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Spider-Man Surprises 400 Kids - Movie Costume with Muscle Suit

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Private Danny Valverde from the Spanish army dresses up in Spider-Man costume to entertain 400 children. The muscle suit was made by Fernando Navarro, aka El Fett. Fett owns the original studio muscle molds that were used to make the muscles for the movie suit. This full body muscle suit is 100% movie accurate. You can contact Fernando here: [email protected] facebook.com/elfett instagram: el_fett Watch another Spider-Man adventure at the Opel dealer here: https://youtu.be/bl_QtMDSEhg You can buy the 3d printed face shell in my shapeways shop: http://www.Shapeways.com/shops/SpideyPlanet More videos of the spider-man suit on my channel! www.youtube.com/SPIDEYPLANET SpideyPlanet.com Facebook.com/SpideyPlanet YouTube.com/SpideyPlanet instagram.com/SpideyPlanet shapeways.com/shops/SpideyPlanet
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Text Comments (2793)
Cool spidey outfit were did you get it
john smith (10 hours ago)
"Fictional character", yeah right.
Majima Insana (20 hours ago)
Clean asf
Roger Kukla (22 hours ago)
Sam kostium kosztował 5000 dolarów :)
Chris Breezy (1 day ago)
I mean no offense but he's from the army and he has like zero visible muscle?
Aiden Perricone (3 days ago)
A S S Y S I X (4 days ago)
I came here for spooder man not spider man.
Blije Man (4 days ago)
Lekker Nederlands pik
Carly Fernandez (4 days ago)
You look sick dude!
STRANGER BOY (5 days ago)
Cam you making costume starks spidey
Katie Williams (5 days ago)
FAKE this sucks btw FUCK U
Im Very glad for those kid's 😊
PurpleMarioMachinimas (7 days ago)
Probably the best Spider-Man costume I've seen! :0
Alex VrotMneNogi (7 days ago)
пидар мен
David Hernandez (7 days ago)
Find the difference.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Dark fanfanter (8 days ago)
super mec!! jte kiff^^ vraiment ça rend trop bien ^^
Jonah Dilbert (8 days ago)
That’s the Spider-Man 3 suit
Waw Nice video
LoxyelPro 777 (8 days ago)
A no mames es español
Nicole Callus (9 days ago)
RiKaChiTo - Pawer (9 days ago)
Awesome. 😭 Thanks for the video I'm so grateful for it😍.👍👍👍
TRGaming 2 (9 days ago)
Waarom is deze video niet gwn Nederlands?
Nick MacDonald (12 days ago)
Epic costume
Dani (12 days ago)
This was in the netherlands im dutch 😋
funplayer1000 (13 days ago)
The symbol on the back isnt quite right ...
John Cruz (13 days ago)
We only have Stan Lee to thank ❤
Mr Bro Animations (14 days ago)
OMG WHAT!?, looks EXACTLY like the classic Spidey
Erik themanMO (14 days ago)
It looks like classic spiderman
M 4 R D O O (14 days ago)
IMAGINE if He actually swung from a "web" over the kids onto the podium!! that would be so awesome to see dude I smiled the whole time seeing him dressed up lol Best spider ever200/100
Kevin_Vita3 (14 days ago)
Puto amo
Smash bros Jakey (14 days ago)
What about homecoming spider man
23Jason Truong (14 days ago)
I have a sub zero
Feligerator87 (14 days ago)
1:18 did he just touch his balls? youtubes coming for u
Tinted PW (15 days ago)
Jeez it looks so real
Mr. Oof (15 days ago)
And you did the best suit of all (in my opinion)
ImFoohey (15 days ago)
why are all these niggas blonde
Ernest P worrell (15 days ago)
Using a faceshell is good. Also he looked just like tobey maguire's spiderman
cdt4811 (15 days ago)
Wow nice job
Awesome Panther (15 days ago)
To this day Raimi's suit most represents the comics
Niek De Jong (15 days ago)
Spanish or dutch? XD they all talked dutch
venom venom (15 days ago)
Alycan8 Playz (15 days ago)
Jumiel 68 (15 days ago)
Aaron Smith (15 days ago)
I know this is 1 year ago but Stan Lee will be proud of you
Nikky Singh (15 days ago)
You are mantel why are you keeping your eye
Prime Gaming (15 days ago)
And all other costumes that we see are hanging so loose from the body ....
Trintygues (16 days ago)
Prabhat Singh Rajput (16 days ago)
Hannah Altena (16 days ago)
Ik kan het verstaan 😀👍
SHIVAM .ANTOO (16 days ago)
I love that muscle suit
fail man (16 days ago)
At the beginning it looked like a boring video
Shahrizee Mahmood (16 days ago)
I know all of the Spider-Man with idah movies
Zachary Robinson (16 days ago)
Did anyone else see him scratch his balls
Ian Crosley (16 days ago)
you guys should make the stark suit
Random Random (16 days ago)
Scratched his balls at 1:19
Shadow Oskay (12 days ago)
Random Random “It gets kinda itchy” - Spider-Man 2
dragon worior74 (16 days ago)
Did anyone notice that the cameramen looked at Spider-Man's ass
Death Inferno (17 days ago)
I only clicked to see the suit
John Maxwell (17 days ago)
OMG!!! SpideyPlanet is from Spain... Awesome
hashtagYOLO567 (17 days ago)
4:04 this reminds me when Spider-Man had to stop the train and everyone got to hold him.
hashtagYOLO567 (17 days ago)
I honestly thought that the muscle suit was the Spider-Man costume 😂
Anygranchester 4 (17 days ago)
Esto no se lo cre ni su prima😂😂😂😂
KevisaurusWrecks (17 days ago)
1:00 The spiderman costume was the least cool thing there... *that t pose was the coolest*
lazerghost 15 (17 days ago)
That is really dope,I thought the blue and red stuff under it was going to be the suit for the vid.😂
Matheus Da Silva (17 days ago)
Hello oi quem e do Brasil
Mr_ Eduard (17 days ago)
For everyone ho is saying the suit is so real it super real because it real lol
Mason Winn (17 days ago)
Do parkour in that suit!
Diego Solano (17 days ago)
El traje bien chingon y todo y yo pensé que iba hacer acrobacias y se pone a bailar el pendejo
Max Jooste (17 days ago)
The costume looks really like the real Spiderman
Kyle McCormick (17 days ago)
MysticPhade (18 days ago)
1:19 Oh let me just feel this right here lol 😂
Xexen Ruiz (18 days ago)
Best Spiderman costume
it is
Maria Sala (18 days ago)
Can he see in that or will he randomly just smack someone in the face by accident
Maria Sala (18 days ago)
5:25 oml dat gurl just crap her pants da gurl in teh pink shorts
Ultra Instinct (18 days ago)
Why is a non-American dressing up as Spider-man. That’s American culture.
Savage Sebastian (18 days ago)
Ahhhh raimi suit
Despacito Fan (19 days ago)
3:57 you left that kid.. 😡😡
Sarahplays 4 you06 (20 days ago)
Peter Parker is that really you 😱
Splatastica (20 days ago)
Spiderman vs kids crowding him lol
Candace Gwinn (20 days ago)
What did u do with the eye peice peeps Edit:Never Mind
iWasDuck GT (20 days ago)
Kids are thinking why this superman can't use his spider web to the podium.
WoW! The Spider-Man Costume is So Amazing, too Real! I really Love it! How you did it! I hope to have tje opportunity to have a costume like that someday, that would be one dream come true for me! Greetings from PERÚ - SOUTH AMERICA!
Kon (21 days ago)
Ok this is just wholesome
Yasyas Marangoz (21 days ago)
so cool 👍
Настя Турок (21 days ago)
Who's Under the mask
C G (21 days ago)
What a great way to give back to your community. You are a true hero.
Santos Albares (21 days ago)
xero xtreme (21 days ago)
the suit is good. but your appearance is bad. no jumping, web, swing, flip or something
Irungbam Amarjit (21 days ago)
The Underrated (22 days ago)
Had to put fake muscle on the costume cuz the boii weakk
ItsAlexVlogs (22 days ago)
Spider-Man is a pedo confirmed
Can you be in woshitn
braian romero (22 days ago)
Noooooooo quiero ese traje
Efraim Mipata (22 days ago)
Make the homecoming spider-men costume
rainbow_chicken (22 days ago)
Kennedy Bolton (22 days ago)
RIP Stan
Adeilson Junior (23 days ago)
Esse traje é top Lembrei dos filmes do tobey maguire
j williams (24 days ago)
I want the rami suit in spider man ps4
j williams (24 days ago)
Is that spandex?
j williams (24 days ago)
2018 anyone aww man

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