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MEN Mikro Elektronik - COM Express® made Rugged (RCE)

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Computer-On-Modules (COM) are complete computers on a plug-on module. Configuring the I/O on an individual carrier card tailors to the functionality of the application, saves costs and shortens time to market. Being a new VITA standard, Rugged COM Express® is based on the well-known and wide-spread PICMG standard COM.0 or COM Express®. Rugged COM Express® or VITA 59 RCE has been developed for all kinds of demanding embedded applications with extended requirements for thermal design, shock, vibration and EMC. http://www.men.de/products/computer-on-modules-com/
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MEN Mikro Elektronik (3 years ago)
Learn the difference between COM Express® and Rugged COM Express® #Computer-On-Modules:

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