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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 - Official Trailer (HD)

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 - Official Trailer https://www.mybigfatgreekweddingmovie.com Gold Circle Entertainment and HBO present a Playtone production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time. Written by Academy Award® nominee Nia Vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites, the film reveals a Portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding. Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, Waking Ned Devine) directs the next chapter of the film that will be once again produced by Rita Wilson and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. Paul Brooks and Steve Shareshian return to executive produce alongside Vardalos and Scott Niemeyer. Universal Pictures will distribute the comedy domestically and in select international territories. www.mybigfatgreekweddingmovie.com
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Text Comments (843)
peter papadimitriou (4 months ago)
want to see number 3 please
Sky Henry Blue (5 months ago)
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peter papadimitriou (6 months ago)
When is#3 coming
Troll Life (6 months ago)
Εκεί που τελικά παντρεύονται και κρατιεσαι για να μην κλάψεις μπαίνει το αγαπημένο σου τραγούδι και σε γαμαει..
Sam Farnsworth (7 months ago)
I'm so glad to be a Canadian. Not a hyphenated Canadian like so many people in my country. My culture is Canadian, I speak English, I like hockey and butter tarts. My loyalty is to Canada, not some foreign country. I don't live in an enclave that speaks a different language, eats a different food, has a different religion. I'm Canadian like W.O. Mitchell, Margaret Lawrence, Stephen Leacock, etc. I cheer only for team Canada.
Naomi Alraei (9 months ago)
Please make a third one
Rebecca’s Life (10 months ago)
I loved this movie, and the original 💛💛
Jesus Lover USA (10 months ago)
If your knees are open...shut your eyes. Wow! Now that! Is hilarious!!! ROTFD!!!
BTSoppastan (10 months ago)
what is the song at the end of the trailer?
Demitri Niketopoulos (11 months ago)
Funny thing was, maybe like most families, but we saw this movie as a big fat Greek family. We took up the entire theatre. And funny enough just like the family in this, one of my parents isn't Greek, I have three cousins in each family but my own, we owned a restaurant, and my grandfather says to me to find a Greek girl. My life is basically this movie. And I love how much I can see the similarities.
dadsgrl (11 months ago)
I watched this like 100 times already 😂😘
No One (11 months ago)
Ο θεέ μου! Το λατρεύω όταν οι ξενόγλωσσοι προφέρουν Ελληνικά ονόματα!( oh my god! I love it when non native speakers pronounce Greek names!)
Shepherd boy (11 months ago)
Lainie Kazan's botched plastic surgery, or botox, or collagen, or WHATEVER the hell she did to her face ruined this movie entirely.
Christian Salgado (1 year ago)
at first i thought the movie about the daughter's wedding but it's really the grandparents wedding
Alex Santagata (1 year ago)
coming from a huge italian family, i can say that we are the exact same way
No One (11 months ago)
Coming from a Greek family I can say my grandma is the exact same way😐
Gultekin COSAR (1 year ago)
I have just seen the Movie. And it is quite Funny.
Rohini Berde (1 year ago)
I just love this movie 😘
Meryl Morales (1 year ago)
my favorite family and marriage movie of all time..
1:30 what song
thanks have a cookie
92BuuRa (1 year ago)
Amerie - Gotta Work
Ugur (1 year ago)
Would be so funny if the daughter marries a Turk or Albanian or Macedonian 😂
Ecuman Anthony (1 year ago)
Fantastic movie of all times
ASIA ROSE (1 year ago)
the movie is better than the trailer , watch it guys it is very funny and romantic
mychemicaljulia (1 year ago)
“why do you want to leave me?” *cough* “payback” IM SCREAMING
Daily C.A.O.G (1 year ago)
I still don’t understand how this movie is g I mean it has the reference sex and they nearly had sex in the cars so much sexual references
Jacob Beals (1 year ago)
This movie should've been titled "My Bigger Fatter Greeker Wedding" Just because catchy titles like that are the best!
Daaku Daddy (1 year ago)
There needs to be another sequel! This time featuring Paris' wedding!! Please, please, please....
MrRedskins0021 (1 year ago)
First one was good,but this onew was ruined by political correctness like always.
Chris A (1 year ago)
I LOVED ONE AND 2 PLEASE MAKE #3 IT reminds me of my Italian family and now my kids are half Persian and it reminds me of them oh and I guess Persian are related related to Greeks but hey Persian Empire was three thousand years before Greek before they discovered the Rock LOL
ShineyM (1 year ago)
I think this was better than the first one
FAITHandLOGIC (1 year ago)
This movie was horrible. I wanted to curb stomp the father the entire time and Lainie Kazan's plastic surgery was touch to look at.
Eleana (1 year ago)
protect your poulaki 😂😂😂
Arunabha Das (2 years ago)
F dL (2 years ago)
Wtf happened to Joey Fatone?!
darkangelik (2 years ago)
How convenient that she meets a Greek boy at school! lol
Ant B (2 years ago)
Don't make sense they all look the damn same
1:26 This Greek Laugh HAHAHA
Corina Garcilazo (2 years ago)
I miss Greece so much !!!! <3
Cecile Rivoire (2 years ago)
I wish they will make 20 + movies like this. Love the movie. Love everyone in the movie.
Chamsa Arfaoui (2 years ago)
"Eyes open, knees shut" "If your knees are open shut your eyes" Cracks me up every single time
Danial Khan (2 years ago)
All of these Greeks look great. especially the girl who was in high school.
Inéz Nieves (2 years ago)
Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that Joey Batone's character comes out to the family as gay!
Aaron Hues (2 years ago)
If you enjoy trite and rediculous movies which rely purely on emotionalism to tickle its audience, you will also like 'All About Steve' with Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper. Never dreamed I would discover a more cheese-filled spectacle until I watched MBFGW 2. The only smirk-worthy moment is when we discover grandma may have a gambling addiction. These movies show precisely why liberals want women to vote...manipulate the emotions and HARD.
Jaime Olivera (2 years ago)
This movie made me theow up in my mouth
diamantidis 13 (2 years ago)
i am greek and i dont need to see this movie!
Joshua Phillip (2 years ago)
pyrochemists (2 years ago)
My γιαγιά didn't see the humor in the first movie, until she saw the little old γιαγιά dressed in black. The rest of us were laughin hysterically.
AJ the Marauder (2 years ago)
Meh, this movie was alright. NOT as good as the first one.
AJ the Marauder (2 years ago)
tonyatthebeach Terminator Judgement Day was better than Terminator 1 though
tonyatthebeach (2 years ago)
sequels rarely are
Soukaina Angel (2 years ago)
just watching this movie such a great and fun movie i love it
Kyle Oxenham (2 years ago)
From the director of Nanny McPhee, Everybody's Fine and What To Expect When You're Expecting.
Jaclyn Bazsika (2 years ago)
wouldnt their daughter only be 14?
PerlaPearl (2 years ago)
SleepingRose (1 year ago)
Nia (Toula) wrote this movie after she had kids. she might write a movie about the Paris getting married/having her own family once that has happened to her own kids. She also wrote the first movie and wanted to make a sequel pack then but didn't know how to write something she had no experience with (kids).
Sahar Pournazari (1 year ago)
Yes! I want it!
skenneygirlTan (2 years ago)
like, for instance, what was the reason for making the cousin gay??? Just another politically correct statement... and here served absolutely NO purpose! More help for Trump
skenneygirlTan (2 years ago)
thank God I found a free stream of this one... the first one was cute, this one was so predictable in a very bad way.. . it's just all over the place with nothing lining up to make whatever is or is not [obviously] about to happen *splat* just happen....or decide to happen....get it?
Mia Gucci (2 years ago)
I loved this movie so much I never saw number 1
baekjen (2 years ago)
do u have to watch the first movie to get most of the humour/plot in this movie??
elvira2448 (2 years ago)
The first movie was better.
Superbad11 (2 years ago)
Horrible casting choice for the daughter. She looks totally out of place. She looks like a Midwestern farm girl.
Solid Diarrhea (2 years ago)
The actress is actually greek
Charlotte Cole (2 years ago)
I saw this at the cinema in March so loved it can't wait for Monday for the DVD Release.
Hanna (2 years ago)
Protect your poulaki!
TMNT FAN (2 years ago)
This was my favorite one out of the two! So funny and its well made
LOIZOS V (2 years ago)
Two mistakes: 1. Guss is wearing the wedding ring on the left. Greek Orthodox they put it on the write hand! 2. They should now that the Greek currency is not drachma but EURO!
Robert G. (2 years ago)
aunt vuola has not aged a day! what is her greek secret? (greek-et?)
mikah513 (2 years ago)
those greeks hahaha...love from Romania!!!
Professor Zoom (2 years ago)
mikah513 i am greek and we are awesome
Palak Malviya (2 years ago)
Who else laughed hard at "uhm, payback" ???
Cody Gearheart (2 years ago)
I honestly don't know why critics hated this movie so much D: It's so cute and funny!
From Toronto (2 years ago)
"Give me any word and I'll tell you how the root of that word is Greek" LOLL
Zisis Sar (2 years ago)
I am Greek and i have to say that we are all fcked up here.Oh, btw nice movie :p
Im Nebula (2 years ago)
NadeShot brought me here! Like this comment if Nade brought you! BANNNA
Alexandra Burr (2 years ago)
Love how everyone came back, I love the first one and now i want the to see the 2nd one
insatiable2rossi (2 years ago)
Greek means Anal?
LOIZOS V (2 years ago)
Yes and your head is like my ass!
Catherine H. (2 years ago)
😩 Opa kai oli mas tha pame sto dialo
Sweet Caramel (2 years ago)
I just finished watching this movie and I loved it I didn't want it to end and I am so glad to own the first part I will be adding this one to my collection as well I love this movie
TroN197924 (2 years ago)
I am from greece,and i think that movie is to sweet to greece,in reality the behavior of greece people must be nominated for best comedy drama if a movie ever made based on real facts,this is a scratch of the iceberg,also the two movies made a terrible mistake,greece people are not patriots,they can sell parthenona if you tell them that olympiacos will win the champion league.Ancient athens and the people of that era have nothing to do with today monkeys we have here in greece
Des ჻ 。 (2 years ago)
You can go on xmovies8 and watch this free no sign ups! :)
Des ჻ 。 (2 years ago)
+Storm Plays terrible movie hahahah
Im Nebula (2 years ago)
Made a mistake...
Pivo Prase (2 years ago)
omg I adore romantic comedies!!!! I am glad that some people still make films without violence, tears and sadness. Just LOVE!!!!
maegap96 (2 years ago)
The daughter is so pretty. Very funny movie .
Keer Bear (2 years ago)
I don't understand why this got 29% on rotten tomatoes, it's just as good as the first.
Ellie Hdzg (2 years ago)
Worst. Movie. Ever.
The movie is good.Balkans people are the best people in the world.And i have a remark Aleksandar The Macedon was not hellenic/greek and before anybody says Macedonia is Greek read what Demosthenes says about Macedonians.
Nadhira RAR (2 years ago)
"if your knees are open, shut your eyes" LOL I laughed too hard than I supposed to XD
adog433 (2 years ago)
Who the fuck would want to watch this garbage shit?
Kalitoz Kaliente (2 years ago)
Pull my neck!.. 😂😂😂😱😱😱
Azazel 0098 (2 years ago)
I feel honestly bad for the teenage girl in this.... like.... genuinely sorry for her.
ᅳSupreme (2 years ago)
Its amazing that they all look exactly the same after so many years, and theyre all still alive, not replaced. The first movie was originally a broadcasted movie but now its cinema release. I love the first one and I know Ill love this one
Dr Weird (2 years ago)
Dr Weird (2 years ago)
And the last line LMFAO
Lashainnia Navarro (2 years ago)
I really love My big Fat Greek Wedding part 1. I Now I got to see part 2. It looks really good too.
Zeeshan hudda (3 years ago)
Its crazy that greek life is just equivalent as desi life
Mary Petrovska (3 years ago)
Not funny this Turkish wedding movie
Akmal Shazad (3 years ago)
what name is paris eh?
the word ok comes from greek words ola kala that means every thing are good
Bijan Kardouni (2 years ago)
There you go ;)
vasalem (3 years ago)
I would say this is racist, but I know nothing about greeks aside from the fact that they feel offended if someone greets them with a raised open hand.
seaside suicide (2 years ago)
That's not racist because the woman who wrote the scenario of both movies is Greek. Greeks get patriotic because they don't want heir tradition and history to be lost. This is funny and not offending at all though not all Greeks are like that.
vasalem (2 years ago)
+Petros Oratiou now that is a correct answer. thanks you mr greek.
GeneralPet (2 years ago)
+elessal What would answer your question? You are assuming that greeting with open hand is some insult but this is false. Everyone here greets the same way as everyone else. The thing that you would use as an insult is open hand and a motion towards the guy. Waving or simply stationary is not the insult.
vasalem (2 years ago)
+Petros Oratiou that does not answer my question.
GeneralPet (2 years ago)
+elessal I'm greek
CadanceHarmony (3 years ago)
I saw this in theaters with my mom and sister. Best movie ever! 😂
MC_Pablo (3 years ago)
the daughter is ginger heads not so Greek...
Isa Moguel (3 years ago)
Alex wolff is bae
Marius Sica (3 years ago)
payback..lool I'm dying!
Lavanya (3 years ago)
Casey Wilson (3 years ago)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016 ) go HD Version https://plus.google.com/105075082651093875185/posts/NPijPJGkqxH I saw so many times
Letoya Luckett (3 years ago)
+Casey Wilson THanks you for share, this movie good I like it
Giorgos Trivizadakis (3 years ago)
hahaha malaka eimai kato hahahhahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sikha roy (3 years ago)
On our way to see this now.

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