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Read Mouse Coordinates Position X and Y JavaScript Tutorial HTML CSS

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Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/Read-Mouse-Coordinates-Pointer-Position-Tutorial In this JavaScript programming lesson you can learn to sense mouse movement and read the user's mouse coordinates on the screen as they move it around. Nice user interfaces and applications can be constructed using the mouse position to adjust elements on the page relative to the mouse position.
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timbear3 (7 days ago)
Hi, your script was an open eyes for me. I was programming Mach3 program to show where the cnc cutting was at any instance, so I used a tablet to send me the cords to the program, but after so many times I couldn't figured it out how could I send these Java script coords to Mach3 program to be able to display these on display. Please, advice!
alien baby (2 months ago)
What about in java?
Božidar Mitrovic (9 months ago)
When you call the function readMouseMove, why did you call it without parenthesis, and can we make this function with return values like return{ result_x, result_y };
Homebrew Animations (1 year ago)
thanks this is great!
Dat Nguyen (1 year ago)
Thank You!!
Arham Aalam (1 year ago)
nice video Where from you get this java script properties? Thanks
I_like_Youtube (3 years ago)
thanks for this, I was really hoping for something to read the whole screen and not just a web page. Oh well I just need to make the web page full screen and it should work.
sixstring tyler (3 years ago)
Hey, would you mind uploading a video on how to work this into an animation like you mentioned? would be super helpful. :) Thanks
Harsh Kanakhara (4 years ago)
thanks adam it helps me a lot...
veugar 'el (4 years ago)
program name:
LoveStory4843 (5 years ago)
lol 0:06
Knight1805 (6 years ago)
Adam, my old friend, I'm trying to build a site for photo battles, fb status-sharing and picture rating by fb likes (I hope you know what I mean). My design is very unique, but I still need some help around the functionality. I was hoping you could do a short serie of videos about building this in PHP. Help me, pretty please? :) Thumb this up so Adam can see my comment...
bobdebelix (6 years ago)
Use your imagination man! You can use this to open pop up or pop over window when user move the mouse over certain area on the page or to change the picture or banner and stuff like that to emphasise things.
Stone cold (6 years ago)
what would be an example to use this in?
sdhpCH (6 years ago)
Thx Adam, yes, would be interesting to see that m.follower.

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