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Azure Service Fabric Mesh preview | Azure Friday

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Chacko Daniel joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Service Fabric Mesh, which offers the same reliability, mission-critical performance and scale customers get with Service Fabric, but no more overhead of cluster management and patching operations. Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers allowing you to develop with any programming language and framework of your choice. For more information: + Azure Service Fabric Mesh documentation https://aka.ms/azfr/452/01 + Azure Service Fabric Mesh samples https://aka.ms/azfr/452/02 + Azure Service Fabric Mesh pricing https://aka.ms/azfr/452/03 + Create a free account (Azure) https://aka.ms/azfr/452/04
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Alperic27 (2 months ago)
The all-in-one-and-let-me-also-ass-more-things-just-in-case descriptors are a bloody study idea that make automation a pain
Alperic27 (2 months ago)
He is so uncomfortable...

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