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Did Boys' Life Reveal Nintendo's E3 Plans for Animal Crossing & Pikmin Switch? We Asked: Nope

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The latest issue of Boys' Life magazine seemingly dropped some major news about Nintendo's E3 plans, including that pikmin & Animal Crossing would be announced for Nintendo Switch. But is it real, or just conjecture? Source: of Magazine Scan: http://gonintendo.com/stories/280963-now-boy-s-life-is-getting-in-on-the-e3-speculation --------------------------------- Follow GameXplain! --------------------------------- ➤ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/GameXplain ➤ FACEBOOK:: http://www.facebook.com/gamexplain ➤ TWITTER: http://twitter.com/GameXplain ➤ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gamexplain_official ➤ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/108004348435696627453 ⮞ Support us by shopping @ Play-Asia- http://www.play-asia.com/?tagid=1351441 ⮜
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Text Comments (596)
Cuitlahuac Avila (7 months ago)
I have never played a Pikmin game before. Hope I can play this one.
Pixel smasher 998 (8 months ago)
I honestly get boys life magazine and I was like ok Odyssey Splatoon ok..... the Animal crossing showed up but then when u said it was not confirmed I was sad but before I ran around my house the same way I did when smash switch was revealed lol
JimtendoMan (8 months ago)
Man I forgot about Boys Life.
David Newbon (8 months ago)
Yoshi 2018????
Travis Touchdown (8 months ago)
I bet pikmin is gonna happen b4 metroid prime 4.
Leanne B. (1 year ago)
e3 came and went, and no mention of Animal Crossing or Pikmin. Boys' Life? more like Boys' End cause those muthafuckas' are done amirite bois?
Voltabulous (1 year ago)
Hey GameXplain, I shared proof on Pikmin World (working title) last week and you remove my comment???
Michael Jacobs (1 year ago)
I think they did slip up and are now trying to save face. Same thing happened last year when that you company slipped up and said that they heard Sony was reviving Crash Bandicoot. When they were asked to clarify they essentially gave the same response Boy's Life is giving now.
Poly Bent (1 year ago)
I'm actually in Boy Scouts but I never knew they would do something like that. A scout is trustworthy
Robert Meme (1 year ago)
The magazines name is fucking Boy's Life lmao
Luckymation! (1 year ago)
Ye i saw that in a magazine called boys life and looked it up
Jakruby 123 (1 year ago)
it would be cool to get an animal crossing announced but I know I shouldn't get my hopes up yet. it's only been what?, about 4 years since New leaf was released so I think maybe they could wait another 2 years or so
Yasaal A. (1 year ago)
I want a new Metroid but Nintendo should really announce a Pokemon game. #RIPSharePrices
Scott Madden (1 year ago)
I thought that was just Critical Research Failure, since there's going to be the AC mobile game and Hey, Pikmin. They also called Zelda's paraglider a hang glider and mentioned Rita instead of Vah Ruta on the next page.
Blargensnorf (1 year ago)
i feel like this is just a case of it being misspoken, as the latter two games ARE going to be getting new titles, just not on the switch
Danee G (1 year ago)
Boi, I'm in for Pikmin and Animal Crossing
peacorptv (1 year ago)
I don't think this is true. Splatoon 2 will already be out by e3 so it won't be featured.
KrispyKrabby (1 year ago)
Israel Ambrosio (1 year ago)
Which to buy🤔🤔🤔🤔 Animal Crossing? Monster Hunter XX? Breath of the Wild?
Cynical Jestmaster (1 year ago)
*sees pikmin in title "O MAH GAWD" *it's just conjecture "SHIET"
Jamie Rooney (1 year ago)
MeTa Crystal (1 year ago)
"so alot of people have been wondering"
fawfulthegreat64 (1 year ago)
Well, it could've been that someone with Boy's Life received information that there was a NDA for, but the writer didn't get the memo on that and it slipped out. Naturally, they wouldn't confirm the truth to it if asked, since it would've just gotten them into even more hot water with Nintendo. Just a guess, could be completely false as well. Not that it really matters to me, Odyssey alone will be enough but I do hope Superstar Saga DX is shown too :)
Jack Son (1 year ago)
They don't, but here's something interesting. Japanese My Nintendo accounts received emails about doubutsu no mori- I'm one of them. They wanted to know which games in the series I owned, why I play, who I play with, if I follow their Animal Crossing Twitter account, some pretty detailed stuff that's WAY MORE in depth than what an app would be. I find it a bit odd they specifically did that game.
Nicholas Corden (1 year ago)
Probably the mobile game for Animal Crossing and Hey Pikmin on 3DS. I wouldn't bother getting hopes up.
Zeraki (1 year ago)
Boys' Life does video game news now? Don't think I ever saw them do an article like that when I was still active in Scouts.
Jordan Warren (1 year ago)
Magolor Soul (1 year ago)
Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing?! We need a god damed Animal Crossing for the Switch, Gaaaaaahhhh!!!
The WaPikmin (1 year ago)
Switch games that need to be confirmed pikmin 4, Jyrule Warriors Switch, Smash 5, a good Mario Party, Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 3
Retro Hero 276 (1 year ago)
I'm not into Animal Crossing but I know it's big with fans and one on Switch will be huge. If a new Golden Sun is announced at E3 I'll die of hype
KEV MK89 (1 year ago)
stez (1 year ago)
If a new animal crossing is revealed at e3 i'm gonna cry
Orionjustmelted (1 year ago)
Boy's Life also stated that Zelda BotW was gonna arrive in 2015 with multiplayer and they called Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric the GotY.
Felinara (1 year ago)
as much as i hope to play Switch Animal Crossing, i feel it's better to save it for next year x )" i could take a teaser or two, but this year is set well enough for big first-party titles as is!
Zane Bendel (1 year ago)
In other words clickbait lol
Hank Hill (1 year ago)
I swear if Animal Crossing on the switch is a real thing I can die a happy man. What I would like to see though: I would like an even more robust village creation tool, you get a blank plot of land and you get to sculpt the land and decide where houses can be placed, cannot be placed,place trees, ect.... Maybe even pick which starting villagers you want
Reece (1 year ago)
shoot! i want Pikmin 4 on Switch!!!
SkywardPrimeGalaxy (1 year ago)
It sucks that people are actually _looking_ for ways to leak the E3 lineup just to spoil it for themselves and others. Is there no fun in surprises anymore?
Nicko The Fish (1 year ago)
Welp time for the yearly unsubscribe :/ you guys should really develop some kind of method for spoilers. You spoiled most of the surprises in breath of the wild within the first 2 weeks. and you spoil literally every surprise announcement which is one of the best parts about being a Nintendo fan.
Shoo hoo (1 year ago)
animal crossing amiibo festive 2.0
You made me click. (1 year ago)
I still have a subscription to their magazine. The only section in each monthly that was consistently shit however, was the games page. Thanks for clarifying things, GX.
MrJack8700 (1 year ago)
Assholes! (Boys Life not GameXplain)
T Ciao (1 year ago)
Why did you post this if it's just conjecture Andre? Did you do it just so people would stop telling you about it?
Rugal Bernstein (1 year ago)
Seems possible that those would eventually come to switch anyway, the question is more of a "when?" Than a "will it?" Imo
I literally read that magazine at north pointe today! 😀😀😀
Mike Du Pont (1 year ago)
Jared Fogle use to read that magazine.
TheKahunaLagoona (1 year ago)
I honestly find Animal Crossing being announced to be... Well a little too much, considering the team behind Splatoon was comprised of some of Animal Crossing's key members - hence why we had amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer and not a Wii U title in 2015 (also, there was only two years after New Leaf's release...) since those games were likely low-key projects. Since Splatoon 2 has yet to be released, and I believe ARMS might be also developed with the same members in tact as well, that Animal Crossing for Switch would still have to be in the planning stages at this point - Meaning it should be a year before we see a new Animal Crossing.
Platinum Knight (1 year ago)
I would think that maybe they meant Animal Crossing on Mobile since it's still coming out for it...
Yamazake Whitesky (1 year ago)
a clickbait title that has the answer to the clickbait hook in the title itself? that's interesting XD
Giovanni_387 : (1 year ago)
how much you wanna bet its animal crossing for moblie...
Poketto (1 year ago)
Pikmin was the first NX game announced. Animal Crossing mobile confirmed to connect with Switch. It's not conjecture, it's observational.
Gregbob Friedpants (1 year ago)
I REALLY want a new animal crossing and/or metroid title
HardcoreMetal89 (1 year ago)
if they release Pikmin on the Switch I'm sold. I'll buy it straight away.
Naiji (1 year ago)
lol at people believing Hey! pikmin is pikmin 4.
TC MACK (1 year ago)
I think this is real. I fully expected Pikmin and I assumed that Animal Crossing could be announced.
Christian Perez (1 year ago)
leak explain at it again. This happens every year. Leaks aren't worth your time. Also they can potentially ruin the surprise for any big reveals.
Timm8o 2.0 (1 year ago)
Fun fact: Boy's Life predicted Mario Maker for the 3DS.
Kongu_ Inika (1 year ago)
damn, no Metroid.
Arturo Chavez (1 year ago)
Super smash bros switch import. Please god
Fernando Erazo (1 year ago)
Gamexplain, did you noticed Monster Hunter XX has been announced for switch? (at least for japan). I will be playing this even if i cant read japanese
Mint Fox (1 year ago)
I mean at least wait until Hey Pikmin comes out before thinking they're gonna announce another pikmin game.
Bearded Gamer (1 year ago)
I really hope this rumor is real!
sakon10 (1 year ago)
FamousSaturn (1 year ago)
Damn clickbait
Jackurai (1 year ago)
Lol!! I can't believe people actually read the gaming section of boy's life. I mostly remember that being garbage
Philip J. Fry II (1 year ago)
A new animal crossing? Time to relax with a kicking OST!!! >u< I hope!
RogueWhovian (1 year ago)
Does anyone else unsub from all Nintendo channels a month before E3 to avoid spoilers
just a random guy (1 year ago)
I want a pokemon game
Casual Archeops 312 (1 year ago)
Animal Crossing needs to come to Switch!
Hans Joachim Olsen (1 year ago)
i hope theyll be adding a new wario ware game aswell
Lord Glyph (1 year ago)
Dude, once when I was a kid and still read Boy's Life, there was a little thing about Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask in the gaming section. What's funny is that was before Last Specter was released. I still don't know how they knew...
Dr. Alligator (1 year ago)
Lol I already saw this. The people at boy's life don't know crap. When breath of the wild was first shown in the tiny teaser they made up a bunch of stuff like it will have multiplayer. Smh
cripplepickle87 (1 year ago)
probs not true
animalcrossingdude01 (1 year ago)
As much as I DESPERATELY want an Animal Crossing game for the Switch, I don't think it'll be announced at E3, because they're making an Animal Crossing app. But, hey, I hope I'm wrong.
Jude Cox (1 year ago)
Dang it, I was really excited for a new Animal Crossing!
Anderson Indikator (1 year ago)
2 hour discussion incoming
Linking-Yellow (1 year ago)
I like how you believe them. I mean they probably wouldn't know that kind of information, but if they did mess up, they're not going to tell you they did that.
Ember-Wisp (1 year ago)
NINTENDO! please let me choose where my animals move in so I don't have to cry over my beautiful flower garden being smashed by a random house! PLEASE!!!
TheChazzyC (1 year ago)
The Switch is a home console
TheChazzyC (1 year ago)
The Switch is a home console
ty robin (1 year ago)
just hope
Prescott (1 year ago)
0:33 "launced"?
roynel Rivera (1 year ago)
guys calm down my view on this is just he meant the animal crossing app and the 3ds pikmen
Milo Carpenter (1 year ago)
Damn trolls!
elemomnialpha (1 year ago)
At least they have enough brain power to know that Pokemon wouldn't be there unlike some idiots
baconbro (1 year ago)
Thanks for making you title a question AND it's answer.
Kobuna (1 year ago)
When's E3? like whats the exact date?
JaboThunder (1 year ago)
They said the Xbox Scorpio was going to be the star of the show.... Bwahahahahaha!
Julio Sanchez (1 year ago)
Maybe they were thinking of the mobile game animal crossing
Clippy Nucleus (1 year ago)
Oscar Alvarado (1 year ago)
Today there are new "World of Pikmin" rewards in My Nintendo though...
555redkid (1 year ago)
I think they goofed, why else would they post about Animal Crossing and talk about a new Pikmin title being in the works if there isn't going to be a new one of each in the making...
NegaLimbo (1 year ago)
If none of that was confirmed, then what was the point of even uploading this video?
Michael Todd (1 year ago)
OMFG I have this magazine.
Clone (1 year ago)
If I don't see a metroid game I will probably lose all hope in life
Corey Bloxham (1 year ago)
And it was just conjecture not surprised
Bruce Wayne (1 year ago)
All I care about is bayonetta 3, animal crossing, and smash for switch
Luke Jolly (1 year ago)
I was going to say, theres no reason Boys Life of all things would have an inside scoop on what is I’m sure a very closely guarded secret at Nintendo right now.
Knightmayor (1 year ago)
Well thats disappointing the Switch really does need a new Metroid game to attract more consumers.
AuraMaster (1 year ago)
I came here for pokemon .....nothing

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