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Spider-Man Surprises 400 Kids - Movie Costume with Muscle Suit

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Private Danny Valverde from the Spanish army dresses up in Spider-Man costume to entertain 400 children. The muscle suit was made by Fernando Navarro, aka El Fett. Fett owns the original studio muscle molds that were used to make the muscles for the movie suit. This full body muscle suit is 100% movie accurate. You can contact Fernando here: [email protected] facebook.com/elfett instagram: el_fett Watch another Spider-Man adventure at the Opel dealer here: https://youtu.be/bl_QtMDSEhg You can buy the 3d printed face shell in my shapeways shop: http://www.Shapeways.com/shops/SpideyPlanet More videos of the spider-man suit on my channel! www.youtube.com/SPIDEYPLANET SpideyPlanet.com Facebook.com/SpideyPlanet YouTube.com/SpideyPlanet instagram.com/SpideyPlanet shapeways.com/shops/SpideyPlanet
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Text Comments (2409)
Nancy Pham (9 hours ago)
Hello spider man
AmineAmra (9 hours ago)
isyaboy stijn (16 hours ago)
This is dutch
H*ES0S (16 hours ago)
Как же это оххуенно
team ninja (20 hours ago)
Nederland heeeeeey
Leo Smith (1 day ago)
bread (1 day ago)
Marvel should hire you
Jason Kroll (1 day ago)
Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man! I'm a fan of you!
ravon thorpe (1 day ago)
U suck
Gonzalo Reyez (1 day ago)
En cuanto das ese traje
Snap Shots (1 day ago)
Lets go holland!!!
Steven Correa (1 day ago)
I want this costume
Eric Roque (1 day ago)
The worst things can happen to you that kids ask you to do a web swing...... Yeah I've been there pretending to be Spidey accidentally went wrong.
Floppy Tommo (2 days ago)
ganesh nesh (2 days ago)
Spanish army? But you are from holland?
Karsen Brewer (2 days ago)
Shi I know your skinny ass gonna need a muscle suit... Lol... But suit looks great
Fati Pambisita (3 days ago)
Quedó exactamente igual
White Steve Harvey (3 days ago)
THIS is the Spider-Man suit
badr (3 days ago)
Gilbet Sanchez (3 days ago)
They show a fight scene the bad guy come out to fight with spider Man
ZallowGaming (3 days ago)
nederlands iemand?
Mikey' Millers (3 days ago)
Wouldve been cool if he did flips too
Is dit nederlands??
JugheadJones67 (4 days ago)
I just want to know where i can buy that muscle suit
Pritivi Parsad (4 days ago)
That's costume rock like if agree so that they can know
Sadman Samin Khan (4 days ago)
1:22 😂😂😂😂lolololol
The way the suit was flopping at :50
Wesley meijer (4 days ago)
nederlander mooi man
SuperCool Gamer5 (4 days ago)
His body shape looks EXACTLY like the real Spider-Man’s!
Eneyda Venegas (4 days ago)
Captain BlackScrote (4 days ago)
The kids were surprised due to that big ass bugle in your suit.
SALAMANDER 0936 (4 days ago)
John Alexander Viza (4 days ago)
el traje es igual al de la película tal cual
Your Everyday Furry (4 days ago)
what sort of muscle suit was that? I need one
Jorick Bouw (4 days ago)
OMG je bent Nederlands
Cruz Bazan (4 days ago)
The suit gave me goosebumps, it is the perfect suit WOW!
Sandro Monbrun (5 days ago)
Je veux ce costume svp
akari (5 days ago)
Anjali Vijeesh (5 days ago)
Njan ipo
Ok one of Dem Bois better say "hi Tobey" or they all dead
john carter (5 days ago)
That Spider-Man costume looks extremely authentic. Well done.
Martoen (5 days ago)
Lol iemand uit nederland?
jackmichael espaillat (6 days ago)
Would you be kind enough to tell me where you could get that suit that goes before using the spiderman suit, that is, the musculature suit?
Rain Gamers (6 days ago)
Haha hij is NL
Davis Galindez (6 days ago)
The costume looks amazing just like the movie or even better with the muscle padding, but the only real problem was he should have done flips or came on down with a rope swinging to the podium, walk like Spider-Man too. But he just stranded there doing pretty much nothing :/
Mr. Trapezius (6 days ago)
Are you guys speaking Basque?
Armando Baad (6 days ago)
How do you breathe in that ?
Jose Barreto (7 days ago)
All the kids are blond lmao
Well if the Spanish army has Spiderman I guess the rest of the world is pretty fucked?
Ruslan Kuzmin (7 days ago)
ыпвыфячп опзм рвн пжрнлмпрдп п лпм авнмпдппнмап мозм
Ты крутой !
Dire (7 days ago)
10 years later... Kid: That spiderman was sooo fake..
Jags (7 days ago)
Ik hou van nederland
Colin Gamer (7 days ago)
Nederlands lik als je ook Nederlands bent
Thin stick...
Sambemyet Arzola (8 days ago)
Ah where is your glass
Gretha (8 days ago)
Ben je Nederlands?
Gretha (8 days ago)
looks like Real Spiderman
myrto xiradaki (8 days ago)
iBlqckGlez (8 days ago)
:'v Pobres niños que se creen que es Spiderman el Real cuando vean esto en un futuro su infancia se va a arruinar
Danny (8 days ago)
all I think of under that mask when I see it is....Toby Maguire.
Ignacy Cegiełka (8 days ago)
first minute so epic
Potato Tomato (8 days ago)
Plot twist: Radioactive spider bites him while climbing
Dom Bagnall (8 days ago)
He should do that again but this time venom fights him
Striker GK (8 days ago)
0:30 When u dont have any muscle
Jawad Alghamdi (8 days ago)
jesus christ thats cool
Bella Swan (8 days ago)
The suit is AMAZINGG
Aidan Animations (8 days ago)
When he was taking the pictures I wonder if he accidentally smiled
Azz Azz (8 days ago)
This is why every Spider-man movie fails, because their target audience has change towards kids
Fatma Elmekawi (8 days ago)
You are nl
Que web
Derpy_ ParrotBeak57 (9 days ago)
I would just be the kid in the back like “nice costume”
edson adami (9 days ago)
Dani Leno (9 days ago)
Gutjap. Spider😍😘
Cytron1515 (9 days ago)
This is the most accurate Spidey costume cosplay I've ever seen. So "Amazing" and "Spectacular."
FORTNITE Pl (9 days ago)
5:25 did she poop her pants :0
DVS Steel (10 days ago)
He looked so awkward moving in the suit, maybe the muscle suit underneath?
Cevorter (10 days ago)
If Danny is 5'10, I'd think he really is Spider-Man.
Lol Gamer (10 days ago)
He probably shit his pants on the stage
SonarZz (10 days ago)
Heil Hitler
J R (10 days ago)
The classic
Bivv93 (7 days ago)
good job. where was this costume from?
ansh Yadav (10 days ago)
I also want this costume
Mutulete Sonia (11 days ago)
Juanka bcn (11 days ago)
el puto traje es impresionante !!!!
Anymation (11 days ago)
Do these kids even know the Tobey Maguire spiderman
Walter Harris (11 days ago)
3:14 the kids are chanting spiderman's name!!!
SlowBrony (11 days ago)
I just got caught in a web of feels ;A;
Obaidullah Khan (11 days ago)
MVOETBAL2 (11 days ago)
e boy is in nederland 😂
Milkyway900 (11 days ago)
One if the kids said THAT'S THE REAL SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!
Sjors games (11 days ago)
hun zijn nederlands!
Milkyway900 (11 days ago)
This is the Netherlands not spain cuz I'm from the Netherlands
Marc Jungblut (12 days ago)
Whered you get the suite?
Miles Morales (12 days ago)
Likes als je Nederlands ben :)
AngelAbreu (12 days ago)
So heart-warming
Tom Driesen (12 days ago)
Is the language not dutch? Why is there spannish in the description?

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