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The Bodyguard Hindi Dubbed Chinese Action Movie | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018

28191 ratings | 7152795 views
The film is set in the 2000s in a medium-sized Chinese city located in northeast China, close to the Russian border. An old, overweight man named Ding witnesses a man being stabbed by a gang, but when he is summoned by the police to identify the suspect, he hesitates and is unable to. The police research Ding's background and discover that he is a retired Central Security Bureau officer from Beijing, and they figure that he is suffering from dementia. Back at his home, Ding is frequently invited for supper by his land-lord, Park, an elderly lady who is attracted to him. Ding, in turn, frequently cares for a little girl next door named Cherry, whose father, Li, is an abusive gambler. When Li becomes heavily in debt because of his gambling, Choi, a Chinese person of Korean descent, who happens to be the leader of the aforementioned gang, forces Li to embark on a criminal assignment. Li is driven to a hotel and told to steal the shoulder-bag of a Russian gang leader. The alarm is raised but Li escapes with the bag after a protracted chase. However, upon being told that his debt isn't absolved, Li goes into hiding, taking the bag with him. Choi reacts by sending men to abduct Li's daughter. Meanwhile, the Russian gang leader feels angry and plans an attack against Choi's gang for violating their territory. Choi's gang members follow Cherry and assault Ding's home after she enters it, but to their dismay, Ding proves to be a remarkable fighter, and they are repelled. To avoid arrest, two of them are sent by Choi to hide in the countryside. The police, noticing that Li has disappeared, send Cherry to live with her aunt and uncle. However, within a short time, the aunt and uncle wish to eject her, and Ding agrees to provide for her living. Then one night, Cherry goes missing, and what is more, Li suddenly appears in Ding's home, bringing money in order to compensate Ding for his service. As Li exits the house, he is assaulted by Choi's gang and killed, and the shoulder-bag is taken back. Ding, who has been plagued with guilt for years, ever since his granddaughter went missing on a hiking trip, resolves to bring Cherry back using force. He visits the gambling house demanding Cherry's release, and when Choi's gang attempts to kill him, he overpowers around 20 of them including a skilled knife assassin. At that moment, some of the Russian gang members appear and start to kill the rest of Choi's men in an attempt to reclaim their stolen money. Seeing this, Choi escapes, but not before Ding wounds his leg. The Russians proceed to attack Ding, believing that he works for Choi, and Ding is forced to kill them. At the same time, the police, led by Park's son, chase after two leaders of the Russian gang, who die when they collide with a truck. Choi, who thinks he is safe, is approached by the two subordinates he sent into the countryside. They proceed to murder Choi and to rob him, having accepted a Russian bribe to do so. In the aftermath of the incident, Ding's dementia worsens, and he is paralyzed by the loss of Cherry. The police make no attempt to blame Ding, recognizing that his actions were self-defense. Suddenly, Cherry returns, revealing that she simply ran off to live at a friend's house. Even as Ding forgets his family members, he remembers his relationship with Cherry, who cares for him well into his senescence. In a scene after the credits, the two countryside criminals accidentally encounter a group of drilling PLA military-police, who turn and give chase. After a short chase the remaining criminals are captured. Sammo Hung as Ding Hu Zhu Yuchen Li Qinqin Feng Jiayi Jacqueline Chan Watch all the Latest action adventure movies, Point, SciFi Movies Hit Movies, English, Hindi Dubbed Full Action Movies, Hit Films, Telugu Devotional Songs, Trailers 2018 Tollywood, Hindi Full Movies, Full Kannada new Movies, Kannada Comedy Movies, Tamil, Telugu, Free Movie Download, 2018, Malayalam Movies, Full Action Movies, Best Action Movies 2017, 2018 only on Cinekorn Movies. Subscribe Now and Stay Tuned. Leave a Like if you Loved the Movie and Do Not forget to Subscribe to Our Channel. YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCinekornent Google + - https://plus.google.com/u/0/109915271418049012051 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CinekornEnt Twitter - https://twitter.com/cinekornent Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cinekornentertainment
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Text Comments (1171)
Shamasali Ali (12 hours ago)
Good and ni've movie
ajeet yadav (15 hours ago)
Nice movie
Shankar Saab (18 hours ago)
Super movie
buddi man (21 hours ago)
very nice movie
avdhesh kumar (1 day ago)
Zafar Bazmi (1 day ago)
Awesome movie
Asim Javed (1 day ago)
Good v
Asim Javed (1 day ago)
Asim Javed (1 day ago)
Aawara Boy (2 days ago)
NYC bhai
mailk imran (2 days ago)
Bruce lie best fighter but movie so good new boy so good fighter
suresh Raftaar king (2 days ago)
Super movie
RAHUL KUMAR (2 days ago)
Nice movie
Liten Kvz (2 days ago)
Best movie ever
Nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Adnan Sultaan (3 days ago)
nicc movie
Love status (3 days ago)
Awesome #lovestatus
Love status (3 days ago)
Awesome #love status
S S Sanam (4 days ago)
wow maza aa gaya I like Hollywood Chinese movies
Swrang Narzary (4 days ago)
Ajay Chaturvedi (4 days ago)
Good movie and like this movie
Debal Debbarma (4 days ago)
The fight is best ....
Tarun Kumar (4 days ago)
Uttar. Kumar films
hussain ashraf (5 days ago)
Copy paste hain ya naya hindostan hai..Naya Pakistan ka😂😂😂😂
kunsung kancha (5 days ago)
Saravana Kumar (5 days ago)
Tamil dubbed podungada
md ismail (5 days ago)
varrey good kung fu flim so im like it
Sk Rana Hamid (5 days ago)
Arjun shing (6 days ago)
lick is this movie
Aafak Qureshi (6 days ago)
very nice movie
Fakhar Abbas thaheem (6 days ago)
Nice movie
Biki Rabha (6 days ago)
Fantastic movie
Dipankar Deka (7 days ago)
nice real bodygard
M Umer (7 days ago)
Awesome story ❤️❤️❤️👌
MD.Sojib Khan (7 days ago)
the blockbuster of super movie
Parmod Kumar (7 days ago)
Amit Vishwas (8 days ago)
Lajwab super duper movie
Nandi nayak (8 days ago)
Nice movie yrrr
MD SANNY (8 days ago)
Arfan nisho Bangla Natok
Dinesh Lakhani (9 days ago)
Top nice wow
Casper Abonmai (9 days ago)
One of the best action movie so far I Hv watch...hopping to watch again this type of movie from same director and hero....from India...
mohammad jasim (9 days ago)
Nice movie
Suvo Chakma (9 days ago)
Lakhamuram Nag (10 days ago)
sanket mahatre sir movie dekhne par majboor kar deta hai!
Sk Skraj (10 days ago)
so Nice beutfool videos
BHANU PRATAP (10 days ago)
Faizan Faizan ahmad (11 days ago)
Bharat Bharatsaiya (11 days ago)
Asi hi muvi bhajate hi kumfu fait
Farhankhan Farhankhan (11 days ago)
Nice movie mujhe aisi hi movie bahut pasand hai i like this movie
ALOKE NASKAR (11 days ago)
Supeŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movie
Bishnu M (11 days ago)
Bishnu Uk
Siti Anita (11 days ago)
Sub indo pleas
Mahedi Hassan (11 days ago)
Wow really nice move
Soni Satish (12 days ago)
Awesome movei..
Bruce Lee is a scale all are measured on it
Ericky Ford jr23 (12 days ago)
Good movie with high quality
Mast movie full time vasul
Ariful Rahman (13 days ago)
wht a movies yr...i like it
Aman Kumar (13 days ago)
Best movie
Jamshad Khan (13 days ago)
Jamshad Khan (13 days ago)
Super movi chines
Shan Khan (13 days ago)
good moves
movies 4 np (14 days ago)
some fight scene are look very dangerous......#movies4np
Pankaj Jaiswal (15 days ago)
Shdhdjjdffjjfdjfjrjdieurudjjxjxjfjfjfdjdjdjdjdjdjdhfjfjfjfjjfjdjdjfdjjdjjfjfjfjxxjj Discuss did Mani wish Javier when Ishan IDBI Shri IDBI with owning when IDBI end an en dB in dB
Fakibazz frnds (15 days ago)
As like JacKie Chan son"s
Imran Khan (15 days ago)
So nice movie 0097455331745
Zaman Khan (15 days ago)
Very good fight. Thats good.
Mdjaber Hossin2 (15 days ago)
Nice movie
ravisimar 1987 (15 days ago)
HARISH SINGH BIST (15 days ago)
Good movies
Very nice movie
Najim Khan (15 days ago)
Nice movie
Donborlang Pasi (16 days ago)
I've seen but I don't remember so I w.... It great. He is the same in Kung Fu hustle right oh no he is different sorry Kisne mere🍿 per rakha 😂😥
SKETCH MANIA (16 days ago)
Hero name please
Society (16 days ago)
Chinese bhi item hi hote hai sala sab modern
Muhammad Ilyas (16 days ago)
Rizwan Aziz (17 days ago)
hahahaha meri trha kon kon movi dykhny sy phly comnt prta ha like kro😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Nayka dipak V (2 days ago)
Irshad Ahmad (6 days ago)
🐡🌻🌻 me too bro
Ravi Rawat (9 days ago)
Bhayji me
Nadeem Shah (10 days ago)
Hahahha Me....
lalit kumar (17 days ago)
enki tarah bhagwan sabko hunar q nhi deta super movi 😘😘
Mukulroyraaz Kumar (17 days ago)
Super movi
Kamlesh Kumar (18 days ago)
Super best movie
Md Burhan Uddin (18 days ago)
Kadambini Sahoo (18 days ago)
Fantastic movie
krishna chauhan (18 days ago)
Excellent movie
Zafar Ali (18 days ago)
Mast hai
mansoor ahmed (18 days ago)
best action movie
Azahar Ali (19 days ago)
So nice........😘😘😘
Singrai Besra (19 days ago)
singri besra
sonu punmagar (19 days ago)
Good movie
Afsara Boutique (19 days ago)
I laik movei
muhammad Ishtyique (19 days ago)
super movi
sufyan shaikh (19 days ago)
naic supar
Sunny sahota (19 days ago)
Superb movie
We cool (20 days ago)
Movie hero name please whats the name of this movie star
vicky sagar (20 days ago)
Supper movie
Anees Ahmed Ahmed (20 days ago)
Fadu movie
Budhia Sing (20 days ago)
Nice movie
zeeshan saifi (20 days ago)
Very nice

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