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Sea Wolf - Old Friend - Mom Meet The Band | Bonnaroo365

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Watch more the video for Sea Wolf's ""Miracle Cure"" - http://ow.ly/g52F0 Alex Brown Church brought his indie folk band Sea Wolf by to play ""Old Friend"" off their 2012 album Old World Romance. As if breaking bands don't have enough hoops to jump through... We invited some of our favorite up-and-comers to come by The Hoodie Shop in NYC's Lower East Side to play some tunes and take the ultimate test -- a grilling from mom. Get more Bonnaroo! Website: http://www.bonnaroo.com Get it all: http://bit.ly/BonnarooWebsite Get your tickets!!: http://bit.ly/BonnarooTicketInfo Subscribe to Bonnaroo365: http://bit.ly/SubBonnaroo365 Great Bonnaroo365 Music: http://bit.ly/AllB365Music Great Bonnaroo365 Shows: http://bit.ly/AllB365Shows All Access Pass: http://bit.ly/AllAccessPassB365 Facebook: http://bit.ly/B365Facebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/B365Twitter Bonnaroo Blog: http://bit.ly/BonnarooBlog Instagram: http://bit.ly/BonnarooInstagram Tumblr: http://bit.ly/BonnarooTumblr G+: http://bit.ly/BonnarooGooglePlus Pinterest: http://bit.ly/BonnarooPinterest What we are listening to: http://bit.ly/BonnarooSpotify We got Apps: http://bit.ly/BonnarooApps bonnaroo Radio: http://bit.ly/BonnarooRadio Bonnaroo 2013 takes place June 13th to 16th in Manchester, TN. The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is four of the best days ever. 80,000 happy campers. 700 acres of Tennessee nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ stages of music. Several dozen comedians. An escape into excitement. Music. Art. Discoveries. But Bonnaroo is more than a music festival. If you love music, laughter, animals, dance parties, coolness, friends and good stuff, Bonnaroo 365 will keep you feeling the vibe all year round. Enter a world of music discovery, incredible characters, soulful inspiration, and flat-out ridiculousness. Most importantly, be sure to join in on the fun, conversation, and free stuff. Bonnaroo 365 - Your year round ticket to performances, artists, happiness, adventures, nirvana, couscous, over-joyousness, sharing, dancing, hyperbolic verbiage, system overload... Sea Wolf - Old Friend - Mom Meet The Band | Bonnaroo365 http://www.youtube.com/user/bonnaroo365
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Text Comments (8)
13BlcKJcK13 (5 years ago)
A bit quieter with the guitars on chorus, reverb keyboard, drop volume ~15-30%, mix keyboard amp farther back, maybe. Otherwise excellent performance. Really digging this song.
Brandon Barber (5 years ago)
great song, terrible sound mix
John Borak (6 years ago)
Great! Thanks!
Tusserte (6 years ago)
I didn't like this version, the keyboard was too loud and annoying.
hne85 (6 years ago)
The only band I know of playing better LIVE than in the studio. Even the singing. Absolutely beautiful.
Azereth Rivera (6 years ago)
I love Sea Wolf <3
S G Amatya (6 years ago)
She looks way too young to be her mom.
Aaron Poff (6 years ago)
Love these guys!

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