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Oracle tutorial : How to connect oracle database using sqlplus command line

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Oracle tutorial: How to connect oracle database using sqlplus command line sqlplus tools to connect to oracle database In this tutorial you can see using SQLPLUS commands how we can connect the oracle database . After connecting the oracle database you can able execute the sql query. oracleconnection oracle sqlplus connect to database
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shishir mundu (1 year ago)
i have forgotten my username and password for oracle 11g using sqlplus n couldnt connect to the database,plzz help.
Asadul Islam (1 year ago)
if possible ..pls help me about that errror. ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asadul Islam (1 year ago)
ya ..that's good...but i can't connnect ...coz while i run that command ,,,,showing the error like that.. ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
Baby boB (3 months ago)
I had the same issue. My password was having @ in between so oracle couldn't find that in tnsnames.ora. When I gave the password in double quotes like connect system/"password"@XE, it got connected.
Tech Query Pond (1 year ago)
Asadul Islam : 1)check your oracle service name which is defined in tns.ora 2) check your oracle service is running or not. If not resolved, please show me command you are firing.

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