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This Surprising Test Reveals Your True Body Type

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Take this body type and shape quiz to find out a surprising result. Finally learn exactly what your body type is. Have you heard of the word somatotype, ectomoprh, endomoprh, or mesomorph? Well today I will go over this in depth. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=type Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2oP3o3I By the end of today's video you're going to know exactly what to do to get the best results for your particular body. Whether your goal is to lose weight tone up or build muscle this simple task will really help you get a better understanding of where your body is at right now and how to move towards your desired body type. There are those that claim that there are no body types and that everything is measured by hard work at the gym and in the kitchen and having been a trainer for over 10 years I can tell you and that's complete nonsense. And this is proven by science it is true that nobody should be obese however everybody does have their own weight set point people store fat in different places some people store more fat in their stomach area, other people store it more in their thighs, in the chest, and we also have different shapes to our muscle bellies, different lengths different thicknesses, different lagging muscle groups. The point is people really do come in all different shapes and sizes again this doesn't mean that you should be obese but it does mean that we can identify the shape or size that you're at by certain characteristics & apply certain training principles that have proven over time to work to move you towards your desired body shape. Okay so let's start with the test the way that this test works is I'm going to ask you a series of questions & your going to answer a b or c & either write down your answer or remember it because the letter that you answer with most often will help you identify what your body type is by the end of this test. Its a simple test & I'm sure you'll be surprised with the results. First question, do fitted jeans generally feel a. snug, but not too tight around your butt b. loose around your butt or c. tight around your butt. Pick the description that best fits your body Second question, if you wrap your hand around your wrist does your middle finger & your thumb a. just barely touch b. overlap or c. they don't touch. Next question would you characterize yourself as having a. a natural v shaped body b. a naturally very lean skinny long frame, or c. a naturally wide heavy frame. The fourth question requires a measuring tape so if you want to come back to it & leave it blank you can, but I highly recommend you do this one because it's very accurate. Is your chest measurement a. between 37 & 44 inches b. under 37 inches or c. greater than 44 inches? When you get to a measuring tape seriously do this one. The fifth question is how would you rate your metabolism a. fast, but you don't have a problem building muscle, b. so fast that it makes it difficult to put on muscle, or c. slow. Next question In relation to gaining weight its a. easy to gain muscle, but you don't typically gain too much fat. You may even see some ab definition while bukling b. you have trouble gaining muscle & gaining fat, in fact if you finally do gain a couple pounds your body fights to return you to your normal weight or are you more of a c. where its easy for you to put on muscle, but its also very easy for you to store fat especially around your midsection & love handles. Question number seven does your upper body resemble an a. upside down triangle, b. a rectangle that's vertically long & horizontally narrow or c. a square or round shape.two more questions. do you have an a. narrow rib cage thinner than your wider collar bones b. a narrow rib cage as narrow as your narrow collar bones & your narrow hips or c. a thick blocky rib cage as thick as your collar bones & your thick hips. And last question which body type do you look like in the mirror. a.b.or cIf you've answered a. to the majority of the questions you are at the mesomorph stage right now meaning you have a v-taper appearance. If you answered b to the majority of the questions then you are an ectomorph with more of a narrow lanky body, & if you answered c then you are an endomorph with wider thicker body. Now before I go any further I want to say that you are not stuck in your body type. That kind of thinking leads to people giving up & not working as hard at making the necessary changes to change your body type. And then it becomes a self fufilling prophecy. I don't care if you're the hardest gainer in the world, you can eat enough & drink enough soda if that's what it takes to spike your insulin to have you gain some weight. You may always struggle with building more muscle mass, but with enough work ethic & enough food you can achieve a mesomorph looking body. If you're an ectomorph focus on eating a diet high in protein & carbs.
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Text Comments (5526)
Roco (16 hours ago)
Dood deadass LETS FIND OUT WHAT BODY TYPE ARE YOU. Question 3: What body type are you?
Erik Andersson (1 day ago)
Proud to be c :)
Joe_Daddy_1975 (1 day ago)
You can’t change your rib cage or the length of your fingers. You can looks better and work out st being healthier but you can’t change your frame.
AJhayz (2 days ago)
Got 4 A's & 4 C's. I'm not sure what that means. : )
yoyo yo (2 days ago)
moonis ansari (3 days ago)
I have the answer C for every question
dont subscribe (5 days ago)
I don't need to do a test to know my body type i can just look in a fucking mirror lol
MrSpartan117fan (5 days ago)
I have a weird body im 5' 11" 215 lbs and answered C for everything except for #7 which is A for me . I practically have a hourglass "girlish" body i have very wide shoulders and a small waist and then my thighs are wider than my waist about the width of my chest .
fat yes i am (6 days ago)
I'm obese and I'm close To not being able to walk
Geno Geno (6 days ago)
Mesomorph 😄 Fuck y'all ectomorph and endomorph losers🖕.
Esteban Arevalo (7 days ago)
I am Groot.
MG4L (8 days ago)
I NEED MOTIVATION 1 like = 1 day without junk food 2 likes= 100 sit-ups 2,000likes = both 1 coment = intense work out 1 subscriber = 1 week workout Please help and just do these steps
a say (8 days ago)
a say (8 days ago)
a say (8 days ago)
a say (8 days ago)
Dan Crenganis (9 days ago)
I have a skinny frame but I have a lot of fat on my belly and chest area, what I'm I?
Ryder Wilson (10 days ago)
Ion know what I am im lanky but have a little bit of weight on me n its not very hard for me to put on muscle cause I love working out
braison Ortiz (11 days ago)
I got 4 a's 3 b's and 1 i didnt answer
White Niggv (11 days ago)
I ve been all :))
CJ Flo (11 days ago)
Quick question .... So an Endomorph should lean more towards cardio I'm assuming? If so how many days a week is ideal ? I'm also a labourer I work in dairy work always lifting boxes in the cold , pulling heavy pallets etc. Any advice will help . Thanks
Rudy's World Of (11 days ago)
i want from ectomorph to mesomorph
Nathan Olivares (12 days ago)
I'm telling vegan gains ur recommending soda lmao
BlakatGaming (14 days ago)
in other words spiderman superman and hulk
ΗΓΕΤΗΣ (6 days ago)
Superman Spiderman Hulk
Sean Harris (14 days ago)
Definitely mesomorph.
OgGie (14 days ago)
i am endomorph and i can tell u...he is not wrong ... i m pretty damn strong
Kaven Haul (15 days ago)
Brown rice? You're stupid.
superkid0396 (16 days ago)
Used to be ecto and now I'm meso
DYKTATOR KASHIF (16 days ago)
I am combination of Mesomorph andendomorph
Hossam Ibrahim (16 days ago)
Damn c
Toaster Strudel (16 days ago)
Rizwan Ahmed (18 days ago)
Damn true
Oskar Basimoglu (18 days ago)
what if i answered b and a 4 times ?
Nick Karadimas (19 days ago)
how do you measure your rib cage and collar bones, ? it's the only part that I didn't knew how to do it.?
Devin Person (19 days ago)
I'm lanky but I got so much strength
Fredplayz™ (19 days ago)
*I wants abs but my mind kept telling me to eat burger's(CURSES!!)*
The questions are like: Can you still fit through doorways? Yes No
Feelingsforyou awz (20 days ago)
Im strong
Feelingsforyou awz (20 days ago)
Im srong
Pingu (20 days ago)
The amount of broscience here is just funny
ali alrawi (21 days ago)
6 A , 1 b , 1c
kayden spencer (21 days ago)
A for everything but wrist size I was a c
Youhana Elyas (22 days ago)
LOL i didnt know i was endomorph.
LboyLroy (22 days ago)
"These are people that can squat cars" *cuts to a video of some guy deadlifting*
Dabalicious (23 days ago)
0:38 ik that clip from moovie that make me cry
Oscar Fernandez (23 days ago)
i am in the middle of A and B (4/4 ratio of answers).
Pove (23 days ago)
I got 4 for c and 3 for a so I'm a endo-mesomorph? guess I'm just supposed to be stronger AND fatter than everyone else then? lol.
Spooky Skeleton (23 days ago)
My chest and legs are big asf but arms are small as shit i run, at school everyday and try not break my hamstring after not doing shit after a week or twos days of nothing
Anirudh Koul (24 days ago)
What about us ectos? Everyone hates ectomorphs😒😒
deadinsidechirren. (24 days ago)
I like thicc bois
Abdi Aziz Ibrahim (24 days ago)
Jesus are you crazy I can't even do 1 push up
Jitendra Kalal (25 days ago)
Olov Johansson (25 days ago)
I think I've had all those body shapes. Type B before I started training, type A most of the time and now type C since i started to do better results in power lifting. A difference of 30 kg from type B to type C in body weight
Pablo Torres (25 days ago)
Lol recommends drinking soda. This guy is an idiot.
Lachlan O'Neil (25 days ago)
A on all apart from the questions about how much muscle you have and how easy it is to put on, I'm 68kg at 5ft 11 low bf.
Lachlan O'Neil (25 days ago)
Dane Spencer (27 days ago)
Have u realized that the brightside basically copies your videos.......do you run brightside as well?
Caroline Rushmer (27 days ago)
2:51 I love bukling, im a A-rated pirate
Da n (27 days ago)
Natural mesomorph for life
Kool Cheeze (28 days ago)
I am endomorph
Muddie Vlogs (28 days ago)
I got 3 A’s and 5 B’s 😮
Hugo Quinn (29 days ago)
Hugo Quinn (29 days ago)
Total waste of time. This things are too obvious. Why are the fitness personalities stu**d. Confident without brain. Work your brain not your muscles and make smarter questions specially question 8 option b. What on earth is that? my prayer for you "GOD PLEASE GIVE HIM BRAIN"
Axis360 (29 days ago)
this is baloney, see a fat person, oh they are a endomorph, same guy loses weight and becomes really skinny, oh they are an ectomorph
Ol Bloody Chopper Mate (30 days ago)
I'm lanky with a rubber guts.
Just a thought (30 days ago)
I'm a mixture of all of em iv become some fucked up hybrid haha
Briston Brown (30 days ago)
A, B, C, A, C, C, C, A.
Piermenti Sfracellozzi (1 month ago)
4c and 4a
Piet Snyman (1 month ago)
just use steroids
Vince i (1 month ago)
Almost everything was A besides one and it was B. x) I guess i'm a mesomorph. Don't know why I watched this...
HIIT Don (1 month ago)
I know all about this which is why I ignore people that make dumb comments about my body! Your don’t know me so keep your views to yourself!
BENGLADESH (1 month ago)
im really tall sp i mostly fit b however when i look in the mirror im obviously v
Jency Binny (1 month ago)
Killin Films (1 month ago)
I hate myself I'm B for all of them But I cannot have soda or too much food because I'm pre diabetic FUCK
Maximus's Musics (1 month ago)
Hey do u also need proteins along with carbs to gain some weight
My YoutubeChannel (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but the three body types theory is biological positivist nonsense.
Ashi Garami (1 month ago)
i think im an A but i look like a C because im kinda fat... but i get muscle easy when im exercising, and when im not i get fat reallyreally fast. but even though im kinda fat i look like an V body shape, my shoulders are wider than my stomach and hip naturally. Just my chest and stomach gets alot of fat lols
Ste97 (1 month ago)
I have all the feature of ectomorph, but i gain easily muscle, what the fuck am i ?
Warren aubry (18 days ago)
Maksim Kealey (1 month ago)
my genetics suck thanks mom thanks dad and i try so hard to gain weight and i eat more than almost anyone and workout more but i gain like .3pounds
Mika Swasaq (1 month ago)
Body types dont exist. Is just a stereotype of people. Everyone had a bit of everything. I mean did i went from endomorf to mesomorph? No was just fat.
bigtimes1 (1 month ago)
I'm a meso-endomorph.
Myron Gaines (1 month ago)
This is the biggest horseshit ever, I can't believe people still believe this quackery bullshit
The Crow Company (1 month ago)
lmao barely said aniything for ectomorph, guess I'll die
King D - Mind (1 month ago)
I am the strong body type.
Amir The Espresso (1 month ago)
Mesomorph and proud of it
Gio Roque (1 month ago)
Holy shit please help me with this one, my body type is Ectomorph and what he said is stay away from cardio while bulking, but the problem is I always run in the treadmill for about 20 minutes, should I stop running and lift heavy weights?
Andres Cabrera (1 month ago)
Hey can u even move from endo to ecto (in bone structure)
Markús Böðvarsson (1 month ago)
I'm very strong but skinny and I got more A's. Sooo?
Banapple (1 month ago)
Nobody noticed that he said that everybody who sais "your bodytype is dependant on hard work in the gym and hard work in the kitchen" don't know what they're talking about and also keeps saying that you can work towards a desired bodytype by applying certain principles in your diet and training? Seems like some contradicting argument to me.
Mighty Joe (1 month ago)
clinical G A Y (1 month ago)
Abc,abc,abc. Why?
Nathaniel Stuart (1 month ago)
Jasper (1 month ago)
Theres no one that is an exact ecto, meso, and endo, everyone is in between of those three. I am 60% endomorph and 40% mesomorph.
Ned Ryerson (1 month ago)
I am a Terminator T-1000. Is there any hope for me?
VictorKibalchich (1 month ago)
load of old nonsense, there is precisely zero evidence for these body types
Nate the body builder (1 month ago)
I'm a hybrid between a and c
Nate the body builder (1 month ago)
I Answer a mostly I'm pretty ripped now
AndresM (1 month ago)
Woah, dude. Hats down. Most doctors don't even know this. In medical school we discussed this. Yet, now with all the SJWs crap, biologists avoid body classifications to be P.C. Great video.
Banapple (1 month ago)
I mean, he sais it's a discription of your current form and it can be changed. This tells me that it's way too loosely defined and has no medical background in any way. It's not genetic or anything so it's purely dependant on your lifestyle as far as I'm conserned.
VictorKibalchich (1 month ago)
its avoided cos its nonsense with no evidence
Arcxcept (1 month ago)
I am a, mesomorph :D
Cal Killian (1 month ago)
Can eveyone shut tf up these facts arnt real if you want abbs diet hard and do shit the right way period.
thealphalion (1 month ago)
i am (a) idk wat it was called but im trying to get bigger arms and legs my chest and all that is fine and is working naturally

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