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Magazine Live "Real Life" In Concert Manchester 2009

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Final Date on the "Real Life" Tour Recorder Live at Manchester Academy 17 February 2009.
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f h (6 days ago)
Wow! Just Wow!
Nick Christian (22 days ago)
The Honeymoon Killers and This poison from their album V2200 magic, murder and the weather: 1981 stand up brilliantly as live performances. My treasured vinyl copy still sports the HMV shop sticker - Only £3.99 New Release Limited Period Only, a bargain even 37 years ago. A truly great album - thanks Magazine for your 'old world charm'!
Technoterra TT (1 month ago)
AS GOOD AS EVER, LOVE MAGAZINE! still play and love their PLAY live album nearly 40 years on :-)
mark connolly (1 month ago)
Had every album Howard and Formula plus the band bliss Magazine !
Melvyn Gingell (2 months ago)
Fantastic !! The look on John's face , " I'm knackered already , and we've only just started ! " .
Cesar Augusto (3 months ago)
I don´care...
sheeweenbaby (4 months ago)
Patrick, the ladies name is Rosalie Cunningham from at that time a band called Ipso Facto and now Purson. Brilliant backing vocals in this gig.
Patrick Gavisk (4 months ago)
Who is the lass that joins him on stage?
Melvyn Gingell (5 months ago)
Wipes the floor with the crap that's around today !!
Peter Raengel (5 months ago)
not sure who's playing guitar, but does a VERY good job!-it sure sounds like Magazine-as good as john or Robin,who played on "Play"on the Australian tour circa 1980
mickslyness (5 months ago)
any official release on this one?
Darren Lee (6 months ago)
Saw them on this tour. Outstanding! Noko played a blinder. Close your eyes and it was John
Dee Witched (7 months ago)
Amazing I wish I had been there to dance my butt off! As for the 6 thumbs down you don't know a great band when you see one. Go back to boy bands you twats!!!!!
zax reds (8 months ago)
that is Johns Exact guitar. either ya play the exact or ya bring his?
kohlemainen (8 months ago)
Sean Burzic (9 months ago)
The most underated band is The Fall, and second is Magazine!
Teddyb1939 (9 months ago)
Still got it lads, always liked the sound.
john blonde (9 months ago)
Simply incredible!! Magnificent renditions of timeless tunes performed with style and class with a great crowd by the looks of things. Shot by both sides was just amazing!! Pure quality no more to say.
pceb pceb (9 months ago)
Fantastic. Howard wrote some of the best lyrics and delivered them so so well live and in the studio. An incredible band. The first three albums have stood up so well over the last 30 years. Correct Use of Soap is such a wonderful album. I love you you big dummies! Thanks for posting.
MJ DELEGATION (9 months ago)
Wish I was at this gig, this band make me wanna play music
Melvyn Gingell (9 months ago)
This gig is truly sensational !!
Melvyn Gingell (9 months ago)
Sublime musicians all !!
Frank Zandkuijl (9 months ago)
They still go it, great video!
Richard Morton (9 months ago)
Pre Radiohead
Harry Flash (10 months ago)
Good stuff. RIP JM
stefano tracanelli (10 months ago)
Powerful sound
1963johnbhoy (10 months ago)
Still got it ................in abundance.
Mark Bune (10 months ago)
Bloody Brilliant!
dadaflux1 (11 months ago)
RIP John McGeoch
Robert Nikolic (1 year ago)
The pinnacle.
Melvyn Gingell (1 year ago)
If I'm still alive in 30 years ( I fucking doubt it ) I will say to my mate " This is Magazine , a band from the 1980s " " Fuck off !! Now play something from the 80s , this sounds great , but this is new ! Not 80s " !!
Melvyn Gingell (1 year ago)
Who knows ? Perhaps 50 or 60 years ahead of the game !!
Mark Colonna (7 months ago)
Melvyn Gingell At least!
Melvyn Gingell (1 year ago)
Of all the bands I've ever heard , Magazine are by far the most overlooked or underrated , at the time they were around , they were way too good and complex to chart ! Three minute fluffy punk pop ! No !! No !! Magazine were far too good to sell lots of records ! It will be interesting to see how they are viewed in years to come ? Truly Great Band !!
lanslater (1 year ago)
Starting at about 9 minutes in playing "The Great Beautician in the Sky" - omg they made a haims of it But liked ofc how could I not be grateful that you shared this concert - seriously I am
arthur (1 year ago)
Thoroughly great band. Brought out better and refined aspects of buzzcocks . Spiral Scratch still a hoot through . Magazine majestic in their delivery .
Roy Phillips (1 year ago)
Absolutely fantastic live band , classy and exciting
nicholas peter gagg (1 year ago)
brilliant band -still cutting edge -
MrSKINFLICK (1 year ago)
And why did almost nobody dance? One of the cruelest music videos in terms of LAME CROWDS I've ever seen in my life. Yes (the band) for new wave poshs? I guess so. Comment from Germany.
MrSKINFLICK (1 year ago)
i've known Magazine since 1978 + I didn't select this video to watch Yes or Genesis. Prople who can't dance should better watch Michael Jackson. They also often too stoned to dance...lol. But Berlin crowds can be similarly arrogant posers.....typical syndrome of self-important crowds in allegedly"too important metropolises".
Nick Christian (1 year ago)
Dance? you don't understand Magazine!
M.M. Zorn (1 year ago)
Have never been to Manchester UK but have dwelled so much in its sonic worlds throughout a misspent N.-American-tethered youth that I feel like I have somehow walked down its streets in many strange dreams. (Greater Manchester/Liverpool sphere, really -- EATB, Teardrop Explodes, Fall, Magazine, Smiths, Stone Roses, ...) Of course we have no city quite like that here; Chicago, perhaps comes closest -- the collapsing post-industrial identity, a working-man's city still in many ways, the harder/harsher & more defiant sounds that city's life has nurtured at times) and we have various small cities/towns named after your city. Spent some formative years in Scandinavia and that northern-skies-and-streets-and-faces feeling never left me so maybe that's why I have always connected so peculiarly with Manchester artists/works.
Nathan Parsons (1 year ago)
One of the most underrated post punk bands, should be as revered as Joy Division etc
Klaus Sperger (21 days ago)
+Paul Knight possibly. However Joy division and new order both got higher up the charts thab magazine. Unfortunately popularity and financial success from it drives the musics reach. I also know of bands who were breathtakingly astounding but if they cant get a hit single or big enough album popularity they can disapear without trace.(gloria mundi)
buck rogez (2 months ago)
Magazine are held very highly in the minds of those who really know what's up. I love both equally, but musically magazine were on a whole other level.
Paul Knight (9 months ago)
Well to put it simply if Mr Curtis had not decided to hang himself JD would not be so revered today as they are.
Kenny Evans (9 months ago)
Don't get your point!!
Paul Knight (9 months ago)
better than Joy Division imho...... a death in the ranks will always elevate something into more 'mythical' status.
Zygmunt Korobowicz (1 year ago)
shit hot fan for 30 years zyggy
Fractalite (1 year ago)
Wow amazing performance..
Nick Christian (1 year ago)
A truly wonderful performance. Barry providing the beating heart, John the smashing vigor and vitality, Noko and Dave stitching it all together with magnificent spine tingling interplay, Rosalie and Samantha adding a touch of extra class and Howard ever the complete showman orchestrating the whole superbly. This is mesmerising stuff the like we will never see again I fear.
Ramiiam (1 year ago)
They've still got it.
super très heureux d’écoute Magazine aujourd'hui 40 après toujours du bon
Christopher Lowe (1 year ago)
I love Magazine, the most under rated band ever. Took my wife and kids (17 and 12, the kids not the wife). We were blown away how good they were. Sure I saw them back in the day, the others didn't. Big Bazza on Bass was coolness personified. But we also met up with my mate, who is a cool hipster arty playwright type and goes to every Gig in Manc pretty much. And he said it was the best gig he'd seen in ten years. (Second were Wire). Great songs, greatly performed!!
John Forrest (1 year ago)
BRILLIANT ! Bands all talk about how their new album is so original / different ground breaking, BOLLOCKS. They should   bow their heads to Magazine !!!! outstanding.
stonesforlife (1 year ago)
Is that Mr Bean on vocals?
Hostian Ryjama (1 year ago)
Hostian Ryjama (1 year ago)
Hostian Ryjama (1 year ago)
I loved them since 30 years, and I do so!
Hostian Ryjama (1 year ago)
Te przepiękne dźwięki
Arthur Goldstaub (1 year ago)
Holy Fuck!! This is incredible!
Johann Johannes (1 year ago)
wish they would have kept together for all the years between - would have made for a lot of great performances and very impressed audiences !
Chris Cockerton (1 year ago)
First time listening to this band. Love it1
sheeweenbaby (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Chris
Mitchell Smith (1 year ago)
saw magazine one time in the us and they never returned. the played a place called the hot club in Philly which barely held 100 people and wrote Philadelphia about it. true story
Mark Colonna (7 months ago)
Mitchell Smith Interesting comment I wonder what raskolikov would have thought Philly or Petersburg??
john hayward (1 year ago)
" Drizzling on my Mivvi" That takes me back
Judy S (1 year ago)
hello spacejaicen i saw the Members 2 weeks ago they were good but the music has not aged as well as magazine
adrienne parker (1 year ago)
just about one of the best bands of all time....for me and my cronies that is.....Howard Devoto sounds better than ever, what a legend that he is......so good.....
Haroulla Fanos (1 year ago)
I was shirking my duty to miss this! This is the only band I still listen to from the days...& they are incredible...the lyrics and music are something else.. wish they would play again....it would be packed to the 'rafters' hee hee! incredible talent.
Craig Beasley (1 year ago)
But of course my dear. Oh listen to Chairs Missing right in the middle. Some bands transcend, most just die.
john hayward (1 year ago)
Wire still kick it
Sly Goodman (1 year ago)
Good to see you all again ,tribute to John McGeoch
looksdirty (1 year ago)
some guy (1 year ago)
Fucking incredible
Judy S (1 year ago)
dummy was my song when i was 13 and howard marry me I'm grown up now you are lovely xxx
Judy S (1 year ago)
the only band who's record sounds as good as they do live
james woody (1 year ago)
Oh, yes!
Nick Christian (1 year ago)
Can't resist another comment. Motorcade - slitheringly sinister and rippingly chaotic. STUNNING!
Judy S (1 year ago)
i hate slow sentimental songs but sometimes gets to me everytime
Judy S (1 year ago)
marry me howard
Judy S (1 year ago)
can't believe they sound even better live no other band I've heard can do that
Benji Jizanthapuss (1 year ago)
joy division sounds better live. les bains douches is an awesome live album
SpaceJaicen (1 year ago)
Judy S they sound great , right ?? Not many bands can age like fine wine.
marco robertini (1 year ago)
still in shape. complimenti
Craig Martin (1 year ago)
Music for tender revolutionaries!
Bertrand Leclercq (1 year ago)
john hayward (1 year ago)
Hats off to Noko for the solo
loopy Ruane (1 year ago)
such a static audience, they must be german?
Nick Christian (1 year ago)
This is a remarkable performance and the audience know it.
Paul Andrews (1 year ago)
no mancs...fucking predictive text
Paul Andrews (1 year ago)
no mans
Paul Andrews (1 year ago)
no mans
loopy Ruane (1 year ago)
who's the shakespears sister bitch? she looks fuckable.
loopy Ruane (1 year ago)
lucky you.
david lyon (1 year ago)
oi,that is my mum.
loopy Ruane (1 year ago)
it just ain't the same without john, who's up with the great beautician in the sky?
DLMlive (1 year ago)
I think I wore out most of my Magazine albums three times over and can't think of a more iconic band of the era. Thank God for youtube and Great performances like this. You sound fantastic!
CatoMinor (2 years ago)
Great, great band.
Ken Hughes (2 years ago)
Nice, I was at this gig
Nick Christian (10 months ago)
"I don't care to dance, I don't care to dance, I don't want to dance, no I'm not going to dance."
Robb Job (1 year ago)
This is the dance you do in your mind when you hear poetry in motion. To merely dance is not even appropriate.
MrSKINFLICK (1 year ago)
And why did almost nobody dance? One of the cruelest music videos in terms of LAME CROWDS I've ever seen in my life. Yes (the band) for new wave poshs? I guess so. Comment from Germany.
theholygoes (1 year ago)
so was I - Brilliant
Wearenotreallyhere (1 year ago)
And me! First time since The Factory!
Cuthbert Drinkwater (2 years ago)
Howard was bald in 77 the dirty old cunt
Nick Christian (2 years ago)
If you were around in 77 then we are all docs, Howard and Magazine are superb and always will be!
Rikitocker (2 years ago)
I just wish John was on guitar ...
Min 1066 (7 months ago)
I know what you mean but he'd be fighting someone somewhere, Noko does a good job here!
Voyeur Coma (10 months ago)
Rikitocker he couldn't make it, he had a date with the reaper, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.
nin ja (2 years ago)
audienc r fukin ded
nin ja (2 years ago)
heez good
nin ja (2 years ago)
audienc are fukin ded
Talorc MacAllan (2 years ago)
nin ja (2 years ago)
is that verge on guiter
Tanky Attwood (1 year ago)
james macpherson check out the two Luxuria albums which feature Noko...everybit as good as Magazine.
sheeweenbaby (2 years ago)
The guys name is "Noko" - Norman Fisher-Jones, who is a brilliant guitarist I have to say ....
Nick Christian (2 years ago)
Nostalgic, eccentric, compelling, mystifying, monumental, BRILLIANT!
Mark Colonna (7 months ago)
Nick Christian Yes all those things and more
themusicfella (2 years ago)
Brilliant performance.. Brought back lots of memories .. Wish I had been there for this... :-)
andrew g (2 years ago)
Rob Jamieson (2 years ago)
This wasn't just old rockers squeezing the last juice from the lemon. This was pitch-perfect, as good as they ever were. Will we ever see them again?
MJ DELEGATION (5 days ago)
Don’t get any better than this
Klaus Sperger (22 days ago)
Nick Christian yes,music like no other. It's as simple as that.Plus it has an archetypal depth.it will never fade for me.
Nick Christian (22 days ago)
+Klaus Sperger Klaus, Got it - No Thyself. You are right it didn't hit, but it didn't need to and I suspect was never conceived to be, but still ultimately a success - as every Magazine fan will testify.
Klaus Sperger (7 months ago)
Nick Christian they released a new album,it didn't hit. Success and failure is nothing to do with genius.
Craig Beasley (1 year ago)
"heart beats of love", so strange back when and still to a degree! Still Manchester
SoulStylistJukeBox (2 years ago)
why just 500 views?
Klaus Sperger (7 months ago)
They are somewhat forgotten and music not valued. Devoto album little impact.Luxuria little impact,then retirement for at least 10 years.Part is momentum and timing. Outstanding music.I know other equally astounding music who never even got an album out.
permaveg (1 year ago)
Look at the numbers now.
nin ja (2 years ago)
SoulStylistJukeBox outstanding
Tanky Attwood (2 years ago)
only rare breeds see the pearl lying in the field of mud
sheeweenbaby (2 years ago)
Hi, I suppose I haven't publicised it enough!!
SteveRes (2 years ago)
What a band, awesome
sheeweenbaby (2 years ago)
The Honeymoon Killers - Because You're Frightened....
dropagemonem (2 years ago)
Why the hell they didn't finish The Great Beautician In The Sky? What's the song that starts after it?
blackmorton 4 (4 months ago)
the honeymoon killers?

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