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VS "Favorite Things" Commercial (Holiday 2012) - 60 secs

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Text Comments (54)
Katemi van Osch (7 months ago)
0:17 Heavenly Face
LaNel Scott (9 months ago)
THIS IS VICTORIA SECRET!!! Not the tweens they have now!!!!!!
Jordana Brasileira (1 year ago)
Who's the first girl?
Laura Leech (7 months ago)
Jordana Brasileira Barbara Palvin
mymidgetbae (1 year ago)
Barbara would be twice as big as she is in the fashion industry had VS awarded her as an Angel.
Citra Arum (1 year ago)
Barbara is so seductive and remember, she was only 18/19 here
Naty Shi (2 years ago)
all these beauties... VS baby.
Xiomara Salinas (2 years ago)
Behati ruins this plane Jane she is below average. Candice bores me as f. Always the same face expression looking like she wants to get laid so bad. Doutzen a true beauty, Erin looks like a real Barbie doll, Barbara just amaze me. Candice is overrated
Luz González (2 years ago)
Agree! I love Candice but VS always focus everything on her so much. Sad they didn't give Doutzen more spotlight. She deserved.
sluhttp (2 years ago)
Bring Barbara Palvin back please
Lucila Salinas (7 days ago)
sluhttp wish came true
lllunacyy (3 years ago)
I love Barbra but Candice Is my fav
Hinse (2 years ago)
+Peachy Milk barbra is far better.
Adriana Lima Lover (3 years ago)
This is the most magicial commerical they have. golden . hotties in bras and panties . my dream is to be a angel
adige pshase (3 years ago)
i just love barbara
Floor Kruijne (4 years ago)
what's the name of the model at 0:03?
Envy (2 years ago)
+Floor Kruijne Barbara Palvin<3
fendi -books (4 years ago)
I love barbara !!! :D please take her back!!
Marc (4 years ago)
name of the songs? pliss.
SassyAndAlwaysClassy (4 years ago)
Favorite things...have you never seen the sound of music?
Mai Vang (4 years ago)
why is Candice always in the Victoria secret commercial
Laura Leech (7 months ago)
Mai Vang because the public and the people behind Victoria's secret fell in love with her because she's so damn gorgeous
I love Candice (2 years ago)
+Aileen M bárbara no is a ángel is a invited
Aileen M (3 years ago)
+Gaby Vargas only angels are in them
Gabriela Küllen (3 years ago)
Because she's a Victoria secret model , why else wouldn't she be on a Victoria secret commercial ?. 😑
Emerson Santillan (4 years ago)
because no one can be like her!! i mean that body!! and barbara has the most beautiful face ever that has a media impact !!!! 
snowhite24 (4 years ago)
wish Vs takes back Barbara...she is so Flawless.
Estella Maree (4 years ago)
Barbara Palvin is breathtaking! Please bring her back! PLEASE PLEASE
jessicamaes94 (4 years ago)
To the person who said Barbara is fat. How the hell can you tell her body size from this video alone? You can only see her upper body which doesn't tell you shit! LOL
Ed Brown (4 years ago)
Barbara Palvin is gorgeous!
Annabel Uwaemenyi (5 years ago)
Cristian Quecan (5 years ago)
Where is Lais?
kingslate1 (5 years ago)
doutzen is a goddess
xlineman29 (5 years ago)
these girls are so fucking hot its ridiculous
Desireé Ramírez (5 years ago)
She is not fat, having a healthy body doesn't mean she is fat. -_-
Lena Hagmann (5 years ago)
Sure a Victoria Secret model is fat .. I wish I was that fat -.- gosh ...
Belen Gallardo (5 years ago)
Barbara is beautiful but she is fat $:
webb thorson (5 years ago)
Hate Candice love Barbara...
xtinkerbloomx (5 years ago)
Kim Charita (5 years ago)
Sammy Munch (6 years ago)
My favorite commercial done by VS! Perfect song for this too, and beautiful models!
OfficialGoodMannered (6 years ago)
So proud of barbara! been following her since she started modelling!!
Cassidy S (6 years ago)
Barbara <3
Kandy Krush (6 years ago)
Woof. Imma watch it again. XP
radioboy12397 (6 years ago)
best 60 seconds of my life
Richard68434 (6 years ago)
Blondes! :P
kissymissy451 (6 years ago)
Kimber Bauer (6 years ago)
behati looks great in this vid
Valdo Cafe (6 years ago)
If you guys like this song, there is an even more amazing version by Sarah Vaughan, check it out.
Valdo Cafe (6 years ago)
right? I also thought it was Lana
17teacmrocks (6 years ago)
0:55 my harem <3-<3
Michelle Espinoza (6 years ago)
I thought this was Lana Del Rey at first but then afterwards the singer sounded different. Glad I found the song though thanks to VS commercials
ohantoinette (6 years ago)
Amazing!!! What's the name of song? Great match.

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