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How To Get Tighter, Firmer Breasts (4 BEST EXERCISES!!)

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For all the best exercises for tighter firmer breasts, check out our 90 day fitness system http://athleanx.com/x/tighter-and-firmer This workout will show you how to get tighter, firmer breasts with 4 of the best breast exercises. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to lift the breasts, you’ll love this chest workout for women. It contains 4 of the best chest exercises for women. To perform this breast lift workout and learn how to get tighter breasts, first check out each of these best breast exercises. Then perform each exercise for 10-12 repetitions for a natural bust lift. If you are a beginner and you want to figure out how to get firmer breasts, start by doing 1-2 total rounds for this bust lift workout. If you are more advanced and you want a complete natural breast lift, shoot for 3-4 rounds of this entire breast lift workout. If you are looking for a complete workout to show you how to lift the breasts, check out our 90 day fitness system here http://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean Here are the exercises that will help you with how to lift the bust: 1) Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press 2) Incline Stability Ball Chest Press 3) Chest Flies 4) Narrow Chest Press For more of the best bust exercises for women, subscribe to our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/womensworkouts
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Text Comments (65)
momogal momo (2 months ago)
I'm doing these now.
Wonderfully Made (3 months ago)
I love this! I am a 38H so I need these bad boys to be firm hahaha
Fahad Antulay (6 months ago)
Bt I only have to fit breast not enlargement So in this situation what type of exercise is working??
Angel T (8 months ago)
Does this make breast bigger? I don't want that because I have big breast already,all I want is make my breast smaller
Dil Ki Bat With AK (8 months ago)
Strong Girl
Dil Ki Bat With AK (8 months ago)
Strong Girl
Temptation 1980 (8 months ago)
Thanks a bunch
Hira Fazal (1 year ago)
but ur arms just looks like male.
Hira Fazal (1 year ago)
but ur arms just looks like male.
Lubriant Playz (1 year ago)
that abbs and muscle tho
Semilore Bolanle (1 year ago)
I'm not fat though but I have a very soft breast it's getting softer daily what can I do
Dipti Sinha (1 year ago)
I can see a darker armpit btw
***four BREAST exercises instead of best ..lol
NIKHAR MEHROTRA (1 year ago)
i want to reduce my breast size and also tighten it...how much kg dumbll weight is use ?
Shaira Sultana (1 year ago)
Does this make breasts bigger? I don't want that. :(
Fahad Antulay (6 months ago)
She said breast tighter nd firmer???
Fahad Antulay (6 months ago)
Shaira sultana my question is also same
Fahad Antulay (6 months ago)
cierrabaggs 🤔🤔
cierrabaggs (1 year ago)
Shaira Sultana it doesn't make them bigger, it will make them perkier and stand up better. They might appear bigger but their actual size won't change
ice water (1 year ago)
I live for your videos they have helped me get my body back. I have a question though. I was wanting to know what specific exercises I can do to help lift my upper chest muscle before considering areola relocation. I think this will help to lift the breast so that the nipples stay more center instead of dropping. please advise
it actually does work. I have done similar workouts for breast and within 3 weeks they got bigger due to the muscle that is growing. they are almost standing themselves...I wont need a bra anymore in a couple of months.
Sofia Rashid (4 months ago)
Isi Ibelieveinmiracles r u sure? U got bigger
salma penrose (6 months ago)
Isi Ibelieveinmiracles how often did you do this workout? Daily or alternate days?
Fs. Re I sit on the edge of my bed instead of using that ball in the video. When it comes to repetition I do 4×40 with 3 min break in between. I dont think it is necessary to use heavy weights, from my experience 4 pounds in each hand are enough to make the muscle grow. Important are the repetitions.
Sonu Kaku (1 year ago)
really but workout is work so I am afraid that if I do and it will decrease more
All Challenges101 (1 year ago)
Isi Ibelieveinmiracles thanks
SoLsTiCe (1 year ago)
Your working the musical under the breast it can cause them to look bigger or get smaller
Fatima Oubelaid (2 years ago)
it only works good because you have fake boobs..natural ones will disappear
Mélo Nightmér (1 year ago)
Fatima Oubelaid this is for big boobs not for invisible ones ;)
Fatima Oubelaid (2 years ago)
it only works good because you have fake boobs..natural ones will disappear
Farah Syed (2 years ago)
I don't have a dumbbell,wat can I replace it with?
Uthu Santuhan (9 months ago)
dumbbro? if you have one....
Countess Romanov (2 years ago)
Are you a personal trainer or fighter or what? You look very muscular. How did you get to that and, why?
Dell Meowie (2 years ago)
Hi, I lost weight drastically, few years ago, my breasts wer on the heavier side, they still are. now they r saggy and low. Will this exercise help to lift them up? and make them tight? i dOnt want the size to increase at any cost! Pls help me out by responding :)
Shahine Laltha (1 year ago)
Dell Meowie how did you loose so much weight
Is it works with saggy breast after lose weight
Mz. Call of Duty (2 years ago)
tighter and muscular.... not what I wanted.
Elleni Anderson Grey (2 years ago)
There is muscle on the chest wall underneath the fat so that is what is firmed and built up hence the fuller look to the brests.
Canei Tidwell (2 years ago)
I'm just loving these workouts. There is just not a dull video. I can't wait to challenge myself with these videos. Thanks Ladies.
Kathleen Gambino (2 years ago)
Fantastic, IT DOES WORK, just keep it up and you will see results. I am already within one month! thanks all your work outs are great!
Kathleen Gambino answer Kathleen question!! lol!
Harshita Kushwaha (1 year ago)
Kathleen Gambino do i need to do it daily or alternative days?
Hi, Since i started to do push ups 4 months ago i noticed my breast are more firmer. like you would say a little harder at the touch. DO PUSH UPS MAKE YOUR UPPER CHEST get harder????? And heavier?
Trieu Giang (2 years ago)
yes, they are.
Claire Sammut (3 years ago)
hi wanted to ask something do these exercises burn fat in the breast ? cos I'm thinking to do a reduction cos my frame is to small for my breast but I'm really scared of the operation so if I could maybe do a workout instead that would be awesome for me I want to reduce 2 sizes.
SoLsTiCe (1 year ago)
Claire Sammut no no don't do surgery eat low fat foods and work out also find a way to do cardio cardio kills breast fat swimming bike riding hiking jogging running jump rope boxing Krav Maga even yoga and drink ginger root tea ginger cleans out fat toxins I went from DDD with a little body and being 5 foot didn't help now i'm a nice B I do have some stretch marks on my tatas but there fadeing and I wasn't cut open
Claire Sammut (3 years ago)
I have a 10 kilos to lose . So I'll try to exercise a bit before taking a decision but thx for the quick replay
Athlean-XX for Women (3 years ago)
+Claire Sammut If you are already quite thin, it may be difficult to reduce the size of your breasts using exercise. However, if you have a bit of overall bodyfat to lose, many women find that they lose fat in their breasts first. Hope this helps answer your question!
Jon Kehl (3 years ago)
I thought AthleanX (Jeff) preaches that Fly's should not be done??
Maarten (3 years ago)
You are overlocking your elbows with the flat, incline chest press and the small press. Please don't ever do this in your own training
Fahad Antulay (6 months ago)
Maarten bt I have no any trainer in this situation what can I do??
Katya (3 years ago)
holdon, isn't the fly one of the iron graveyard exercises from an Athlean-X video?
MusicFanOnline (3 years ago)
I thought that to increase muscle in the breast area to achieve a firmer, more lifted look, I thought it might be good to target the lower chest rather than just the upper chest.  Am I wrong in thinking that?  What is a good exercise for lower chest?
Wiaam Sal (3 years ago)
jillmac2000 (3 years ago)
if breast tissue is fat, how does this work?
There is a great way to increase bust and its locateed aaaat https://twitter.com/fa188cbd1b2494b5e/status/791221073559719937 How To Get TTTighteer Firmer Breasts 4 BEST EXEEERCISES
EBot (2 years ago)
There are a few components to increasing boob size. One resource I discovered that successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) definately the most useful resource that I've heard of.look at the unbelievable info .
Athlean-XX for Women (3 years ago)
+jillmac2000 The pectoral muscles that we work with these exercises are beneath the breast tissue and toward the top. So if you work to build those muscles, it will give a lifted, tighter and firmer appearance to the breasts. Hope that helps clear it up!
Mo A (3 years ago)
+jillmac2000 you groiw the muscle underneath the breast tissue not the breast. it also pushes it out making it appear more firmer

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