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Vivienne Westwood in Paris and London

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Vivienne Westwood: Britain's most renowned icon shows The Goddess Guide what she values the most.
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Ulf Utstrand (3 months ago)
a bit Gaultier in this one...
Ulf Utstrand (3 months ago)
I...didnt shoot the sheriff....I f..... him.
RACHCEL MORLEY (6 months ago)
Aisea Konrote (7 months ago)
Ulf Utstrand (7 months ago)
maybe -AngelGr- shouldnt judge what is good taste...after such a long time.
She is a ledgend in British Fashion. Not to many left.
Ulf Utstrand (7 months ago)
well...i love that woman with very long legs.....she is a humanoid..isnt she ? No...she is the art of Dame Viv and Andreas.
Victoria Williams (1 year ago)
so cool. so beautiful.
K August (1 year ago)
This is the second time I have heard her discuss books and she has stated that they are real "status symbols". Please, pass this info on, Miss Westwood...
coreycox2345 (1 year ago)
These are her more high-end line. I think that they are beautiful. I love watching someone else wear them because they are so ethereal.
coreycox2345 (1 year ago)
Those kids and the clothes project are adorable. This reminds me of some of the fun with art my kids got to have growing up with Janis. :)
Edmunds Platacis (2 years ago)
Love her. Who cares whether her clothes look beautiful or ugly, it's the message that she delivers to people. How many fashion designers actually care about the world?!!!
Jack Saltzberg (1 year ago)
she should have told the reporter no im not brilliant ..just human
Jack Saltzberg (1 year ago)
her own style is chaotic. .to much going on
coreycox2345 (1 year ago)
I have thought of some of her clothes as beautiful and others ugly. The Camille Paglia of fashion. She is uninhibited and experimental. She seems like such a lovely person.
YinYinBaker (2 years ago)
Wonderful artist, wonderful woman!
jmrios777 (2 years ago)
my opinion, you don't like it...I could care less..then don't read my response. I could care less about Christian beliefs, it has no reliance to this discussion. Modern Art is subjective and will always be what anyone feels towards any piece of that genre of art. Get over yourselves, I wrote this month's ago..why the fuck do you people care????..LOL..this woman and her husband have NO CLOTHES!!!!..LEMMINGS
jmrios777 (3 years ago)
I feel sorry for this woman, all this pretentious "want to understand the world". She really believes in the delusional life of trying to be this bohemian life style. She dresses like her bullshit that comes out if her mouth and her husband is just riding her coattails of her "fame". Ridiculous collection, the prints were of course juvenile. The kids did the patterns, good for the kids but no original translation to this frumpy fashion. This empress has no clothes, someone please tell her that, I will.
tigerwa (2 years ago)
People have been telling her that since the 70s, every one of them has ended up eating their words.
Nicki LovesDogs (2 years ago)
+jmrios777 Learn something about modern art and fashion. The Christian religion has suppressed people from learning about it. Break free and open up. No hate.
Sebastian Wendel (3 years ago)
... sie ist eine tolle Person ... ihre Leidenschaft und Intensivität ist wunderbar ... zumindest soweit ich es von Interviews beurteilen kann :-)
-AngelGr- (3 years ago)
one person with no taste watched this.
Liz du (2 months ago)
It happens to someone like you.
Artur Słoński (3 years ago)
wypyierdalaj do dżungkli stara lamucero ! Nie  przeżyłabyć jednej doby kretynko !
Tim Schweizer (4 years ago)
Creativity at its very, very best. Wow. What a woman.
pennyforit123 (4 years ago)
Yes, I agree is is an artist.  However, with her it a case of, "The Kings New Clothes".  Sorry, I don't hate her, I just don't like her, plus the fact that she is so far left she is off the chart.
Joanie C (1 year ago)
pennyforit123 Left is better than right
kelly gadsby (5 years ago)
Levi Ripley (5 years ago)
This womens Fucking amazing!
Deborah Coley (5 years ago)
Amazing woman!
Rye Whisky (5 years ago)
I love how V is so lost in her world, a true artiste
Mercedes Roldan (5 years ago)
Estupendo report. Gracias !
SunShine8308 (5 years ago)
I really enjoyed this. I normally hate the fashion world but Westwood is one of the few people who appears to be using her position for intellectualism and she came from ordinary people, which means a lot. -'tarotworldtour'
I am commenting on this video because she is British and British people are awesome. Also I heard that one of my favorite actress will play her in a movie. Oh i'm creative, I play musical instruments. I just don't get fashion. It's just pieces of fabric you put on yourself so other people can look at you and admire you which makes you feel good about yourself. Kind of narcissistic and vulgar especially people who spend so much money on designer clothing just so they can show off.
ErmMich (6 years ago)
Clearly ¬_¬ That was the theme and concept for this particular season and show, she briefly discussed that at the beginning, but she didn't go into detail about that. She goes on to talk about her personal thoughts on what she's doing, and then other people talked about the processes behind the creation of the dresses and ideas, but I'm guessing you're not a creative person though? And so none of that would have meant much to you. And tbh, I wonder why you're even commenting on this video.
I don't understand crazy talk. She was talking about Vietnam and jungles and shit.
ErmMich (6 years ago)
You didn't understand what she was saying at all =/
hung ava (6 years ago)
I love her!
Yuki Li (6 years ago)
Is anyone knows what earrings she's wearing from the beginning of the video?? Are they from her brand? They look gorgeous!!!!
These people think they are doing something super important but they are not. They are just making clothes that last a season. What a waste of time.
TheArsebear (6 years ago)
i was listening to altern8 and this came up in the related videos. what the fuck. vivienne's cool though.
jerm tek (6 years ago)
Love this. Nice to get an inside view of the team effort and creative process. Always a pleasure to hear those encouraging words from Vivienne Westwood. She helps me be a little less stupid than I am now. ;)

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