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The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki

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What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory -- and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (2102)
THE SUPER MYSTERIES ! (1 hour ago)
Awesome info !!!!!
Mia Mia (5 hours ago)
Lol i work out to improve my strength and to move on from my ex 😂
Anna Zhang (5 hours ago)
Idk why but she reminded me of Cristina Yang... LOVE it
Rohit Goswami (14 hours ago)
Wendy love u
Rohit Goswami (14 hours ago)
Goggle से लेने हैं पैसे फिर ted को देगें ....ठित है
Rohit Goswami (14 hours ago)
Ted को कितने पैसे देने है बता दो दे देंगें
Rohit Goswami (14 hours ago)
Welcome sweetheart god bless u....dear love u
Dhaval Chaudhari (17 hours ago)
It works ..it helped me with anxiety depression and other neurology disorders ..work out eat &sleep well. If you cant hit the gym go running everyday or take up a sport .. ❤️🏋️🚴
Lyrics Club (23 hours ago)
I m strong now I m inspired now I m wonder women strong amazing session😘
Dreams Dressy (1 day ago)
if thats the case...then all bodybuilders should be intelligent and scintist but its the oposit......
WGS-TV (1 day ago)
I couldn't even get past two minutes in the video cause to me she's spewing so much bullshit that I couldn't take it anymore.
WGS-TV (1 day ago)
I don't believe a word she said.
Dj Hans Overlander (1 day ago)
Kavit (1 day ago)
The preserved brain looks like Peanut Butter. 1:42
sonal jain (1 day ago)
Perfect example of a wonder woman... In a span of time she explained everything and charged all..
Sadhanabrata Roy (1 day ago)
I saw her entire speech..... It felt like a sales Representative speech.....though many of the ideas she said maybe correct.... I have a deep gut feeling that there are many things she avoided and many thing she purposely didn't bring it... Only A neurologist who studies the subject will explain and show both of the coin or I have to wait for grow bigger... I am not saying that she is wrong.....but there maybe more to it good and bad....
Sam Bassett (1 day ago)
Can't yous just send me all the stuff on it that I want right now but? I've been looking for it since March 2010.
jbyxxx (1 day ago)
She is great... i m going now for runnig, which i have been postponing almost a year :(
jbyxxx (1 day ago)
That was great.. i had missed this type of happiness :)
Arlene Portsmouth (2 days ago)
No disrespect to anyone but she is not only intelligent but beyond gorgeous.
Max Beauty (2 days ago)
This is the most fun Ted talk I've ever watched!
That's why boxers are all intellectuals and have no Alzheimer, including Ali.
Harish Ghenge (2 days ago)
Do padmasadhna and sudarshan kiya regularly
Infinite Being (2 days ago)
Proud to be Japanese :)
Ponen Chan (2 days ago)
Jacob Melendrez (3 days ago)
@frank yang
LibertyMatrix (3 days ago)
Logical, since movement is the reason a brain exists.
Heidi Karin (3 days ago)
Exercise cured my anxiety and panic attacks and still does of course. It must be a way of life, but like this lady says, you just need 3-4 times a week, taking the stairs instead of the elevator/lift, small steps to improve your overall health. It improves your body, mind, mood, everything. Everytime I swim I feel amazing, it's hard for anyone to muster up the motivation but once you start you are over the first hurdle. It's free too, the countryside, the seaside, its just a matter of getting up and getting moving. Good Ted Talk! 👌
Kushal Shrestha (3 days ago)
excercise yoga n pranayam has helped me to cure my deepression.. it really works
Amrita Chhabra (3 days ago)
I experience all the benefits pf exercises on my brain but never realise it😊. Thanks for this information😊
Nayan Das (4 days ago)
Thank you so much ma'am
Krish CK (4 days ago)
kot07111 (4 days ago)
Man she's a fantastic speaker. Usually the Ted Talk people are good at there subjects but not very good public speakers. But you can tell she was just a natural up there. Almost like a stand up comedian. Very polished.
• Look interview Wendi on my channel in ENG •
Ana 82 (4 days ago)
Loved this speech!
Ro A (4 days ago)
Thank you for the good talk. I completely agree with you about how exercising can improve concentration and help with anxiety. But the point that I really don't understand is when you mentioned that " exercising creates new cells in the hippocampus ". It's scientifically known that brain cells are not renewable, and they don't undergo the normal cell cycle as other cells in the body. Meaning whenever you loss a cell, that's it you never get any cells as a replacement for what you lost. This is a Fact not a theory. And this what makes neurodegenrative disease serious. Maybe you wanted to say that exercising can help creating more axons and improve the neuro connection between the cells, well that's a diffrent story, but if this what you meant please be more accurate next time. Thank you.
Big Sur (5 days ago)
I bet she wouldn't have been able to give a speech with this much energy on her previous research topic only because her physical activity was too low. Her energy in this itself reflects the positive benefits. The same speech wouldn't have had same impact if given by someone else who was very dull. She's filled with so much joy that she can't keep it to herself.. it's overflowing! Thank you so much ma'am #respects
hyeokcheon kwon (5 days ago)
TEDWomen? What a joke.
srikanthlives (5 days ago)
Did she say 'Humankind'?
Pamela Jackson (5 days ago)
Yaroslav Zhuzh (5 days ago)
The best speech I have ever seen
Kim J.U. (5 days ago)
dbsk06 (6 days ago)
Thought this would be obvious? Exercise is good for the brain is nothing new
dbsk06 (6 days ago)
Funniest part is that I am watching this before my yoga class.
Devesh Nema (5 days ago)
madam is this one minute exercise is equivalent to 3-4 time 30 min exercises and second question- is this one minute exercise is sufficient for instance for students? please reply
Emily Scarpato (5 days ago)
I think she was just using the one minute of exercise as an example of how to exercise. I don't think it was supposed to reflect a 30 minute exercise.
Gigi Friedman (5 days ago)
Devesh Nema Moving your body whenever you can is beneficial to body and your brain. Try HIIT--High Intensity Interval Training. It is all healthy and anti-aging.
tomzjamz (6 days ago)
You can tell this was in America, in the UK everyone would’ve pissed themselves laughing at the end.
DisappointingPorn (6 days ago)
Oh...um...and what if there was a SECOND choice? I joke. I’m finding relief from so much that ails me with basic exercise. Amazing how easy it is for many of us. We just need to do what our body, our brain is crying out to do, which is move.
Juliet Jeremiah (6 days ago)
Speaking in tongues when praying!
Samaksh Bhardwaj (6 days ago)
shubham joshi (6 days ago)
It really works.
Rob 100 (7 days ago)
jmctigret (7 days ago)
After I watch this I am going to lay in the bed and eat pizza 🍕
H Dinesh (7 days ago)
Super mam...
oooRicky (8 days ago)
The only thing more effective is proper nutrition, you can't out jazzercise a poor diet!
Worthless Complicated (8 days ago)
Love it! Thanks for this Wendy.
Constantin Gatej (8 days ago)
Lady, you are shining! I am proud of you! Keep up the good work!
Adil Mohsunov (8 days ago)
The sense of exhilaration had utterly left him.
Adil Mohsunov (8 days ago)
Lots of things will have changed a few years down the road
El Angel (8 days ago)
I never give someone speech in TED an applause, but after I watch this I clapped my hand uncounsciously...
Raghavendra Rao (9 days ago)
Fasting is better folks. You get most of the benefits of exercise and you become thin. You look better. Rejuvenation happens...
Raghavendra Rao (9 days ago)
Talk about the effort, Wendy. Now all the American medical idiots are saying "move, please move, any amount is good". I guess most human beings are pathetic, and just won't do what they are supposed to and make all the American Medical Idiots feel bad, and plead "Please move"!
Mateus Dos Santos (9 days ago)
I like her pretty much hahaha
Mo Shahzeb (9 days ago)
She is wowwwww....
Cali (10 days ago)
She should teach fitness classes on the side!
Andy Bruger (10 days ago)
One my fav Ted Talks so far, she rocked it <3
Binaya Shahi (10 days ago)
My brain feels so dry. It is not in relaxed state. When I was a child or teenager, my brain used to be so agile and chill. When I say my brain is not relaxed and feels dry, I mean it doesn't feels agile. I broke my heart in love once. It affected me for very long time. It was painful being treated badly and feeling deceived by people who you think love you and care about you and your feelings. I cried my heart out almost everyday for years. Actually it lasted for about 7 years. It affected my brain. At times it was as if I could hear my brain crack causing wounds in my brain. Now its hard for me to organize my life, my time and everything. I don't feel fresh. If you have cried a lot, you might know how brain feels after crying a lot- so dry and void of relaxed and enthusiastic expression on your face• Your face is blank with no expression and seems to be lacking vitality because your brain is lacking vitality. You don't feel lively. It feels like your brain is strained or constrained or bound in a rope so that it cannot move. Its like having ADHD or lack of ritalin in my brain. Please tell me what might have happened to me. How can I became normal again. You might have seen emotionally broken or shattered person in movies or traumatized person in movie or just blank expression on their face. Its just like that. Its like brain not being able to make any expressions or even think properly or make decisions properly. Its also like frontal lobe of your brain responsible for decision making, reasoning, arithmetic, logical thinking and organization being really hard to engage
Sugunesh Vallinayagam (10 days ago)
Wow she nailed it at the end dance ! I didn't see that coming ! Awesome ! 🔥
Natasha Peixoto (11 days ago)
The best TED !
J Bautista (11 days ago)
I love her!
Marcelo V. Silva (11 days ago)
Isabell Lippold (11 days ago)
Oh my I'd love to work with her! Kinda makes me regret having chosen exercise physiology oder neurology for my masters degree :D. But there is SO much potential for combined research
Stuti Sharma (11 days ago)
Very helpful!
Jenny Pamplona (11 days ago)
Now I know why I craved that time when I was like on fire. It was the beginning of my first semester that’s why I still have time to do workouts. I felt focused and motivated. I made exercise in the morning my routine and then I studied at night and I got high scores in my quizzes and exams but then my study schedule got hectic and I got lazy to exercise so here I am feelin’ like a potato. But I still crave those feeling
Alan Garcia (12 days ago)
Is the video in a mirror form? Why when she say right, she raise her left arm and when she say left she raise her right arm?
Yogesh Dighe (12 days ago)
Great self motivational -yogesh-syvklc motivational online team.
Abu Zafor Shakil (12 days ago)
She, s awesome.
Brenda Ramirez (12 days ago)
I love this!!
Salman Khan Alokozay (13 days ago)
At the end she spoiled things.there was need to dance
Jose Lopez (13 days ago)
If she had a talk show I'd watch it sometimes before taking my kids to school.
Garry Guan (14 days ago)
Every other sentence could be used as a click bait title -_-
Alicja (14 days ago)
she is awesome!
Chakras Aligned7 (15 days ago)
Brain changing benefits of turmeric
Radiant Fanatic (15 days ago)
All I hear is I, I, I... really hard to focus on your points.
Венди Сузуки передала привет Воронежу у нас на канале ))
Htc Uporaba (16 days ago)
I want what she is having haha. Exercise!
Rahul Omnom (16 days ago)
loved this❤️
tunaste (16 days ago)
Honestly I would have hated the whole stand up and do what I do thing. Why do speakers go for that?
빅키Vicky (16 days ago)
Woohooo!! Loved every single minute of her performance! Especially the last part where everybody's moving their body and chanting😍
Catalyst - D B (16 days ago)
Exercise is free. You don’t need a gym. Go do body weight fingertip pushups. Run for an hour. Or power walk for an hour. Do press flags and Bruce Lee’s Bodyweight Dragon Flags. Do one arm pull-ups. Who needs gym?? Pff
Catalyst - D B (16 days ago)
If I was President, I’d encourage America to be fitter and healthier with her as a personal advisor to me among all the other advisors. A good king considers the advice of his subjects ☺️ she would be amazing advisor
Youth F7C (17 days ago)
😂😂last part
Adorabelle Namigadde (18 days ago)
OMG this is great
boostftw123 (19 days ago)
This is the funniest ted talk i've ever watched. It would be even more funny if she was just trolling the entire crowd to do those silly exercise moves
MixMaster (19 days ago)
she is true
Alfie Garcia (19 days ago)
Well done on your work miss.wendy suzuki. Very impressed and impressive.
Scott Tran (19 days ago)
She reminds me of an Asian peggy hill 😳
alhadeed74 (19 days ago)
i wanna marry this woman
Liuhuayue (20 days ago)
I always hear about these great mood boosts and wonderful endorphins that come from exercise, but I've never once experienced it in my entire life despite my off and on relationship with the gym.
Sona Tine (19 days ago)
Workout doesn't always mean Gym , u can try calisthenics too ..
Elena (20 days ago)
good speech but she keeps and keeps on talking about women. its realy toxic at some point 😂 she has male viewers too. poor guys
MR.X (21 days ago)
I'm glad there's more info. about this. The "dumb jock" stereotype is cliche. Exercising makes you stronger and healthier.
Sono2 (22 days ago)
This is something i've known for the last 3 years, and i've exercised on average 6 days per week since then. I've found that if I stop, the positive effects start to go away after about 1 week. When I restart again, the positive effects (longer than just post workout high) come back after about 4 days of exercising.
feranmi babs (22 days ago)
Her energy is incredible!!
Chrys Hugo (2 days ago)
Nice nice, thanks lady
Christian Marques (15 days ago)
Its called caffeine!

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