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Calculus - Derivatives - Quotient-Product Chain Rule (1 of 4)

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Visit http://ilectureonline.com for more math and science lectures! This video is part of an eight 8 part lecture series on derivatives. Different algebraic expressions require different techniques in order to discover their derivation. I encourage you to watch the whole series and familiarize yourself with each technique as calculus is the key to understanding pretty much everything about the world!
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Text Comments (34)
(1 month ago)
Nice style
Tooba Usman (2 months ago)
Next part?
Ronnie Mariscal (3 months ago)
Its not easy!
Cryptic Complex (10 months ago)
D Kohn (11 months ago)
Exactly what I've been looking for, thanks.
baldy hardnut (11 months ago)
I understand this quite well know van biezen it took me a while to get on how to do the factorising exactly. I recon if you explain how you do factorising for these problems youre videos will be even better.
Steven Jonas (3 months ago)
I'm having an issue with how he factored the first part of the first term. The exponent decreased from 3 to 2. How??
Yuri Dob (1 year ago)
Great example, thank you.
Bryan (1 year ago)
The audio is really quiet.
Bryan (1 year ago)
The sound was quiet on my speakers but perfect on my headphones.
nicholas nyongesa (1 year ago)
thank you so much
enock todonyang (1 year ago)
thank you you've made it easier nyce job
Zachary P (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Ceci Mendoza (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for your video, I totally understand now!
Mohan7 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the recap at the end. I needed that !
P2 Salam (1 year ago)
Thank you Sir... u make me easy to understand 🤗🤗
Waliur Rahman (8 months ago)
Very helpful thanks- wali, Dhaka
Jayymes (1 year ago)
would the final answer be (x^3+5x^2)(x^2-3x)[4x^4+24x^3-69x^2] ?
kalisahhh (1 year ago)
your video helped me so much! thankyouuu!
D.S (1 year ago)
this is actually the best math video i have ever watched thank you so much
Ed Man (2 years ago)
you're one of the best out there good job!
Ahmet Omer Ozgen (2 years ago)
I have started to watch your videos at x1.25 speed. :D optimum speed :D
Artur Dorovskikh (2 years ago)
I at x2.5 speed all videos :)
Josh R (2 years ago)
"Let me show you some examples of this." then the video ends at 5:57.... Where is the rest of the video?
Michel van Biezen (2 years ago)
Did you look at the other 3 videos of this topic:  CALCULUS 1 CH 3 DERIVATIVES, TECHNIQUES OF DIFFERENTIATION  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX2gX-ftPVXWLOmcSyFlQQ2ueMNZrOKV_     (that is where the other examples are)
Syed Jaffer Zaidi (2 years ago)
You voice like Vince McMahon (WWE)
Anthony Raymundo (2 years ago)
Thank you very much, Sir, Really helpful
Thank you so much!! Really helpful!
حنان العمري (2 years ago)
think you very much ( I am students from Dubai ) ^_____^
Michel van Biezen (2 years ago)
+‫حنان العمري‬‎ Glad to "meet" you. Welcome to the channel.
Eko susanto (3 years ago)
Thank you for your video.
Burrahboy (3 years ago)
Thank-you very much
KJ Heitkamp (4 years ago)
So much help!

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