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Céline Dion - Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Celine Dion “Ashes” (From the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack) Get the song and soundtrack here: http://smarturl.it/CDashes Get tickets to Deadpool 2, in theaters May 18, here: http://deadpool.com Follow Céline Dion: Website: http://celinedion.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/CelineDion Twitter: http://twitter.com/CelineDion Instagram: http://instagram.com/CelineDion Follow Deadpool: Website: http://deadpool.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/DeadpoolMovie Twitter: http://twitter.com/DeadpoolMovie Instagram: http://instagram.com/DeadpoolMovie #Deadpool2 LYRICS What’s left to say? These prayers ain’t working anymore Every word shot down in flames What’s left to do with these broken pieces on the floor? I’m losing my voice calling on you ‘Cause I’ve been shaking, I’ve been bending backwards ‘till I’m broke Watching all these dreams go up in smoke Let beauty come out of ashes Let beauty come out of ashes And when I pray to God all I ask is Can beauty come out of ashes? Can you use these tears to put out the fires in my soul? ‘Cause I need you here, oh ‘Cause I’ve been shaking, I’ve been bending backwards ‘till I’m broke Watching all these dreams go up in smoke Let beauty come out of ashes Let beauty come out of ashes And when I pray to God all I ask is Can beauty come out of ashes Can beauty come out of ashes
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Text Comments (45151)
Blake jones (1 hour ago)
Wall I am thinking about later on
Nayp8 Perezzz (2 hours ago)
God I should have asked N-Sync 😂
Tammy Sutphin (3 hours ago)
Where's deadpool in infinity war
Jose Luis Alamilla (4 hours ago)
Celin beautiful
Selma Hello (4 hours ago)
This is the only song that i have heard that doesnt have the word baby in it
Selma Hello (4 hours ago)
Big Willy Style (4 hours ago)
Somebody should make a montage video of the Shanghai Dragons 0-40 season with this song in the background.
LIL PUMP (5 hours ago)
Wow...SIS CELINE your voice so big to sing music like this....fucking deadpool
Jimmy Jones (5 hours ago)
That's a chick in dancing in that deadpool suit
PinkyPerky52 (2 hours ago)
No. The dancer is Yanis Marshall. https://hornet.com/stories/deadpool-dancer-yanis-marshall/
doblaje fanboy cotina (7 hours ago)
Celine Dion making a song for a deadpool movie... this is the perfect joke.
Robbie Brewer (9 hours ago)
If Disney makes a theatrical 2D (not cgi) animated Star Vs The Forces Of Evil movie with Janna Ordonia as Star's love interest they need to use this song for trailers and soundtrack cuz this song fit Star and Janna.
Cheryl McHugh - Hall (10 hours ago)
oh my gosh loving this music but deadpool at the end of the video best part lol.
Pam redg (10 hours ago)
Spider-Man  wearing high heels ?   Hollywood performers are possessed and intoxicated with satanic false  pride and power... using them to corrupt, deceive, and create mind control to the masses with their evil spells.
Robrage (11 hours ago)
I didn't know Wade Wilson practiced dancing
Davide Bettoni (11 hours ago)
Celine Dion is a EPIC ICON LEGEND.... SHE IS A MAGICAL ETERNAL TIMELESS GLOBAL SINGER... AMAZING ANGEL VOICE!!!! in this Performance she Deserve an OSCAR!!!....
evil ace (12 hours ago)
the fact that dancing deadpool isnt played by reynolds in this is deeply disappointing as thought i would only go gay for reynolds but was fooled and now i am questioning my sexuality because of this video
sofia nieblas (12 hours ago)
I like the song and also the movie i am from mexico
boonk gang (13 hours ago)
When Deadpool has a better love story than you...
JEON JEONNIE (13 hours ago)
Amo esta rola pero el vídeo con Deadpool... Me tienta
Genzo Wakabayashi (13 hours ago)
Acaso soy el unico español aqui :v ?
AceAarc (14 hours ago)
Alexander Evan (15 hours ago)
The guys who killed the dog in John Wick
Miguel Gonzalez (15 hours ago)
ok to be honest i loooooove deadpool2 it funny whwn his little legs show his yknow what heh heh lie if you liked the movie
Tony Harrington (16 hours ago)
The look on Celine's face when Deadpool says "This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic" cracks me up every single time.
Matthieu Peduzy (18 hours ago)
R.I.P. Stan Lee 😪😪 Living Legend !!!!
Syah Mh (18 hours ago)
3:27 🤣
kay ray (18 hours ago)
Great song, ridiculous video Deadpool balleting around, ugh,!
yungstarz13 (19 hours ago)
When I first saw this I was like how is this going to fit in the movie. But when I saw the movie my face was like this 😱 the entire movie
Loran Cehack (19 hours ago)
Deadpool has never been so beautiful.
Mukuka Chikabu (19 hours ago)
"beat it Spiderman"
Nyta Smile (21 hours ago)
Eres la mejor como siempre!❤
MohawkDriver (23 hours ago)
Deadpool in high heels...LOL. I love the song...
[ZS] NoiZ (23 hours ago)
Wow who else’s getting goosebumps cause I am Btw my friends would kill me for loving this song :(
Blake jones (1 day ago)
Love Deadpool hope they make 3
"God I should've asked Nsync" 😭 please I would've died. But this song is so beautiful it makes me cry.
mavelol 123 (1 day ago)
3:37 celine is like EXCUSE ME??!?!
Zachary Smathers (1 day ago)
This song makes me sad now because every time I hear it i don’t think of Deadpool I think how Stan Lee will never get to see how the avengers come back and defeated thanos...or whatever happens
Joe Robb (1 day ago)
Loooowl only Deadpool can rock up to Celine Dion belting out a gorgeous song and dance in heels 😂😂😂 then tell her that she needs to dial it down to 5 and a half instead of 11 😂
did you heard what deadpool said at the last? "Wish I could've asked Nsync." fuccccccc
Jack Stuchbery (1 day ago)
Watching Deadpool ballet dance with Celine Dion is probably the biggest mood on planet earth.
Mr. Leslie Chow (1 day ago)
It's TRUE that woman is like Whitney Houston she only does 11. No lower
Shahil Chand (1 day ago)
Celine is BIGGER!
Lucy Troy (1 day ago)
I am crying and laughing
Sky Lion69 (1 day ago)
Deadpool is a bit weird but hilarious 😂
RabidRabbit (1 day ago)
“This is deadpool 2 not then end of infinity war...”
k lfg (1 day ago)
Lol you didn't just do that omg
Chris M (1 day ago)
California fires right now...
Kai S.Galaxy (1 day ago)
who else think she is holding her laugh..... only me? ok
J Logan (1 day ago)
This is Deadpool 2 not Titanic lmfao
Rhoj Harrison (1 day ago)
omg ryan
Rhoj Harrison (9 hours ago)
Mark Rogian (1 day ago)
I'm not crying, you're the one crying
Joven Alvarado Jr. (1 day ago)
Deadpool pls bring back mr. Stan lee to life pls😭😭😭
StockingsTube (1 day ago)
I'm a metalhead and I like celine dion.
k lfg (1 day ago)
That's because you have taste
Leilah and Kyla (1 day ago)
LoststeamVAA (1 day ago)
John Cluphf (1 day ago)
Why wasn't this video included in the damn $27.99 I spent on the movie?
Esperanza Hernandez (1 day ago)
This is for stan Lee death and he good comic book and good movie and good games
I swear this song was made for me😂😂
C I P H Ξ R (1 day ago)
Every emotional songs on youtube has asleast 1 cmt about stan lee's death That just annoying tbh
Batates Bosbos (1 day ago)
Listening every day❤ ...you made me powerful ❤
Drowsy19 (1 day ago)
I really want the dancer to be Ryan Reynolds
Zero Six (1 day ago)
"You killed her" "WTF?"
Leo Pkmz (1 day ago)
*Incredible! Deadpool <3*
DEAD_ M3ME (1 day ago)
Deadpool is amazing, Deadpool 3 looks kinda weird with the Pokémon thing though
Timothy Clarke (1 day ago)
Deadpool walking at 2:16 that's the best stride I have ever seen.
stefano secol (1 day ago)
you living only when you dead a little beat cit.
stefano secol (1 day ago)
deadpool 2 is a movie for family, every family movie start with a brutal murder , the lion king , bambi.... , and this is not cgi he is really in fire
Heather Catluck (1 day ago)
Wait did you just kill her? The saddest part (not)
OMG when I saw those hils I was like SLAY QUEEN
Le homear Benigno (1 day ago)
Hope the one dancing is not the real dp
yes (1 day ago)
Damn, Excelsior...
KC Orseo (1 day ago)
Wish Stan Lee was a phoenix so he can raise back from the Ashes😢😢
Unstoppable Gears (1 day ago)
Deadpool died playing toon blast
Missing One (2 days ago)
I swear when I first heard this song, I thought she said "Let Pewdie come out from ashes"
lAmCanad1an (2 days ago)
It probably won't happen but one can hope Celine sings this song at Stan Lees funeral. If not sung then at least gets played during the highlight reel when they show flashes of pictures and achievements he accomplished in his life.
Adam Mielnicki (19 hours ago)
Would certainly be fitting.
jamal williams (2 days ago)
Kane Horricks (2 days ago)
Stan Lee rip
Rad El (2 days ago)
Greattings from brazil :) i d k how many times did i press replay 😍😍😍
TheLucasSlayer (2 days ago)
I'm the only who is listening this now just for Stan Lee ;-; ?
Lavonia Duda (2 days ago)
Sweet. Thanks for this. <3
Daniel Hinsch (2 days ago)
Why is Celine's best song since Titanic a Deadpool 2 song?
Kurby Pinky (2 days ago)
Who the heck was that in the Deadpool suit with heels??? LOL LOL LOL And Celine Dion is funny. I didn't know!!!
PinkyPerky52 (2 days ago)
The dancer is Yanis Marshall.
HD tv (2 days ago)
Best song dude
Au re (2 days ago)
I know Deadpool can do pretty much anything... But how can he *DANCE* in high-heels?!
PinkyPerky52 (2 days ago)
Dancing Deadpool is Yanis Marshall.
Pierrot Rioux (2 days ago)
dead pool wears high heel shoes ? LOL !!!
Shaun Mcgary (2 days ago)
This made be made for a comedic movie but it is a phenomenal song!!! Could mean even more afyer stan lees passing :/
Jéssica Zuaboni (2 days ago)
Brasil ama essa musicaaa😍
Martin Langsom (2 days ago)
To Stan Lee.
ITZ_ME_ KELLY (2 days ago)
Heels really change ur personality😂😂
Nathan Johnston (2 days ago)
Lasse (3 days ago)
I am addicted, but not secretly. Not anymore, because - now you know :-)
Abel Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Rest in Peace, Stan Lee 😭 Our Hero, Our Believer, Our Inspiration. The Man who Create Marvel Universe
Chaturvedi Anay (3 days ago)
hats off to you mam
billy garner (3 days ago)
This would be a cool song to put at the end of the next god of war if Kratos dies.
deadpool2 y wolverine machine
Mayara Machado (3 days ago)
OK 2019?
skittles mcfruity (3 days ago)
If that is a dude dancing in those 👡 mad fuckin props #notgay
PinkyPerky52 (2 days ago)
The dancer is Yanis Marshall.
Krystal Hamlet (5 hours ago)
it don't go to 11 it go to 1,00000000,00000000000000,000000000000,00000
eXtreme Koko (3 days ago)
Her voice still kicks in my brain...
Ancient Dovahkiin (3 days ago)
I love the emotion in this song
WE ARE VENOM (3 days ago)
Haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha just starts dancing in background

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