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ELEV8 Glassblowing - Jeff E - Glass Sherlock Pipe #P96

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Thanks for Riding the Wave! This video features 7th Floor Vapes and ELEV8 Glassblower, Jeff E., working on the torch, creating a custom glass pipe #96. For more info or to view our catalog of custom glass accessories, please visit us at http://7thfloorvapes.com/index.php/se... Subscribe and Ride the Wave! LIKE us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7thFloorVapes FOLLOW on Instagram & Twitter: @7thfloorvapes
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Lord Dice X (7 months ago)
I've never thought of pouring frit into the bubble for an inside out piece. Love it.
Lord Dice X (7 months ago)
7thFloorVapes definitely, I always love watching masters and learning new tricks.
7thFloorVapes (7 months ago)
Pretty slick, right? These guys are total studs. We're really blessed to have them on our team!
jordan baker (1 year ago)
hey what are the little salt crystals he poored into the piece in the beginning?
7thFloorVapes (8 months ago)
Those are glass crystals of color. Putting the crystals into the glass and then heating them to point of melting allows our team of glassblowers to add color to your custom pieces. It's the color you see the glass turning into as the video progresses. Hope that helps!! Have you joined our #ELEV8THECITY giveaway? It's FREE and EASY to win big, EVERY MONTH! Check it out here: http://www.elev8presents.com/giveaway
Nick G (2 years ago)
how much

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