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Song for the Dead - Sea Wolf

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One of the songs off the new Sea Wolf album, Leaves in the River. Enjoy :)
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WolfkinNorthclaw (3 years ago)
Great song, great band. I love listening to this when i just wanna be calm. Leaves In The River is one album that will never get old and will never grow tiresome, could listen to it for hours.
Eric Sell (4 years ago)
2009? Wow...I'm 5 years late to the awesome!
Sameeta Kambli (5 months ago)
Eric Sell add another 4 to that :'(
BlistersOnMyFingers8 (5 years ago)
This song makes me think of Sherlock. I think it's because this song might have a few instruments in it that are also used in the Sherlock theme song.
crabbylotion (5 years ago)
this song sounds sensual and erotic for some reason
EsEfGee (5 years ago)
4 people didn't sing like a cricket
MISTXalsh (8 months ago)
TheNitemare21 (6 years ago)
The begining kinda scared me but now on to listening to the rest of the song
Hetaf A (6 years ago)
I fucking love this song!!!
hadley clark (6 years ago)
So deep and dark
midnightwallflower (7 years ago)
0 people thought it said dis i like, because none of us are that retarded.
Joe Trefry (7 years ago)
@ikeeagles2014 it deserves a very interesting answer XD
Joe Trefry (7 years ago)
so like does a sea wolf still prey on a sea cow? like on land?
teluia (8 years ago)
Thanks you Raising Hope!
buddahh91 (8 years ago)
@custardman12 Not the best one!:))) But one of em indeed!:D.. Sea wolf you´re a wolf are the most epic one:D
James Levi (8 years ago)
4,801 people watched this video. 21 people liked it. wtf!?
gonzoqueen (9 years ago)
I noticed there wasn't an album version of this song up so I uploaded it along with a few others that were missing. Glad you like it :)

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