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Sea Wolf - Ram's Head

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Artist: Sea Wolf Track: 02 Ram's Head Album: Song Spells, No. 1 - Cedarsmoke Year: 2014
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amber bamber (1 year ago)
Memories. 2015. Sept.
Summer Smith (2 years ago)
Can't believe this was almost 3 years ago.
He did that to give it a raw, rustic sound. It's a lot clearer than it would be with a pop filter. Crisper sound.
Sarah Blackwood (3 months ago)
I also think it really suits the feeling of the song. I love these kinds of songs by Seawolf that create a specific moment and the feelings there. Each song is like it's own aesthetic lol Laying down next to the glowing embers in the fireplace, the flames reflecting off the eye of the ram's head. His voice sounds very raw and organic and unfiltered and soft, in this song, it's kind of intimate. It suites the song and the feeling, I think.
amber bamber (1 year ago)
Infamous Affinity Official I'm curious please expain further? ( :
Why didn't he record this with a pop filter. The tongue smacking and the sound of saliva is so annoying lol
umm no (1 year ago)
Eric Lander (3 years ago)
...very very nice...
Nando Miranda (3 years ago)
This song + rainymood = Heaven!
Jacob Kalbfleisch (4 years ago)
Fuck Yes. Amazing
Martin Hoľma (4 years ago)
Alex and his voice in its sweetest, warmest and deepest. 
Leah Nicole (4 years ago)
Somewhere in the world there is a soul like mine, and he sings of my deepest thoughts with the voice of God. Thank you, Alex, for the music that fulfils me, and for being the soulmate I will only know through song.

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