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How to Have a Body That Drives Women Crazy | The Ideal Body TYPE Women Want

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Text Comments (2213)
Saidur Rahman (1 day ago)
man said N*g*a at 0:02 . what a pussio
Tim Lemmens (5 days ago)
Hair removal cream is really bad for your skin though
TheGreat IndianNinja (6 days ago)
Sponser ad ends at 4:10 like if I was helpful
Luisdi 098 (9 days ago)
shave my chest hair? do not ask me to stop being a man
James Remus (10 days ago)
Really Jose..........US........regular guys?! Your so modest. But let’s be honest, you above average bruh.
Jashwanth S.R (10 days ago)
I wish I had Ariana grande as my girlfriend
ivan maldonado campos (12 days ago)
sorry but you should not put yourself as an example .. you are far from having an ideal body
I don’t care what a mans body looks like. To me everyone is perfect & I’d gladly pick the chubby guy over the skinny one, just charm me with your personality .
Rational Mind (15 days ago)
This guy is product seller lol
Clorox Bleach (15 days ago)
Skinny nigga dick Long
nikhil khode (17 days ago)
Hey, jose Thanks for your videos We appreciate your work😉
Brandon J (17 days ago)
Some honesty to girls not liking too much muscle. My wife always liked my physique. Have exercised and been fit all my life. Got into bodybuilding about 4 years ago and she hates how big I am. I don't give a shit though. I like being big.
Muhammed Bello (19 days ago)
Hay thanks
Tobi O (20 days ago)
"What's up it's your boy Jose nigga" what...0:01
pHL (21 days ago)
Hi guys. Take a look at my sick 7 months body transformation
Hani Hsn (22 days ago)
I think you 're being silly. Your hypotheses don't hold true for long... Women may want a competent man ;)
PlainWhiteRice (24 days ago)
Would the hair removal cream work down below the belt also? Thanks
cjrafhmmd (25 days ago)
Jose the nigga
Robin Nikula (26 days ago)
Haha not sponsred by hairremoving cream 2:28
Sam Gabriel (26 days ago)
Ok lets talk hair.... How come many westerns insist on shaving their chests and maybe legs like women but keep that nasty bush under their arms grow forever, how the fuck does that make any sense ?!?...
Antonis Mentonis (28 days ago)
Guys jump off a cliff u will become more handsome trust me on this ever girl will like
Pez (30 days ago)
*Girls don't care about body type much, they care about big dick mostly and money*
Dank (30 days ago)
Is this tom ellis in thumbnail
Sipho Sikakane (1 month ago)
Men are drawn to certain body features that signal health and fertility like YoU kNoWwWwW
かわいいYerii (1 month ago)
Do u even have a girlfreund??😂😂
usquanigo (1 month ago)
This is just a commercial for a cream. And advertizers aim to convince people to buy whatever it is they are trying to sell.
Jason Sorhaindo (1 month ago)
I thought you said in one video, never shave your legs, now in this video you said u can use the cream on your legs , wow!💭mind blowing
NoName :3 (1 month ago)
Do you have a girlfriend?
good looking teeth~
Samuel D Sanchez (1 month ago)
Whatever you said in this video is just %100 Correct information bruh most of Girls Love Lean Body (i guess)
Leo Huynh (1 month ago)
Can I put that hair removal cream my ass ????????
the good side (1 month ago)
I just wanna know who the man in the thumbnail is
cave man (1 month ago)
those thumbs down knows you are still masturbating ALONE... pity... rethink the way you make your suck videos
Vankar Vikas (1 month ago)
Hey dude! You have cool hair style can you plz give me any idea for hairstyles like you
Igor Sidelkovsky (1 month ago)
This is glorious, I've been looking for "am i skinny fat bodybuilding" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Monamilla Zoylena Smasher - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.
xrey2000 (1 month ago)
This is all bullshit the only thing men have work on is how to make their wallet thicker.
X xSkirtMaster69x X (1 month ago)
This guy reminds me of IAmAlpha
Roshan Sahu (1 month ago)
hey but what in india 🇮🇳?
robert ford (1 month ago)
DYEL cope
Young Skywalker (1 month ago)
But if ure fat?
Vibhav Dubey (1 month ago)
Aam Sam (1 month ago)
Aam Sam (1 month ago)
Did he said the n word ?
ivan belikov (1 month ago)
But i want to drive you crazy.
Godofgames 55 (1 month ago)
Nishan Abraham (1 month ago)
His neck is so smallll
Ck Vishnu (1 month ago)
Any girls watch this video?😊😊😊😊
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (1 month ago)
Man this is gay af
Deathrape2001 (1 month ago)
B.S. ~ The guy on the right in the preview image looks better than the 1 in the middle. What's gross 2 some girls is tats & veins & the 'fried dried prune' thing a lot of 'toil face' body builders have (if they prefer smooth).
Syed Tabish (1 month ago)
what a nice commercial
GLOBAL TECH (2 months ago)
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Kendrik Doughty (2 months ago)
What if I want to be big?
Valerie & Kiko (2 months ago)
No...A woman like a man, man do not shave, women shave. Be a man, be secure of your self, good shape, and woman will love your chest as natural can be. If you shave to like women you just prove that you are a pussy. Athletes shave for competition, Ladies shave to appear feminine.....MAN DO NOT SHAVE
Punith Kumar (2 months ago)
Bro whts you're name,?
Juan Diego Arenas (2 months ago)
Can you shave your face with that cream?
Dennis Davis (2 months ago)
asdfkie (2 months ago)
I rather you have YouTube ads at the beginning or end than sell dumbass products in every video
asdfkie (2 months ago)
That cream looks nasty lol u should do fewer sponsors
Cameron Eledge (2 months ago)
what about tips for cutting belly fat?
Joshua Edwards (2 months ago)
don't have to have a body 2 get women bro 😂😂 it's all about personality
Dark Worldxxx (2 months ago)
Groom your hair. Manscape. Smell good. Excercise.
Kortlyn Charlot (2 months ago)
Your and arrogant individual and it’s sad that people actually think the shit your saying is bible !!!! If a person like you because of your body then what else are you going to build on ??? Grow tf up and make videos of substance stick to teaching young men how to dress
vinodh babu (2 months ago)
Ivan oru loosupundai( this guy is a futile cunt)
William Blake (2 months ago)
God I hate this douche bag
ranveer bhondoe (2 months ago)
What's the difference between your crush and a girl you wished was your girlfriend????
Ryan Karaya (2 months ago)
Not true man
DonPascquale (2 months ago)
do you even lift bro?!? who cares about girls, you look like a fucking stick....
Eduardo Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Dude...why did u use jen-lo picture....i think shes wash up.
TheMexicanJesus (2 months ago)
If you trim your chest hairs right then women well find that sexy like a trimmed beard you hairless thot.
4 9 0 L L 0 2 2 (2 months ago)
Y'all already no I'm not finna do this stuff
logiebear gaming (2 months ago)
If you want good gym clothes to wear to the gym check out teamphysiq.com/loganxsaunders and use LOGAN1 for 10% off
Takács András (2 months ago)
Why to drive crazy women with your body when you can do the same with men? Come on guys, don't waste your life on staff don't give a real value.
Gio Vilomar (2 months ago)
does this guy have an ad in every one of his vidoes. ugh
Melancholia (2 months ago)
Straight Woman*
Caner Ayyildiz (2 months ago)
Girls like the dad bod
Prophet T (2 months ago)
I am skinny fat and women likes me.
Evan Barrett (2 months ago)
Aren’t you single
Rahman Saiyan (2 months ago)
Kwadwo Oppong (2 months ago)
Your right
Lil Fliq (2 months ago)
Holy shit he got 8 packs
Nightfallingofthesky (2 months ago)
I like how he slaps his packs 😅
B. brothers (2 months ago)
Certain features , like u know
Bao Xiong (2 months ago)
Captain America body :)
Alexis Creamer (2 months ago)
U guys, u don't have to do this. Be u. Or do this for u not a girl. If she only likes u for ur body, then she's not the one. 💜
Tareq A.R (2 months ago)
The last point, u didn’t say how?!
QuWack (2 months ago)
Homosexual af
Terrance Whitted (2 months ago)
Fuck what they like
Matthew Berezowski (2 months ago)
You have good shoulders, what do you do?
Nevan7116 (2 months ago)
Just go to the gym.
Benjamin Monessa (2 months ago)
Never use the cream, its terrible for your skin. You might develop rashes like I did, and it'll literally make the most uncomfortable week of your life. Guys trust me, Just trim, it keeps some of that masculine look while also showing off definition. Using the cream is just terrible, it burns and it itches. Shaving can cause razor bumps if your skin isn't used to it, so I'd say the first 6-8 times shaving, you'll be in pain, but then your skin gets used to it. If you must be hairless, shave if you're on a budget, laser hair remove if you aren't. If you don't mind having a little hair, trim. Personally , I think trimming is better, girls won't mind it, it shows off definition, and you won't ever be in pain... win win situation right?
bla bla ra bla bla bla (2 months ago)
girls lies most of the time ask them when they are drunk and high they will tell the truth
Patrick Star (2 months ago)
Will that hair removal cream work on ass?
Jok3r (15 days ago)
Patrick Star most deff ⭐️
How to be sexy in front of school girls below 16 year plz tell bro
Sycamore Tree (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is so true I'm a woman too btw
Layla Myangel (2 months ago)
As a woman, I have to say: the more muscles you have, the more chicks you get. Like I'm in love with a lot of wrestlers like Batista!
Raul Huerta (11 days ago)
Layla Myangel just cause you love big muscular oversized guys doesn’t mean every other girl does. That’s just your opinion not a fact
Blue Nimbus (2 months ago)
Layla Myangel As an individual, I don’t find large muscles overly attractive, unless I’m in a submissive mood. But that’s just me.
Haris Imran (2 months ago)
Man im so glad i subbed to you. You're so much better than other YouTubers.
Caleb Augustine (2 months ago)
Excellent advice man
cesar d leon (2 months ago)
I used to remove my chest hair. But my wife told me to keep it =)
Tommy Kennedy (2 months ago)
Lol I’ve have yet to meet a woman who prefers a man with no body hair. I’m not saying let it run wild by any means. but little boys have no body hair women don’t date little boys...
- KogenoDo - (2 months ago)
not sponsored 😂

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