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Sea Wolf - Black Leaf Falls

2018 ratings | 324683 views
Sea Wolf - Black Leaf Falls It weighs too much this time My hands are broken She'll disappear again Before we've spoken The night we took that year In Black Leaf Falls All of the trees were bare Next to the dance hall I saw you outside The bathroom stalls You were just standing there Out in the hall You leaned your hip against Against the wall I'd love you anywhere But Black Leaf Falls Her perfume was so I smell it still I put her leaf upon The window sill I found it there today Its color gone It's in the water now It's been too too long I saw you outside The bathroom stall You were just standing there Out in the hall You leaned your hip against Against the wall I'd love you anywhere But Black Leaf Falls I'll fall asleep tonight See where they take me Fly with the maple seeds See if she wakes me I saw you outside The bathroom stalls You were just standing there Out in the hall You turned your eyes to me I felt it all I'd love you anywhere But Black Leaf Falls Oh, Black Leaf Falls
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Text Comments (80)
Alby Frank (5 months ago)
Just one of the best songs ever written, end of story.
Gavin Watts (10 months ago)
Ooooo that piano is so goooood
Jose Chic (1 year ago)
anybody know anymore songs with this kind of vibe?
H L (2 months ago)
Broadly you can try Jose Gonzalez or The Sea and Cake to send you off on two tangents. Lots of others I am spacing out on right now.
Zen Lee (10 months ago)
Jose Chic seabear is the closest I can find lol
Gabriel Monroe (1 year ago)
Great song. Aaaand the most disappointing comment section I've ever seen lol.
Brendon Balow (3 years ago)
can someone tell me the meaning behind this song
Windmill (3 years ago)
+Brendon Balow To me it's about someone who was dumped but isn't over the girl yet. Black Leaf Falls holds some sort of memory with the girl; she had some sort of strong emotion ("You turned your eyes to me, I felt it all"), but whatever happened, he doesn't want to go back to it.
Steve Buscemi (3 years ago)
I scrolled through the comments and saw 20 people ask why people were saying this is hipster and I didn't see one comment saying it was hipster.
Tim Macfarlane (2 months ago)
Pike (1 year ago)
If anything, this is a form of Folk music, and from listening to other songs from this artist, I would say the genre here is folk.
MultiSenhor (3 years ago)
+The Majestic Poptart Maybe they all came from some other site, or from an other video, or inside a playlist, or the hypothetical original comment about it being hipster was deleted (happens very often...)
Noah Owens (3 years ago)
Ever wonder how life works? For the first time in mankind's history we can know how life basically works. Google "Truth Contest" and check out the top entry.
Tally Berens (4 years ago)
How come this isn't on iTunes?
Corn Bread (2 years ago)
+Jordan Layburn that makes no sense
Jordan Layburn (3 years ago)
Because Apple has a terribly limited taste in music.
Eric Sell (4 years ago)
mmmm....lovely...I find myself just rocking my head back and forth with my eyes closed...so soothing.
lilynlola (3 years ago)
+Paul Orta me too!! I just love this song!!
Paul Orta (4 years ago)
Yeah,been jamming it since its release.great stuff!
Nathan Drake (4 years ago)
So many hipster remarks that don't make sense. I just came here for the music.
guglesux faku (4 years ago)
I finally figured out what I dislike about the term "hipster" : the term is so vague that by doing anything outside of living the stereotypical American lifestyle, you can probably be considered a hipster
PropsAndMayhem23 (4 years ago)
This guy is brilliant.
J Haze (4 years ago)
you guys are all just a bunch of self hating hipsters
ExtremeGabriel (2 years ago)
Buddy this is just soothing music that has nothing to do with hipsters...you make no sense
J Haze (4 years ago)
+Cody Machado emo is soooo much diff than hipster bro
lord Machado (4 years ago)
Son, back in my day those where called emo's. Just back then emo's listened to shit and not heaven like this.
Erin Neal (4 years ago)
What's with all the fuss about hipsters? Aren't we all here to listen to good music?
Erin Neal (4 years ago)
What's with all the fuss about hipsters? Aren't we just here to listen to good music?
Olivia (5 years ago)
Why the heck is there even mention of hipsters in this song, for real.
Rez Jar (5 years ago)
Hipsters listen to this song? It's too old, It's almost 3, 6. Six years old!!!
Caroline Deiley (5 years ago)
Repeat for days.
Tully Ofrin (5 years ago)
What the heck, every is up with all the jokes about hipsters when I get on Sea Wolf songs? I love Sea Wolf, and I am certainly no hipster!
Nick of Time (5 years ago)
It scares me that music this good gets less than 150,000 views....
GentleRain200 (5 years ago)
I'm addicted to this song.
Rez Jar (5 years ago)
125, 121
Meher Malik (5 years ago)
i was just thinking that! especially at the beginning of each verse ^^
uhmeri (6 years ago)
lololololo I get high to this song .
Korey Johnson (6 years ago)
Please listen to my solo recording of Black Leaf Falls :) soundcloudDOTcom/korey-johnson
Carmella Nicole (6 years ago)
Has anyone noticed the similarity to this song and Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"
Margarete (6 years ago)
why does everybody have to argue under youtube videos? please, just enjoy the music, that's why you're here or not?
ChossDigital (6 years ago)
Send it to me and I'll make a short film out of it :)
peachebee (6 years ago)
I want to be able to play the piano part in this song! It's so cool. New goal.
DaringDarkness (6 years ago)
Why the hell is there even talk about hipsters here seriously
Kelly Bramwell (6 years ago)
this song is definitely not hipster because its fucking awesome and hipsters are just fucking annoying.
Sam O. (6 years ago)
this song and "You're a Wolf" inspired me to write a short story ^.^
BakOnYou (6 years ago)
aaww i like the song *_*
iopi iopip (6 years ago)
why are people talking about hipsters? i don't see this song being anything about them..seriously.
TheAndromeda1111 (6 years ago)
Ograbme (6 years ago)
that first 30 seconds sounds just like neil young
Alex Steele (6 years ago)
this is not hipster... this is acoustic folk. hipsters may listen to it but im assuming maine-iacs, art students, hillbillies, and lots of other people do too.
Alex Steele (6 years ago)
Maddison Nicole Page (6 years ago)
Sea wolf isn't a hipster, wtf are you people talking about, he is a great artist jeez leave him alone. People who say they want to drink coffee whilst listening to this song are hipsters!
Hotholin (6 years ago)
I believe people got the idea that music like this is hipster from the fact that a lot of hipsters happen to be musicians. This is musicians music.
Haisley (6 years ago)
All of Sea Wolf's songs make me want to run away with my boyfriend to a cute little rainy town in Oregon where we can go spend our days at going on walks, living in a small house, and drinking coffee.
Salvi Bicho (7 years ago)
Great song!
Ryan Belle (7 years ago)
@numbaoneman ...Sea Wolf isn't really hipster - I mean, their music is on movies and TV shows all the time and they've had albums on Top 100 lists before. Maybe your definition of hipster is different than mine, but Sea Wolf isn't as hipster as say . . . the Soldier Thread. (: Austin based and amazingly talented - you should listen to their song Without Vowels or Anybody - truly, hipster, my dear.
Terese Andreasen (7 years ago)
Its already mentioned in the comments but i so agree, its the best autumn soundtracks and i love how their songs tells a story. love love love
John Hunter (7 years ago)
Grape Powa (7 years ago)
this is so much better than snow patrol i dont even think of it , but w/e
ger rbrb (7 years ago)
@ikeeagles2014 look at his videos. those bands are racist swasticore bands
Alyssa Cooke (7 years ago)
I kind of have a sea wolf obsession......
ger rbrb (7 years ago)
Count Orlok (7 years ago)
2 people are in Black Leaf Falls...
Haley S (7 years ago)
@bragmaticdust thts rude
77theflame77 (7 years ago)
thank you pandora radio!
Cheyanne Atwood (7 years ago)
im in black leaf falls..... he cant love me here.
TheRovingWolfy (7 years ago)
@arcadefire4life More like the soundtrack to Washington state, they even used a few songs in Twilight, if I'm correct. (I hate Twilight, the only reason I'm saying this is to back up my claim.)
bragmaticdust (7 years ago)
@96haleyjs so what
bragmaticdust (7 years ago)
@96haleyjs we don't care
Haley S (8 years ago)
i hate snow patrol :(
Relja Paunovic (8 years ago)
Are there any more of their songs like this i mean only acoustic guitar and voice, and maybe some more sounds?
ella Valencia (8 years ago)
i love this band!!!!!!<3 :)
drex48239 (8 years ago)
@weststep not at all you turd
okibigr (8 years ago)
i love this song~
Katie (8 years ago)
I found them by accident here on youtube.. never heard of them before.. such a shame! What a talented band!!
ScottAln05 (8 years ago)
For some reason, I always like to play AC/DC's "Who Made Who" after listening to this song. Yep, weird. Wee-eird.
SomeCalcium (8 years ago)
This song is perfect from the vocals, the harmonizing to the percussion, to the soothing guitar... and then that piano kicks in... Incredible.
Casey Tipton (8 years ago)
Joshua Pearman (9 years ago)
I was thinking more Winter than autumn, due to all the lyrics about Winter and snow in a lot of the songs.
Joshua Pearman (9 years ago)
Ugh, I hate Snow Patrol. Sea Wolf > Snow Patrol

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