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LIVE 🔴 Where to Buy Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Fabrics | SEWING REPORT

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On the topic of slow fashion, let's talk about eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics - where can you buy it and what constitutes textiles as being environmentally conscious? There's a mind boggling amount of info available - natural vs. synthetic fibers / textiles as well as the manufacturing process. For instance, cotton - while being a natural material - uses a lot of resources to produce (energy, water, land/natural resources, toxic chemicals) Some popular choices include hemp, bamboo, ramie, seacell, lenpur, lyocell, tencel, recycled polyester, organic wool + cotton, soy cashmere / silk. RESOURCES ON CHOOSING ECO-FRIENDLY FABRIC: http://www.textileschool.com/articles/611/eco-friendly-fibers http://dresswelldogood.com/2015/09/24/what-fabrics-do-we-wear/ https://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-fashion/do-you-know-which-fabrics-are-most-sustainable.html https://respecterre.com/top-5-the-best-eco-friendly-fibres/?lang=en http://www.greenlivingonline.com/article/guide-natural-and-eco-friendly-fabrics BUYING ECO-FRIENDLY / SUSTAINABLE FABRIC: Upcycling / repurposing items from your home and thrift stores / garage sales https://www.honeybegood.com/ AMAZON ORGANIC FABRIC SELECTION: http://amzn.to/2Ed3a0n http://amzn.to/2C5wTm0 (Organic Cotton Plus on Amazon) https://organiccottonplus.com/ https://www.simplififabric.com/ https://www.naturesfabrics.com/ http://birchfabrics.com/ https://threadinternational.com/ http://cloud9fabrics.com/ https://www.fabric.com/apparel-fashion-fabric-organic-cotton-fabric.aspx Be sure to answer this week's poll question: Are you interested in buying eco-friendly fabric? EASY CRAFT PROJECT! DIY LAMPSHADE FT TERIAL MAGIC https://youtu.be/yvWQO0h9V2I Thank you to Terial Magic for sponsoring Sewing Report live for the month of February! https://goo.gl/CpKdf9 Terial Magic is a unique, liquid stabilizer that is revolutionizing the fabric-arts industry. By saturating the fabric threads (unlike spray-on starch), Terial Magic turns fabric into a fray free, paper like material so that it can be manipulated in ways that were previously unavailable to fabric artists. QUILTCON IS ALMOST HERE! Pasadena, CA February 22-25 https://www.quiltcon.com/ WATCH QUILTCON PLAYLIST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONUF1gOikYg&list=PLDeCt6WqT8q3Ri9nnXEWEjGDJrOYR1Acy SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! https://goo.gl/WxA2s4 If you enjoyed this video, the best way to support making more like this is to subscribe. You'll be notified about my latest videos - plus it's free! Join in on Instagram with #sewingreportsquad! #sewcheap to share your best deals and budget tips! Be sure to tag me @sewingreport WHAT I DO WHEN I'M NOT SEWING... JEN TALKS FOREVER CHANNEL https://goo.gl/EkWQP2 MY AMAZON HOT LIST http://amzn.to/2iNRk02 CRAFTSY UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION IS HERE: http://shrsl.com/perf ($14.99/month-to-month or $120/year annual plan) FABRIC WHOLESALE DIRECT REFERRAL CODE: Http://Rwrd.Io/72eyxa1 SHOP SEWING REPORT'S FAVORITE SEWING & QUILTING PRODUCTS: https://kit.com/sewingreport MY SEWING MACHINES: EverSewn - Sparrow 25 -197 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine http://amzn.to/2gh8iDh (On my wish list - EverSewn Sparrow 30 - IT'S PINK!!!) http://amzn.to/2g9fzHq Eversewn 6-pc Accessory Quilting Foot Kit Low Shank http://amzn.to/2npBQ3n Thank you to EverSewn for providing Sewing Report the Sparrow 25 used in our videos! Sewing Report is teaming up with Pink Castle Fabrics to bring you a special series of videos all about coverstitch machines. Janome CoverPro 1000CPX coverstitch machine https://goo.gl/5xzmT6 Brother 1034D Serger - http://amzn.to/1FNpsxo Janome MemoryCraft 7700 Sewing Machine - http://amzn.to/2uWS33L NEED CUSTOM BUSINESS CARDS, STICKERS, PAPER PRODUCTS? https://refer.moo.com/s/sewingreport You'll love MOO! They've awesome print products and cool design finishes. Get 20% off your first order! CRAFTSY - FREE & PAID ONLINE CLASSES, FABRIC, SUPPLIES http://craftsy.me/2nshpFC Talk to me: @sewingreport Snapchat: sewingreport Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sewingreport Instagram: http://instagram.com/sewingreport Twitter: https://twitter.com/sewingreport Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/SewingReport/ ABOUT SEWING REPORT: Helping you discover your love of sewing at sewingreport.com through videos, articles, and tutorials. I'm Jennifer Moore - obsessed with sewing, and want you to be if you're not already. Come on in! DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for watching!
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Cora Bent (12 hours ago)
Thank you for you insight! I appreciated the links immensely, and your list of naturel fibers. it should be noted however that fabric made from bamboo is not the best when it comes to it's environmental impact. While it is certainly better than new synthetics it should be noted that the process of tuning bamboo into rayon is somewhat wasteful as it requires a great deal of energy and additional chemistry. Hemp is very good as it is very rarely sprayed with insecticides. thank you very much for your care and time
Lisa J (3 months ago)
Sewing Report (3 months ago)
I love that series!
Jessica M. Martínez (3 months ago)
I feel like you can wear ecofriendly fabrics but you must remember that polyester is not something you should fear of like acrylic or viscosa? Because if you made timeless pieces those are gonna last you years, my mother passed away and i got all her closet and I transform a lot of her skirts and its so amazing for me to wear a skirt that was handmade by my grandmother easily 30 years ago, and i am wearing the same skirt as my mother at her 20’s
Sewing Report (3 months ago)
Shopping secondhand is, I think, at least one lower cost option to get new clothes and be eco-friendly. There is certainly a bit of a challenge with some (not all) eco-friendly fabric being more expensive. Of course, not everyone sews, so buying gently used clothing is a realistic option for those folks who want to help the planet.
Jessica M. Martínez (3 months ago)
Sewing Report also, the only eco friendly fabric i can find in the port where do i live, i have like 13 fabric store. EVERYTHING IS POLYESTER ACRYLIC VISCOSA ETC and if you get cotton is just like 30% of cotton, and the rest rayon, or 10% so, its really expensive and fast fashion make everyone gone like, why do i buy it and sew it when i can just buy it made and change it in 6 moths
Jessica M. Martínez (3 months ago)
Sewing Report i feel u girl, I am from Mexico, i don’t know about others like H&M or FRV21 even Zara but mines are awfully high price and everyone throw the clothes away, but even with that clothe you can make new clothes with the non stretchy ones, because the soft stretch fabric ones are so ducking hard to sew, but you still cando it, like i have around 40 garments and 50% handmade by me, 30% gifted and the rest is fast fashion remade by me jejejejejejeje but it take you time to buil a timeless closet but I’m in coast so everything is beach life style
Sewing Report (3 months ago)
Appreciate that you upcycle a lot of vintage clothing made of polyester! It does scare me a bit that so many fast fashion clothing stores put out tons of super cheaply made items that will be thrown away...
Jessica M. Martínez (3 months ago)
And the skirt looks exactly the sameeeeee and it doesn’t have holes and the colors are still bright
donna foust (9 months ago)
Thanks for the show! I'm wondering what's happening to the fabric/textile industry? Large chain fabric stores are closing here in the south and prices of fabric are on the rise. I'm curious about what is happening with the industry as a whole, especially with the recent announcement that Westminster and Free Spirit fabrics are closing after 20 years. Coates is their parent company and the designers they have been using are HUGELY successful in the quilting community: Kaffe Fawcett, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, etc. I see the demand for fabrics staying the same or even growing as modern quilting and personal garment making resurges, but the supply is dwindling....are we going to see prices continue to rise in the US? I watch garment sewing YouTubists and quoting prices for their knit purchases all over Europe and, once I convert their price quotes, their prices are so much more affordable. Price point of fabric in the US is definitely different than European price points...why is that? I'd really love to know what is happening out there. Thanks for all you do!!
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Thanks Donna - the FreeSpirit / Westminster news is on the agenda for this Sunday's live show for sure. I've found some good, reasonably prices websites to purchase from like Fashion Fabrics Club, Fabric.com and Fabric Wholesale Direct. I wonder if the fabric market is a bit saturated with SO many new lines coming out all the time - how can you possibly buy that much? As I've shared, I'm not buying fabric this year because I have way too much. I feel some of the marketing/consumerism around the fabric industry promotes excess and hoarding purchases. Also - the sewing industry on the whole doesn't seem very effective at creating new customers - only reaching people who already sew. We NEED more people to start sewing.
Allison Bethoney (9 months ago)
I'm not a quilter, but I'm curious...do you think you could use fabric scraps to stuff a quilt?
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Usually in quilting there's batting in the middle that's one piece, so not sure if fabric scraps would work well for that. However, I think they would be fine to stuff pet beds and perhaps some small items?
Dana Moore (9 months ago)
Yes - I am very interested in eco-friendly fabric. Thank you for this show, it is so informative. I will be sure to try your sponsor product.
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Awesome Dana! Lately I've been inspired by a friend who is legit trying to live 100% sustainable. I'm nowhere close to as hardcore as her, but would like to do what I can!
Liz Von Villas (9 months ago)
You can recycle fabric and scraps at H&M! I haven't tried it but I've heard that from multiple sources.
Cora Bent (12 hours ago)
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation) marketplace investigates did an episode suggesting that most of the clothing put in the H&M donation box and is shipped off to numerous third-world countries with good intentions. However when they arrive the natural fibers have broken down significantly weakening the garments. Other issues with the H&M program include the fact that Americans are (for the most part) proportioned differently from the locals of the country the garments are shipped to, and many people put damaged clothing in these boxes to begin with. These issues lead to most of the clothing being burned, further polluting out planet. The CBC suggested that companies such as H&M include these boxes to make consumers feel better about buying fast fashion. To be fair I have never heard of them recycling scraps and I believe I will look into that. Some of the fabric might also be used to produce insulation as well. Thank you for information.
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Great info Liz!
Patricia Kamp (9 months ago)
This was your best show yet ,loved it.  I only buy natural fabrics, bamboo doesn't always absorb well in textiles though, but soft.  I have Extremely sensitive skin and get a rash from all unnatural kinds of fabrics.  I sew mostly quilts, but I've always sewn my clothes when I can't find what I want.  Interested in doing my own underwear this year.....( in Seattle there's a little shop on the waterfront that sells chocolate covered bugs of all kinds, kinda yummy crunchy and tastes like a nutty flavor. I've heard at the Univ. of Wash. bugs should be fries first) too funny.
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Thanks for the insight on sewing with bamboo AND for what bugs taste like!
BookishSmookish (9 months ago)
Yes definitely interested in eco fabric. Thanks for this video
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
You are so welcome!
602redroses (9 months ago)
I love the idea of eco-friendly fabrics. Interesting subject. I have bought fabric at thrift stores and have also bought a tablecloth to make something out of it. Can't wait to see you doll house!
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
The doll house is slow going but happening!!!! Thank you!
LINDA BROWN (9 months ago)
Many years ago my boss made me a little cook book out of some magazine article on how to make chocolate covered insects - ants, crickets, grasshoppers, etc.. I still have it and NO! I did not make any.
Sewing Report (9 months ago)
Lol!!! Not into the idea?

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