachlan Travers (1 year ago)
that actually looks pretty fun
NVM ? (1 year ago)
RaMeJ Animations (1 year ago)
this is the song im searching that everybody was searching lol
GMD mygiin (1 year ago)
Gotta go Fast
TheZudik (1 year ago)
That was fast
No_Image (1 year ago)
wowwowowow a 5X speed!!!
XdMaNIaC (1 year ago)
enjoy the speed
xd itzPyrox (1 year ago)
mountain queen *_hell na_* mountain dew *_fapfapfap_* dear nostalgia *_OMQ NO WAYXDXD_* but hell themed
k a n a s h ī (1 year ago)
that what i call masterpiece
DoodleDan (1 year ago)
waiting for it to get rated
KTQ NotOffical (1 year ago)
Im batman
Medgar Jackson (1 year ago)
This was funny GG tho
ZeroHero (1 year ago)
that was creepy;-;
꧁ Neptunia ꧂ (1 year ago)
ZeroHero Yep
Andrey Shutkin (1 year ago)
Good :)
Darius24XP (1 year ago)
luke (1 year ago)
menu music? (please dont say Darude Sandstorm)
[GD] HexagonMan (1 year ago)
Jumper - Whirlwind
DENZAy :D (1 year ago)
Very... cool decor
"This level looks pretty easy so far" *6x speed intensifies*
moba legend (1 year ago)
moba legend (1 year ago)
Play bloodlust nefred by manix648...level this deletet This level:insane Pliss
T R F (1 year ago)
Whats your menu music?
T R F (1 year ago)
[GD] HexagonMan Thx
[GD] HexagonMan (1 year ago)
Jumper - Whirlwind
EpicPersonGaming (1 year ago)
GG Nexus [GD]! :D
Empty [GD] (1 year ago)
i don't get it
TheFakeFlame (1 year ago)
"Funnygame is famous for pushing every update to it's limits with his levels." Dunno what to say about this.
Decitronal (7 months ago)
GeoD Peff Viprin confirmed that the original Funnygame (the one who made Sirius, Rainbow Dust, etc.) quit GD and handed his account over to Geogame. Before handing it over Funnygame had to teach Geogame his creating style (therefore "Funnygame" has really lost his touch due to making nothing innovative now)
Walker 421 (9 months ago)
Ahmad Aidil uhhhh no
Ahmad Aidil (1 year ago)
Bunnygame is "ded" now Geogame own Funnygame
Zeim (1 year ago)
This level is more about sync and minimalism not design
Lexicon (1 year ago)
Nerf This!
Tamagochii 26 (1 year ago)
I am Batman.
Don't Just Don't (1 year ago)
Dear Nostalgists + Death Moon = Mountain King
Nanish _ (10 months ago)
Kamiel Vogel (1 year ago)
That buildup is even better than xtrullor wtf
TrueVali (1 year ago)
Orbs not pulsing? This isn't like a hack accusation or anything but did you edit in the song?
KuiperGD3 (1 year ago)
The song is naturally quiet which makes the orbs not pulse
Geometry Dash Stamina (11 months ago)
This might be disgusting to some creators (especially newcomers) or somewhat find this level "boring" or "bad". Somehow you just need is a "good-eye" analizing this creation, since it's old school with cool concepts. I really like this level because of various reasons: the song, the synchronization, the old school design, and obviously, the theme. This isn't a wow thing but at least is kind of innovative in some aspects. It was a long time since a level was focused mostly on gameplay and atmosphere, which actually fits really well with this decoration style. We need to refresh our feature list. GJ both of you.
Dumbsparce (1 month ago)
Adrian Cantar I guess but it is a tiny bit excessive
Adrian Cantar (1 month ago)
+Dumbsparce (my opinion) i think it is, for sync and for the very fast speed (near) at the end
Dumbsparce (11 months ago)
Geometry Dash Stamina yeah but we’re the shake triggers necessary
Icy Tabby (1 year ago)
I started playing in I think 1.7 or 1.8 but I hate 1:12, the rest of the level is nice, even though it has dash orbs in the ship, which I hate but the rest of the level makes up for it
Zero zone (1 year ago)
Geometry Dash Stamina im a 2.0 boy but i find this level by funnygame as a masterpiece (im just over exagerrating)
Ilaria (1 year ago)
Tf man?
Saihtam (1 year ago)
if dear nostalgia was bad
loljag (1 year ago)
If the level matches the feel of the song it is rate worthy. - XI
Creator Sun (1 year ago)
Old funnygame ftw
Creator Sun (1 year ago)
Funnygame is fun
SuperRifles (11 months ago)
Creator Sun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
verifiedf (1 year ago)
speed hack
Eggsmile (1 year ago)
Title is different and I don’t like it…
CharliePOO (1 year ago)
The song XD!
BunnyGram (1 year ago)
fucking sick tbh
CoolStuff (1 year ago)
what the
I didn’t know Dear Nostalgists was coming back.
꧁ Neptunia ꧂ (1 year ago)
Its back! But way faster
xd itzPyrox (1 year ago)
mrdoggy1234 (1 year ago)
Yerylik (1 year ago)
Ayy lmao
ArctiX (1 year ago)
I think music is from that animation "MAN" 🤔
Drifting Agent (1 year ago)
the intro tho
Sponge Killa (1 year ago)
This is kind of misleading becuz the thumbnail makes you think it’s a demon. I like to watch demon levels so I got successfully click Baited But who cares, it should be a demon to me...100x speed is insane
Bitto (1 year ago)
TrustMeGD (1 year ago)
Zephlix (1 year ago)
this song mucho gut
Empyrio (1 year ago)
Probably funnygames best level
SaturN V (1 year ago)
It's not even a extreme demon tho
lunatic gmd (1 year ago)
its actually bloodlust difficulty just everything is invisible jk

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