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Brand new Istobal M'nex22 at MOL (front view)

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Program : 4 TOTAL PREMIUM Chemical pre-wash Washing chassis 2x Washing the wheels High pressure washing 3x Active foam 2x Washing with foam brushes with shampoo 2x Polishing wax + Polishing Drying 2x ----------------------- Price: 299 Kč ----------------------- Quality assessment: Very Good * * *
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mubbashir warsi (2 months ago)
wow that so awsome coll
Hikari (3 months ago)
Vallery S (3 months ago)
Kinda funny how there's no spot free rinse cycle. Here in the USA, spot free rinse is standard on all of our car washes.
Nina Hjelmtvedt (8 days ago)
Nina Hjelmtvedt (8 days ago)
Joseph Chowj gxcxxxxxxgrffff
Scott Mack (2 months ago)
Every car wash I've been to in Chicago has spot-free rinse
Joseph Chowj (3 months ago)
Medium Approach Medium Productions i
CAR WASH TV (3 months ago)
US and European systems cannot be compared, because it's different concept of washing.
suganya ramasamy (3 months ago)
Equipment price pls
VanThoi Vo (3 months ago)
Please send the catologe and quotation to my email [email protected]
Carson Stewart (5 months ago)
ニュートラル田原 (6 months ago)
Cute Anal (6 months ago)
Favorite movie
LOL228 35410 (1 year ago)
Dit car whash TV pour ta prochaine vidéo est ce que le brossage arrière pourra durer plus longtemps ci c'est possible ? répond moi au plus vite
Tanoshi (5 months ago)
tu pourrais faire une video dun washtec avec foamsensation stp? salut, de Tokyo
LOL228 35410 (1 year ago)
Je donne un conseil installe Google traduction répond moi au plus vite
LOL228 35410 (1 year ago)
Désolé je ne,parle pas anglais
CAR WASH TV (1 year ago)
Please try to write your question in English, I do not understand.

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