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Sea Coal - UK, July 2006

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Joe Smith, now in his 70s, is one of the last remaining sea coal collectors in England. Working down the shore from the mines, he collects coal washed up by the sea. "It's a beautiful job. It keeps you healthy", states Joe. In its heyday, hundreds of other people worked alongside him, collecting an average of 2,000 tons of a coal every weekend. But since the mines have closed and demand for coal fallen, the others have slowly disappeared. "Now it's just old codgers like us."
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Text Comments (21)
richard brenchley (5 months ago)
nice work, very interesting and well-made, thanks!
Trig Point (6 years ago)
Yes that too.
kam30enn (6 years ago)
I feel more sorry for these old [human] men, having to do heavy work every day.
Trig Point (6 years ago)
I said I felt sorry for the horse. For having to do heavy work every day.
sqjam (6 years ago)
He is not mistreating the horse, does he?
sqjam (6 years ago)
Do you see any inappropriate actions against a horse? Any bad treatment? Don't think so.
Trig Point (6 years ago)
What do you mean?
sqjam (6 years ago)
give me a break with this attitude
Henry Hunter (6 years ago)
i hate animal cruelty s much as any decent person but its safe to say these guys care for their horses.
Trig Point (6 years ago)
Well yeah I would agree with that. Better than a horse which is ignored and neglected yes.
wufwufwufwuf (6 years ago)
i take my hat of to this gentleman you could put most of today's youth with him for a day & they ed sleep for a week afterwards
Henry Hunter (6 years ago)
it looks fit and healthy though, a working horse is better than a horse bought by daddy that sits in a field neglected getting fat don't you agree.
Trig Point (6 years ago)
I feel sorry for the horse!
heyheybp (6 years ago)
Joe Smith...that's a very unique name....
Manouvrier (6 years ago)
Where is this?
numb nutss (2 years ago)
Manouvrier 4 years late but its a place called lynemouth in northumberland
andrewc2768 (6 years ago)
way to break free. teach your kids the same thing you're doing
Jaques de Beaufort (6 years ago)
Real people, real lives ...... our politicians could learn something from watching solid, honest graft such as this.
My growing favorite You-Tube channel ! Well done. It's sad an old man has to work just to feed himself,regardless of any of his own past poor decision making. I fear of old age here in America,we will be forgotten most defiantly. That is why I have plan B,to make sure this doesn't happen. Family is everything,without them where do you stand ?
kolpol99 (6 years ago)
this vid changed my life
mokmok8080 (6 years ago)
The quality of your documentaries has really improved over the last 6 years! )

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