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Creating Magic 8 Ball Application in C# .NET : #Codegasm 2

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Taking what we learned from #Codegasm episode 1 and building on it to create a fully functional Magic 8 Ball application that can answer all of your questions and more! All project files from this demo available @ https://github.com/Barnacules/Codegasm Links to resources, use them! Download Visual Studio 2013 Express @ http://bit.ly/1sytEea C# for Absolute Beginners @ http://bit.ly/1tYQ7mF Pluralsight Training @ http://bit.ly/1qXuaEo MSDN (Learn Functions) @ http://bit.ly/UYUIqa Source Forge (Source Code) @ http://bit.ly/1tYNQbc You can help me and my channel out using the links below! Donate if you enjoy my videos @ http://bit.ly/helpbarnacules Nerd Block & Horror Block @ http://bit.ly/1l1SvSn Static Stuff T-Shirts @ http://staticstuff.com Shirt Punch T-Shirts @ http://bit.ly/1miE9iL Nature Box (Yum!) @ http://bit.ly/1orunJ7 Astrill VPN (Privacy on the internet) @ http://bit.ly/1fegWXy GT Omega Racing Office Chairs @ http://bit.ly/1lA4h4K -or- Use code 'NERDGASM' at checkout! Use Coupon Code 'NERDGASM' at checkout on http://thatsmyface.com to save 10% instantly! Use coupon code 'Barnacules' at checkout when ordering your Nerd Block or Horror Block using my affiliate links below to save 10% off your first month subscription! Use coupon code 'Nerdgasm' at checkout when ordering from StaticStuff.com and save 10% Come talk to me... Tweet me @ http://twitter.barnnerd.com Facebook me @ http://facebook.barnnerd.com Instagram @ http://instagram.barnnerd.com Email me @ [email protected] Email business inquiries to [email protected] Help the channel by donating BitCoin to 1MfVZVMjfUUq8srg1d4RbgXR5e7JLw7R6P ▼ Support me by sending BitCoin (Wallet Address) ▼ 18Su2PV63BabMZWwYEhgXC8obK1XBVveCp ▼ Get 10% off Kinesis Split Ergonomic Keyboards & Pedals ▼ http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/ [use code 'Barnacules' at checkout to get 10% off] ▼ Join my [email protected] team and help cure diseases with spare CPU/GPU cycles ▼ Barnacules Nerdgasm Team # 231300 Download Client @ http://folding.stanford.edu/ ** Top 10 contributers shown on Twitter weekly! ▼ I am now live streaming on Twitch so come give me a follow to receive notifications when I'm streaming ▼ https://www.twitch.tv/barnacules 💥 See my Amazon Store for all the products I use & review 💥 https://www.amazon.com/shop/barnacules1
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Text Comments (3300)
Lewis Page (1 month ago)
Im english, will the script accept me spelling color as colour?
R M (1 month ago)
3NCRYP73D (3 months ago)
Thanks for teaching me C# and getting me into programming
Kevin Dykes (4 months ago)
Marta Von Runge (4 months ago)
I'm hoping my grandson will decide to watch your videos. I think you can help him. He has been learning how to program in ROBLOX and wants to learn. He is taking Web Design in school this coming year.
UNIQUE1982 (5 months ago)
Looks like I'm a little late to the party!  Great video!
Nicklas Gilbertson (5 months ago)
Awesome video :D (Y)
KevinCS (6 months ago)
when you hit ctrl+f5 to run your code but you're on the google chrome window and it refreshes the page and restarts the video...
Barnacules Nerdgasm (6 months ago)
Hate it when that happens!
Conrad Verner (6 months ago)
I can't believe I've spent money on text adventure games.
BillyNoodlesMKW (7 months ago)
if( questionString.ToLower() == "what is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?") { Console.WriteLine("What do you mean? African or European?"); continue; }
All Day Son (7 months ago)
Holy shit. I wish I knew how to do this. Coding is like Chinese to me. Wish when I was young I got into this sooo cool.
TypicalFin (7 months ago)
I animated the introduction scene with Console.Write(); :D
MrJefferson105 (9 months ago)
Thanks , that was fun to watch and learn
Demnselensky (10 months ago)
dude you are my savior and you just earned a sub and a like to every video i see that is from you,(i needed this exact video for our computer project)
Student Solutions (10 months ago)
Dood, you need to make these series again :D I'm watching Codegasm for the second time because I don't know why, but it keeps me motivated to move forward in programming <3
Carl Jones (10 months ago)
Love this video man. The first 10 minutes (the examples with the access modifiers) was amazingly helpful. Thank you good sir.
Kirk Wilson (10 months ago)
grape nut
mKing (11 months ago)
mKing (11 months ago)
Patrick Finnigan (11 months ago)
grapenut 3ish years later and this is still totally awesome crash course! Love it man! Hope to maybe see new ones!?
Aniss Chalah (11 months ago)
any now how to get the time when u type "time " on console application?
Cody Miller (11 months ago)
Great video! First one of yours I've seen, SUBSCRIBED!!
8deadlysinz (11 months ago)
Damn, dude. I completed the entire C# class on SoloLearn, watched a ton of other videos from several other channels (some of which made me very sleepy), and I have learned more about how to actually use code from these videos than the other methods combined. Well done!
Ice³ (1 year ago)
Can you slow down please
LINX009XBL (1 year ago)
Grape Nut XD
Chubcakes (1 year ago)
These are still great. Thanks. These videos brought me back to watching your channel.
AwesomeJackify (1 year ago)
Actually, there's an infinite amount of dimensions with an infinite amount of Jerrys *Burrrp*
your better than most people are when doing tutorials like these on C#
i wonder if you would be able to use get and set accessor's to better efficient the code for the thing you are making. It is possible and it may be more effective for these tutorials
laurie atkinson (1 year ago)
grape nuts
i know this is way old but what if someones asks a question and in that question they had the word "gay or shut up or a bad word" is it possible to make it say something on its own when it detects that specific word? almost like giving the illusion your actually talking to someone
g r e a t n u t s
bob chicken (1 year ago)
Though this is C# stuff. This helped me in school with Java, especially the functions stuff which I did not understand when my teacher explained it. Ya apperntly some things in c# work almost identicaly in Java.
Phyre Storm (1 year ago)
Dejan Stojanović (1 year ago)
Stevey B (1 year ago)
pro tip: watched at 1.25 speed
Stevey B (1 year ago)
should have watched this in 2014!
Pete Ozzy (1 year ago)
#grapenut Jerry, I still have some more to watch but could you pick this up again it's great.
Eddie the head (1 year ago)
Grape nut
Teranacor (1 year ago)
Airaker (1 year ago)
KC Mackie (1 year ago)
You are very informative and I am very thankful for your channel. I know I am a bit late watching your videos but still makes it worth my while. Thank you.
Adam Knitter (1 year ago)
Michael Hicks (1 year ago)
Grate Video ! #GrapeNut !
M Maggiore (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial. Can you please show us something real life like using Windows Forms Application ??? like how to code an agenda with a simple database... thx
DaemonPhoenix42 (1 year ago)
yo man your playlist is out of order
Squiggly Jr (1 year ago)
Hey Barnacules, I was taught that you don't need comments for everything you do in you code because if you can read it, there's no reason to comment, and that commenting bogs down the whole file with unnecessary stuff.
Tristan Cruz (1 year ago)
I cannot figure out why my; static string GetQuestionFromUser() and static void is not working. It causes 8 errors.
me too
Robert B. (1 year ago)
Darkbdlz (1 year ago)
William (1 year ago)
Why use C# for this with static and call things like methods functions? It seems C more appropriate.
3m0x_ (1 year ago)
Awesome Videos man. You're so enthusiastic about programming and that makes watching your videos 100000 times easier than watching someone elses programming videos where they just somehow bored explain C#. Keep up the great work! #GrapeNut
Ron Floyd (1 year ago)
#grapenut In the early '80s, I wrote a GWBASIC program to allow inputting various oil well drilling information, analyze it, organize it, and store it for a customer to use himself. At the end, it asked how many printouts he wanted. He called me and complained that he could never get printouts. That was before I had the compiler version, so I went there, checked the "numcop" variable, and it was zero. I manually went to the print options window and asked him to show me how he was interacting with the program. When he got to the point where it asked him how many copies he wanted, he just pressed "Enter" - which of course, returned a "0" and the program did exactly what he told it to do - print zero copies. So, I forced an answer of larger than "0" (I figured negative number answers were going to be his next issue - LOL). That guy taught me more about "bulletproofing" programs than anyone else ever did - combined - LOL. It's cool to see how some programming is the same (mostly) in C# as GWBASIC was 40 years ago, and how it's changed.
Saiini ツ (1 year ago)
this beutifal man is very helpful
Dylan Bullers (1 year ago)
Sander Enger (1 year ago)
Guy Madison (1 year ago)
#grapenut lol
Daniel (1 year ago)
21:17 Why not just create an array and call it like this array[randomNumber] ?
beefviper (1 year ago)
Speed Smith (1 year ago)
GrapeNut, thanks this is awesome. Really it is great, easy to follow, very good examples, good pace. Looking forward to the next session. Oh, and given that I am watching this in 2017, visual studio 2017 community is available and although slightly different to start, works just the same.
Batuhan Cakmak (1 year ago)
John ashar (1 year ago)
John ashar (1 year ago)
U type too fast
Matthew Schaff (1 year ago)
this is awesome!
This episode and episode #1 helped me make a number guessing game in C#
Marchius Lost (1 year ago)
Could i use the program you made for my own purpose?
Broken Keyboard (1 year ago)
Tanks so muchh dude nao I can codez in C hashtag
Dustin Kohlhoff (1 year ago)
Hari Krishnan (1 year ago)
RallE (1 year ago)
john the savage (1 year ago)
Pompey (1 year ago)
it work
Jesse Gibson (1 year ago)
Lenmark (1 year ago)
Jacob Singh (1 year ago)
Michael Richards (1 year ago)
LeSynaptic (1 year ago)
console.writeline ("thank you bro");
Blah Blahh (1 year ago)
9:19--9:28 NAILED IT!
William Harris (1 year ago)
I got a question if I want to add more words to my magic 8 ball with out going out of the switch, how do I add more to it.
William Harris (1 year ago)
I need help my thing is saying this '"dotnet.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Press any key to continue . . .
Richard Beese (1 year ago)
Gullian Van Der Walt (1 year ago)
RAJ SHANKAR SINGH (1 year ago)
You are unfit; int i; for(i=0; i++;) Consol.WriteLine("Go to Gym");
Justin Lenhart (1 year ago)
extremawesomazing (1 year ago)
Matthew Wolters (1 year ago)
Thomas Sleigh (1 year ago)
ranny day (1 year ago)
I have a request Barn. Language? I want to make sure this C# is what I need to learn for the projects I plan to do. Could you give us a short little crash course in the different code languages and what there mainly used for? This would help me in knowing i am learning the right stuff and not headed in the wrong direction. Java Python basic C# etc...... Thanks Barn Nerd I think i could learn allot from your stile of teaching. The only helpful thing for you that I would change is maybe slowdown or maybe just keep repeating yourself allot on current subjects so that the hardheaded students like me can get things straight. LOL I find myself rewinding stop rewind stop rewind I feel like im using tape cassettes again. keep doing the great job your all ready doing.
CaptainNoob (1 year ago)
jakub wnuk (1 year ago)
#GripeNot really enjoyed it! make more of those please;
Charisse Underwood (1 year ago)
Love the way you teach #grapenut keep them coming!
DR3WEBDEV (1 year ago)
Nice video
Edge Lord (1 year ago)
#grapenut y tho?
Ata Anıl Altıntaş (1 year ago)
Btw I just found out my app hates its creator :/
Ata Anıl Altıntaş (1 year ago)
I always thought you were the best nerd that I ve ever seen. Thanks for this video /\-/\
Ata Anıl Altıntaş (1 year ago)
Ata Anıl Altıntaş (1 year ago)
Btw I just found out my app hates its creator :/
Winter (1 year ago)
is it possible to make a public attribute to a class read only so that you can access it but not change it? like if I created (as the example he briefly mentioned) class Human { public string ScientificName = "Homo sapien"; } could I then create static void Main() { Human Bob = new Human(); } then I want to be able to read the "Scientific Name" of bob but NOT be able to overwrite it?? like string BobsSciName = Bob.ScientificName.Value ?? maybe this doesnt make sense, sorry.
Eric koh (1 year ago)
#GrapeNut. THumbs up!
temeZer (1 year ago)
#GrapeNut ;)
Harry Mack (1 year ago)
there is one major bug, if you dont type anything or type quit or you suck it still say thinking about you awnser

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