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STOP Wearing the Wrong Underwear! | The Right Boxers, Briefs, Or Trunks For Your Body Type

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Real Men Real Style (14 days ago)
Did I miss anything on the list? *WATCH NEXT: $10 Vs. $100 Underwear | Is It Worth It?* - https://youtu.be/oSofMqrKgLI https://taniusa.com/pages/rmrs-specia... - Click here to claim your 2-for-1 deal from TaniUSA! Thanks, Tani for being the paid sponsor for today's post! https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mens... - click here to read the article, Right Underwear For Your Body Type. Video Summary: 0:26 - Body Type #1 - The Big Man 0:38 - Body Type #2 - The Man With Wide Hips 0:51 - Body Type #3 - The Muscular Man 1:11 - Body Type #4 - The Fit Man 1:24 - Body Type #5 - The Thin Man 1:40 - Underwear Style #1 - Boxers 1:54 - Underwear Style #2 - Boxer Briefs 2:10 - Underwear Style #3 - Trunks 2:22 - Underwear Style #4 - Briefs 4:08 - What Should The Big Man Wear? 5:51 - What Should the Man With Wide Hips Wear? 6:59 - What Should the Muscular Man Wear 7:34 - What Should the Fit Man Wear? 8:30 - What Should the Thin Man Wear
ITSSAAJJ (21 days ago)
Real Men Real Style 1:54
ITSSAAJJ (21 days ago)
Real Men Real Style briefts
Vincent van Hoogdalem (5 months ago)
Yeah, where are the thongs? I always wear those...
Gururaj Wakchaure (7 months ago)
My height is five feet 10 inch and my weight is 85. I've circular body type what shall I do rmrs
FreedomSlaves (7 months ago)
Real Men Real Style why would I need to be supported hanging is comfort isn't it? We don't worry of sagging like breasts
Kyle Rogers (3 days ago)
I’ll stick with Shinesty for support of my boys thanks.
datage rrl (3 days ago)
andrew savoy (4 days ago)
isnt the point of underwear to keep the junk contained... boxers do nothing sksksksk
btszaynptx (1 day ago)
andrew savoy i guess people like freedom for everyday but yeah its annoying when doing a lot of physical activity
Kevin White (9 days ago)
“Style” means money. I’m a big guy and boxer briefs work good except for support. I’ll take support over a little rub anytime. After all, clothes protect the thighs.
Shadow Man (9 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation?.
moder123 (11 days ago)
Right underwear for your body type? Really?! This is absurd. Any individual should chose what THEY like and feel comfortable in. Not some douchebag video advising on what type works best for your body. Imbecile!!
Bosxy Bush (26 days ago)
Do you even wear formal to bed? I have never seen u wearing casual outfit. Can't say that you are a style guru. Haha
humanist atheist (29 days ago)
Im a fat guy. Thanx for addressing the issue of thighs rubbing against each other.
realityorfiction (1 month ago)
I just discovered boxer briefs and I love it. I used to wear boxers lol
unoriginal name (1 month ago)
I dont understand why anyone wears briefs. It looks ridiculous.
Its Emari (1 month ago)
Great video I needed this
Eli Cordero (1 month ago)
The underwear that I wear on a daily basis are boxer briefs but also wore trunks, thongs and briefs
mario marijan (1 month ago)
Casey Clymore (1 month ago)
This is dumb lol
Quentin Heard (1 month ago)
ok im a thin man, and i perfer trunks, especially brazilian trunks, there a bit smaller then normal trunks, i like papi and equipo brands also i stumbled on triangle briefs, there really comfortable, i perfer polyester, ice silk, and nylon, my girlfriend loves my underwear choices
Adam Dowd (1 month ago)
It is the fabric on the boxers and boxer briefs cause the Chafing he does know what he is talking about
TonyQuackston (1 month ago)
I usually just wear a fig leaf.
Apoorv Gautam (2 months ago)
So...boxer Briefs = Divine Approval
BlackBlizz259 (2 months ago)
i got the best underwears in the world i even get boner when i think of the underwear
spikefivefivefive (1 month ago)
Your mother's panties?
bex FX (2 months ago)
just wear some thongs if you can't find for the right underwear
MIchael Harrington (2 months ago)
And definitely use a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil daily... it will keep your penis skin irritation-free and also improve blood flow and hygiene. It is by far the best overall penis care product available. Check it out.
Kutty Mons (2 months ago)
What about Jockstrap and G-string ? I’m okay to demo if any merchandise able to deliver free sample or specially tailored for my little brown buns. Lol
Goldensunshield (2 months ago)
Boxer briefs are the best of both worlds. I sometimes wear boxers to bed because I like to sleep nude but a houseful of dudes kinda makes that impractical
Mass Lish (2 months ago)
Which is best ? Boxer type or briefs?
btszaynptx (1 day ago)
Mass Lish I like trunks
Francis Terpening (2 months ago)
Antonio - thank you so much for all these videos! I can't tell you how helpful they are.
JJ Potter (3 months ago)
CK Trunks are the best
Gonzalo Saldana (3 months ago)
Let me save you guys a few minutes boxer briefs is key
Deborah Kennedy (3 months ago)
Fit, thin Briefs
Sagar Thorat (3 months ago)
I thought this was for comfort and styling..but he's ranting about showing off.. who's going to be showing off to the world semi-naked in their underwear?
Jonathon Landell (3 months ago)
I'm 6' and 225 on the scale.  Big belly, not muscular.  I'm sick of underwear that has elastic around the waist that folds over double.  What's the solution?  The bulge at the belt line is pushing the elastic over double all the time.  Does all underwear do that, or not?
btszaynptx (1 day ago)
Jonathon Landell I'm definitely not tall, but I get the same folding with cheap underwear. I would say find low rise underwear because in my opinion the higher they are the more they fold
rabbitfishtv (3 months ago)
This video is annoying in three ways: the content, the style, and the intrusive ad. Nope.
Datone Plow (3 months ago)
Their isnt any specific underwear for a body type 😂😂😂
Raphael (3 months ago)
Toni, I like the underwear. Not sure about the service. Very difficult to reach someone. They send me the wrong colors. I feel like I have to jump through hoops to exchange them for what I asked for. Definitely not making additional purchases from them. Thanks for introducing us to this new material. You should've done research on the company a little better. Thanks anyway.
Bryan Cee (3 months ago)
Taking way too long to get to the point.
Adrian W. (3 months ago)
Our bodies tell us exactly what we feel the most comfortable wearing. We DON'T need a sponsored marketing hype. Save that for your own crotch.
Karl Palomo (3 months ago)
Thx ive been thinking for This
Jesus Quezada (4 months ago)
I prefer string bikini brief
Wayne Brown (4 months ago)
hasn't got a clue, how do you know how underwear fit on a fat Man, your not fat.
TAU (4 months ago)
Love this guy!
mediacenter man (4 months ago)
What a ridiculous video. What next? The right socks for your feet? Underwear is designed for anatomy not body shape! You are not going to wear boxers wearing tight pants or doing sport, regardless of your body shape. Wear what you want! And he forgot thongs. LMAO
Adriel Rowley (4 months ago)
I can't stand my biology crammed into underwear, when found out when 10 about boxers, wore those until lost weight. Now I wear thermals all year (people have the AC too cold) unless working outside, then back to boxers. Too bad they don't make underwear trim around the legs and relaxed in the groin.
Badsha Bhai (4 months ago)
whtsaap aao 8604021461
Sanjoy Sarkar (4 months ago)
No undies,,,at all,.
helookalikaman79 (4 months ago)
Antonio you missed a huge marketing opportunity for TaniUSA, you should have been wearing only their underwear in the video!
aji krisnantoro (4 months ago)
I'm no.2 and like wearing tight briefs not like trunk especialy boxer, my "P" should be messing around.
Ernesto Castro (4 months ago)
Agree! Larger men tend to wear small and tight, a big no
psychotic banana (4 months ago)
I wear boxer briefs
PhoneyMikey (5 months ago)
briefs are the best
Ethan K. (4 months ago)
PhoneyMikey bikini briefs?
harry pinto (5 months ago)
He's so hot that he should teach us by getting naked n guide us ant wearing right underwear 😊☺️
david power (5 months ago)
im an average body shape but have very large scrotum, only briefs give the best support around the crotch.
Nate Cox (5 months ago)
No offense, but it seems rather bias. Especially because it seems no matter what your build boxers aren't good. Correct me if I'm wrong though. :-)
Cristian Pillado (5 months ago)
Or you just by what’s comfortable.
highflow highflow (5 months ago)
agree for tin men a boxer is not fit well, they too large on the leg openings , result it is going to fit double in jeans. for some type of atletic tin men even womans underwear could fit exelent, great material too, just try and forget other people, if you feel happy noone should stop you from that. the problem is producers of mens underwear dont look further than average body type and dont care that much about how it fit.
Rehan Pathan (5 months ago)
Rehan pathan
singlecatt (6 months ago)
Tried em all and none are comfortable! You don't seem to take into account some men have bigger boys in their pants than most. They bind and pinch. Not comfortable at all comando is better and healthier
Nonya Busi (6 months ago)
Wear what is comfortable, period.
spacegreycoralred (6 months ago)
So as usual if you are fat.....we make nothing for you...
Mr Freeman (6 months ago)
The fit is what matters, not the style. $3 a pair or $30 most manufacturer's just can't seem to make a good pair of underwear consistently.
andrea miller (6 months ago)
I am a chick who wares boxer briefs as women's under ware are awful only built for looking like a granny or looking like a wana be hooker and so uncomfortable so I ware men's as they keep me from chafing and the actually help with moister control and Oder better than ladies . as what men ware for them selves I will not be with a guy who wares boxers tighty whiteys or weird ones that look like they are wearing a pathetic attempt at girls under pants my pref is boxer briefs trunks and manly briefs no tighty whites lol
Atech51 (6 months ago)
I prefer briefs. I tried trunks but I didn’t see the need for the extra material.
Martin Jones (6 months ago)
This video is so bad. It is obvious the conclusions he comes up with . Get a micro modal. Unless you are a larger man, where you shoulder a cotton lycra mix. Modal will degrade with the rubbing. And it is not as breathable as cotton. Boxers a just wrong fun stop. And saying "You wanna look good in front of your wife". Is the 1970 or 2018?
Justin Cadzow (6 months ago)
I like knit boxers , briefs and trunks I like fruit of the loom briefs and Gildan white briefs in boxer briefs Hanes , in trunks Joe boxers. But I would like to try jockey or clavin klien in briefs because Hanes can get uncomfortable. In knit boxers I like fruit of the loom and reason why I don't like regular boxers because they ride up my crouch when I move and sit. I like like briefs because of the support and boxer briefs give you the best of both worlds.
Jesus. Is your mama proud?
Christian Langfield (6 months ago)
I don't think anyone has talked about this but I think boxers are generally best for general day to day use unless you have a job in sports or suchlike where you need more support. The reason being that testosterone production is better if the testicles are about 2 degrees less than the body, that's why they hang down. With other styles of underwear, they end up pressed closer to the body and get warmer. I like to wear trunks for sports and also for times when the missus is going to see them but otherwise boxers are great and feel comfy too. I think there's more to life than wearing what looks the best regardless of function and other factors. Having a "what looks best" mentality on everything isn't always wise. There's often other factors that come into play.
Abigail (7 months ago)
Im a trans man i don't need support so i can wear anyoens but i don't what ones to wear
btszaynptx (1 day ago)
Abigail i think trunks look good
Dakota Colley (7 months ago)
Does anybody have a link for the olive drab trunks in the demonstration?
ponokunishima1 (7 months ago)
Thank you for this video, very informative, I’m probably going to now change my underwear drawer. However, I only wear briefs when I workout for the support.
just_2swift (7 months ago)
I free ball
Vasim Shaikh (7 months ago)
Hi there....I'm medium body type guy and I'm wearing brief so is it right.??? I tried boxer brief but it doesn't work because it's not proper support for me. So few days ago my cusion brothers said dont wear brief it's may be harful for mens(sperm count reduce, affect on power) so is it right...???????????
btszaynptx (1 day ago)
Vasim Shaikh only if they are too tight it can cause problems, if they fit well nothing bad will happen maybe try trunks too they have a little more room but still more supportive than boxer briefs
Its Emari (1 month ago)
Vasim Shaikh it does but just switch how what briefs to boxer briefs on certain days to avoid it.
Ethan K. (4 months ago)
Vasim Shaikh briefs are the best. I wear bikini briefs
I wear boxers
Pradeep S (7 months ago)
Its summer in India so what u say makes sense glad im here thank u👍👍
Hey Canada (7 months ago)
and how about colors....? ...always wear the multi colored ones ! .....no "white" undies please !!
A21 A21 (7 months ago)
Why does it matter if it is under your clothes
alpha1beta1gamma (7 months ago)
There's some crap on your left cheek
Mohamed Redha (8 months ago)
You forgot about the skinny-fat body type. People think I am in good shape when I wear clothes, they don't know how I look beneath them
evildigigenius (8 months ago)
What a load of rubbish
salman zaheer (8 months ago)
dan myers (8 months ago)
Anyone else the fitman like me and disagrees with this guys suggestion or ur just the fit man?
XBOXGAMING4888 (8 months ago)
I can only wear boxers all the others irritate me
XBOXGAMING4888 (8 months ago)
wear what's comfortable not stylish people aren't even going to see them (unless your having sex)
paul nadratowski (8 months ago)
Boxers.... yuck. Useless
H A Drawing (8 months ago)
felix126613 (8 months ago)
Wtf. I wear what I want to wear. Just crap what this video is
Frederick Calabrese (8 months ago)
Great looking pocket square.
Prince of subliminals (8 months ago)
is there an ice underwear with a fridge ... to keep it cool...
Pounce Onyou (9 months ago)
Underwear is for is for pussies.
TheMarkphilipcooper (9 months ago)
It's personal preferences, I'm wide hipped and I wear briefs! You don't know what I should wear! I'll wear what I want! 😂
Greg Cope (3 months ago)
Amen bro
Billel Brik (9 months ago)
trunks and briefs i like them
Sean Gilman (9 months ago)
Im not a big guy or small guy what should I wear
ZCMBeliever (9 months ago)
Great review, thank you
HBInc80 (9 months ago)
Trunks 👍🏽
Paul Herbst (9 months ago)
Diamond Emerald (9 months ago)
J Johnson (9 months ago)
I'm a bit heavy. By trial and error, I found boxer-briefs the best practical option. However, sometimes my body craves standard Jockey or Hanes tighty whities. They are my all time, most comfortable skivvies.
Paro Air (9 months ago)
I’m a generally fit guy from the UK who wears briefs, I’m 39 and always have worn them. They’re comfy, feel good and look good. It’s clear from your article that you favour boxer briefs. I think a lot of blokes prefer briefs due to the comfort and less material but are put off wearing them because of articles like this. It seems to be just the USA that has an issue with men wearing briefs while the rest of the world wears what they want, go figure.
Paul Russel (9 months ago)
???wait are people really this stupid that they have to be told what underwear to wear really wow
perfectdiamond32 (10 months ago)
No thongs!? You're a machismo man which is out of fashion these days!
Magnus Steinrud (10 months ago)
I wear boxers.
jopimp14 (10 months ago)
Boxers tend to rip between the legs. Unless it's stretch fabric. Briefs are more feminine, not something a grown man should wear. Booty shorts , speedo , usually only for homos, and strippers. Better to go with boxer briefs. Regular boxers can rid up on the thighs sometimes. Boxer briefs , perfect. Regular boxer briefs, inseam 5", mid length 7", cycle boxer briefs 8 1/2 " . And the way you wear them is important. The waist line is the top of the belly button. Don't wear them too low. But too high, is kinda uncomfortable too

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