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PRECIOSA - Decorative Glass Catalogue

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We present several items from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand’s artistic crystalware collection produced by Preciosa Ornela. This involves products which follow in the pre-war tradition of the production of unique products by the Jablonec companies of H. Hoffman and C. Schlevogt, as well as by other designers from the post-war era. The entire collection incorporates a wide range of products ranging from small matt crystal figures and articles with a devotional theme through to a group consisting of flacons, jars, vases and ashtrays (several of which are in the popular Art Deco style) and on to figural statues. These products are characterised by the large amount of traditional manual workmanship which goes into their production. As far as the colors are concerned, Czech crystal, uranium yellow, jade, refined blue and green have long been popular. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please come and visit our company shop in Desná, but you can, of course, also come across the items from the collection at a number of other shops which specialise in Czech glass.
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