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Eco Friendly Fashion -Organic Clothing from The White Pebble

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Great interview on Fox San Diego Living with Renee Kohn and Erin Mikael about organic clothing and TheWhitePebble.com . Talks about organic clothing made of bamboo, organic cotton, hemp and soy. Stylish, eco friendly fashion.
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Anna Herman (7 years ago)
Sweet stuff, So no site anymore ? Its been real sad for me to see so many companies that have come & gone . All well meaning to help the environment. I'll be at Worldfest in May 2012
hotelexploring (8 years ago)
I thought these were great! Bamboo is the best and can be found at Amazing Tee's.
Chiyo .Nana (9 years ago)
yea too bad the site dosent even work anymore -rolls eyes.
Belle V (10 years ago)
i love it! go green people!

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