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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year. Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here: https://soundcloud.com/orbitalmusicandsound/ocean-eyes-recomposed-by-orbital Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2z6Ya9M ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair
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Text Comments (42675)
so so (47 minutes ago)
i feel like crying,, i hope she’s ok and knows we all love here and care abt her 💓
황현수 (48 minutes ago)
Billie.... it's freakin sad😭 am i only one who wanna console her? She definitely needs help. I hope her depression is just temporaray
Jana S (1 hour ago)
somehow this feels like she's only making herself more sad by watching her 2017 self..
Chloe Elliss (1 hour ago)
She looks so empty
Odalys Bermúdez (2 hours ago)
I can feel the pain in her eyes, omg she sounds so depressed. I’m so scared I don’t want anything happens to her, omg 😭💔
Zoey Mafnas (3 hours ago)
This kinda made me sad... But it also made me appreciate much more, she's just progressed so much
sswerty (3 hours ago)
she is the realest celebrity out there.
Anna Rigas (3 hours ago)
She looked so much healthier in the past:(((
Gabriel Trent (3 hours ago)
Zedabianca (3 hours ago)
Why is she so depressed? What happened in her life?
Maurice Edwards (3 hours ago)
She needs turn 18
Merlina K (4 hours ago)
Anyone who has depression crying is fine but faking a smile is not.
Vishnu (4 hours ago)
It's so weird for me to watch this cuz it feels like i discovered her yesterday.
Deena Azizee (4 hours ago)
Relateble tbh 😓 huh..
castle MSP (5 hours ago)
She has come so far 💖💖
Alyssa Miles (5 hours ago)
Poor Billie 💔
lori lor (5 hours ago)
What's your favorite color? Bright green Black it's dark lately😖😭
The Casual Unicorn (6 hours ago)
I can't find billies insta
Arisha Hasan (6 hours ago)
her voice is so beautiful!💕☺️
lonnie499 (7 hours ago)
The amount of pain you could see in her eyes or her demeanor is just so sad.
Jon Snow (7 hours ago)
I'm thankful I'm not an artist
aisha Love (7 hours ago)
She is 15 wtf😂😂❤️
Charlie Koehn (7 hours ago)
Does she need a hug? She looks like she needs a hug.
Jackson Vasquez (7 hours ago)
How come y’all sayin she ain’t herself. Why can’t people just accept that she’s changed.
nanna jules (7 hours ago)
There is pain in those eyes I just wanna hug her ...... she is so talented
Erica Mejia (8 hours ago)
This actually made me want to cry...
Apple Cake (8 hours ago)
Reality hits you hard bro...
D x a d (8 hours ago)
I love Billie she’s perfect
Lavender Clorox Bleach (8 hours ago)
She acts so much older than she is.... can she even drive yet?
Lavender Clorox Bleach (8 hours ago)
This is tragic
Folium (8 hours ago)
Who is she why is this in my recommend...
Jamesytheonly1 (8 hours ago)
If she came in Canada more like in Quebec you won't be always recognized... like some will but not much paparazzi and all
Jua Jin 진주아 (8 hours ago)
Take care Billie
Jorja Knox (9 hours ago)
she looks so broken im really sad for her
Noah Sosebee (9 hours ago)
I love Billie... it’s amazing after all the fame she has gained she is still humble
Jacob Stiletto (9 hours ago)
Don’t do drugs kids...
PoStiNg RaNdOm StUfF (9 hours ago)
*She’s crying out for help*
Salgado 22 (10 hours ago)
don't post you're feelings... don't
Joselyn Torres (10 hours ago)
The first day of classes versus the last
Tina Treglia (10 hours ago)
Ratings. Fake news. Self prophesy
Ashton Jordan (10 hours ago)
It’s hard to watch her bc you can see how much happier and healthier she looks in the 2017 interview and how she reacts to her interview bc you can tell she knows she’s not the same person. Maybe I’m reading too far into it, but still. She doesn’t look happy. She looks like she’s trying and failing :/
Jackson Pohlman (10 hours ago)
Who is this person?
AlyMar :3 (10 hours ago)
Bright Green! 💚 *Black.* 🖤
jaquan t (10 hours ago)
I didn't really know billie and I still don't but I just wanna give her a big hug she seems so sad and depressed
Thirsty for BTS :D (11 hours ago)
I wanna see bts do this with 2013 and 2018
Adrian camarogo (11 hours ago)
That laugh sounded like that girl who said catch me outside how about that
Ethan 809134 (11 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommended.
Adrian camarogo (11 hours ago)
I mean everybody has heart feelings why can't you just share yourself not everything??
Adrian camarogo (11 hours ago)
Watch Billie eilish
Alexis Blakey (11 hours ago)
The distinct difference is a year ago you didn’t have a care in the world what people thought and now you feel that pressure that society weighs us down with. Hang in there girl, you paint such a magnetic picture with your music that’s infectious and it naturally draws people to you. Your style is unique and so are you, don’t let life get you down!! You got this and I’m here to support you!
SS CC (12 hours ago)
How she looks so broken
stella (12 hours ago)
last year she was so chill and happy. now shes depressed and broken
Kariele Araujo (12 hours ago)
Ela é muito lindaaa eu to apaixonada demais
Danielle Trapp (13 hours ago)
I'm not crying you are
Isti Ahmed (13 hours ago)
She looked hotter before, not anymore eeek.
Xyn (13 hours ago)
First time hearing about her.... who's she?
Elisa Desouza (13 hours ago)
i ship her w lil xan so bad
K Bear (14 hours ago)
She’s so beautiful but lost a bit of her spark :(
gabrielle mgbudem (14 hours ago)
the only part i laughed wsa when she mispronounced philosophy
Nicole Jiang (14 hours ago)
She looks so depressed. LOOK AT HER A YEAR AGO. complete oppisite
Novi’s Gotta Gatcha (14 hours ago)
You may look depressed but inside you’re still that amazing singer that everybody loves!! ❤️❤️
Cerine na (14 hours ago)
Is she okay tho ? I hope she's happy 💔
Jakub Kozłowski (15 hours ago)
0:57 😄💕
Rad _ dud (15 hours ago)
Edgy bechh
Nicole Duarte (15 hours ago)
I dont fuckingknow 🤣🤣🤣 I LOVEEEE HERRR
1:04 how about xxxtentacion oh never mind Xxxtentacion died and she cannot text him
YuNg ProdiG (15 hours ago)
Everyone here saying “oh she looks more depressed” and all that but arent doing anything bout it
Akeera Ellis (16 hours ago)
It makes me want to cry *checks face and around me* ooops already did dang it 😢😢😢
JohanneMSP dk (16 hours ago)
You can clearly tell it’s a fake laugh when she laugh..
BlueBell (16 hours ago)
She's not handling fame well. Edit: I adore the fact that her mom is there. She needs her mom.
Dijxdiis (16 hours ago)
I like how she high fived her self🤧
Shankara Venter (16 hours ago)
She looks 27 but she is SIXTEEN?????
Varvara Vorontsova (16 hours ago)
hey stop diagnosing Billie with depression depression is a mental illness and it doesn’t have a face y’all can’t just go around diagnosing people with mental illnesses based on how they look or behave
Khayil ! (16 hours ago)
That part where she described the music industry...as everyone is sad.."We're all sad" ... That hit me..
Cinque Edwards (16 hours ago)
I met him 3:35 she sounded so sad
berry Macokaner (17 hours ago)
its lil xan girl version
Heather Heron (17 hours ago)
How can someone support someone so depressed?😂she literally looks like she’s going to kill herself at any moment
Official JOY (17 hours ago)
Carrie DeLane (17 hours ago)
Billie you are my role model, you are amazing! don't be depressed bc you are... you are too amazing to be depressed Edit: now im cryin'
Ballerina Ally Vlogs (17 hours ago)
i've watched this like 8 times today? anyone else with me?
SamioMarijuana (17 hours ago)
She is high
Elijah Maggio (18 hours ago)
She looks like she’s been through so much in a year. Who hurt her?
Rk.Daking (18 hours ago)
She looks really depressed and sad. She should take a break.
Eun Jang (18 hours ago)
Is it okay to publish this really?
Fanny Schwarzmüller (18 hours ago)
Ehmm: W O W💔🙂
Sophie Jones (18 hours ago)
She’s 16????? I thought she was 20 holy geez
Leonardo Davinci (19 hours ago)
This actually hits me so hard. Artists can make such a big difference. That's why sooooo many people that want to either exploit the artists talent, or simply don't like this world to be a better place. I see this on a small scale, because so many of my friends are in bands, writing their own songs, dancers etc. People that want to be artists have to be 100x tougher than most others. Makes me want to wrap all these beautiful people in blankets to pretect them
Caio Heinrich (19 hours ago)
I'm worried.
Martina Disciglio (19 hours ago)
I understand you so much and I’m with you we are all with you we love you and we’re gonna stay with you forever!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Myown Name (19 hours ago)
Sedef Yılmaz (19 hours ago)
I hope she'll come to Turkey 🇹🇷💕💕 She has sooooo much Turkish fans 😍😍
Sishtar Shook (19 hours ago)
Blue Mae (20 hours ago)
I fuckin love her so much 💖💖
glücks Keks (20 hours ago)
What happend to her?
popp corn (20 hours ago)
if she only knew how many people cried for her and how she is so much more understood than she could understand
Vyšniū TV (20 hours ago)
She looks that her life was hard
Olivia Wattis (20 hours ago)
She reminds me of X a little :(
Vyšniū TV (20 hours ago)
I am crying😭😭 She is so emotional. I love her😍😘
Johanna Beyan (20 hours ago)
Her teeth changed...?😦
Ethan xxdarkness (21 hours ago)
Society broke Billie eillish One year apart and you can see the shattering of her life in her eyes What has this world come to 😑🙄 #crying

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