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Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

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Many psychiatric tests and methods are used in order to find out what is going on in the patient’s head. Here are two simple questions that can be answered only by a person with schizophrenia or by an extraordinary genius person. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (30116)
artahajlig zueqram (56 minutes ago)
I answered it all right, so am I crazy? 😂or genius?😂
nicoleX Xelocin (1 hour ago)
yass high iq here we r
Mr. Neal (7 hours ago)
If only a person with schizophrenia or a genius can answer this, than whats the difference from schizophrenic and a genius?
LifeInAMetro (11 hours ago)
Who makes these oscar winning videos. Superfail
Nylee Oneal (12 hours ago)
Tommy Mack (13 hours ago)
I got both correct
Gene H (13 hours ago)
What if I answered Question 1 with One because I'm currently handicapped and must use a walker to ambulate, and doing so in a big crowd is very very hard, and thus a bit stressful??
Truepearl321 (14 hours ago)
I guess I'm a genius
DigiGlobal Tv (17 hours ago)
Wow i just learned something
Rebecca O Mahony (20 hours ago)
sooooooo im schizophrenic???? ok!!??
Javier P (20 hours ago)
I would totally agree
Basant kumar Bal (1 day ago)
I answered both answer correct.it's true.
BuckPack (1 day ago)
#2 he never asked qhat direction
long ass ride (1 day ago)
...they were both obvious to me...
Lesley Morata (1 day ago)
I am Daniel
Lesley Morata (1 day ago)
I answer both right yey
Oof Wolfie x (1 day ago)
im healthy person. and i choose 1,1.
Mizzy Cat (1 day ago)
I saw both the ”healthy” and ”schizophrenic” on the first one...
JuaffreBlumpkins (1 day ago)
Turns out I'm gay. I thought I was only half, but this video made realize I'm full-time slappin tha pole. Back to my Bob Ross marathon.
kumar k (1 day ago)
Ye Insan pagal hai..
Jacob Rosenblatt (1 day ago)
The Satopian (1 day ago)
I am A Genius and High iQ Holder.
Ochre Clay (2 days ago)
Well one was very obvious to me.
Wyatt Meadows (2 days ago)
The problem is I have a high IQ but I am also diagnosed with Schizophrenia. So how am I supposed to decide which one I am by this video?
Tan Tania (2 days ago)
I’m a genius not a schizophrenic duh I have no desease
zemunch (2 days ago)
i feel like its false hope for people to feel special
mellyora laenen (2 days ago)
I think that i am a genius then 😂 I don't think I can go to a doctor saying that a youtube vidio said I am ill
Perse Verance (2 days ago)
Hello! Well some people call me genius at dealing with music! And I scored 163 and 165 in a pair of formal iq tests Also i have schizophrenia Still i cant break through the hollow mask test. lol i dont know what i am doing here
Atomic Junebug (2 days ago)
1.this was easy 2. I'm not a genius 3. I dont have an illness 4.IM REALLU SCARED NOW
Parrot Lover Diamond (2 days ago)
This channel tell you things like WHY IS THE EARTH FLAT? rubbish
Raquel Childs (2 days ago)
I always knew I was a Genius/Schizophrenic 🤪🤦🏾‍♀️
Rinka (2 days ago)
durian stinky (3 days ago)
Maddox Hancock (3 days ago)
What if you got both of the first subject right?
Maddox Hancock (3 days ago)
Um starting to get worried!!!
KookInfires104 (3 days ago)
what happens if both were obvious
Semjase Law (3 days ago)
Looking at these comments, the fact I stopped watching at 2 minutes - says that I am a real genius. 😉
Trish (3 days ago)
Well I'm definitely not a genius...
Chula Wink (3 days ago)
First time some one told he i have a high IQ.
Kaitlyn Kirk Wright (3 days ago)
Wait so i am genious? Yeah right or am i what? I got both mask ones right so what??
Illuminati Official (4 days ago)
Ray C (4 days ago)
I got one right and showed my mom and dad then watched the whole video and got disappointed
Aman Jain (4 days ago)
its convex on both sides right at 1:19
Mike Garcia (4 days ago)
Never so happy to be wrong!~; )
The above eye frame
Katie Elizabeth (4 days ago)
did anyone actually see two faces being concaved and it rotating in two directions? bc all the comments here that i scrolled through seem to point towards no one seeing two faces nor two directions.... i'm genuinely curious...
jiana Cortez (4 days ago)
I got both right
ruben morillo (4 days ago)
Yes one is smiling and the other one is sad
Emory Kemp (4 days ago)
Both of these questions were quite easy to answer correctly. It's because I know BASIC geometry. And for the bonus question, I chose #1 both times sooooooo happiness😊👍 😉👉 Thanks private Christian eduaction!
Monix CM (5 days ago)
Can I put this video on my resume?
West Coast Lady (5 days ago)
I think I got it right because I've done far too many of these tests and now I assume every answer is the reverse of what I initially think.
flerpaderp (5 days ago)
I don't understand how my social anxiety would make me see the masks differently
Jan Foster (5 days ago)
I think this video is downright dangerous. How many people are really worried now because they think they're unwell?
Swag Horse (5 days ago)
53000 people apparently have schizophrenia.
Adrien7733 (5 days ago)
I'm a stable genius. 🤔
Lilly Despina (6 days ago)
I'm sitting here watching a bright side vid...IQ determined
Scout (6 days ago)
just look at the edges of the mask when they overlap, this is the most obvious thing in the world.
Phoenix Michaels (6 days ago)
There are LOTS of high IQ individuals who are worn out by the slower pace and absurdities of the general population. Many misanthropic people, for example, are also very intelligent. So they would choose to NOT be in a high population urban environment, despite what the test asserts. There just isn't "one size fits all" tests which determine who, what, and why an individual may be influenced by, motivated by, and repulsed by... too many variables: dozens of nature variables, dozens of nurture variables. Life traumas. Life epiphanies. Walter Chatton's Anti-Razor applies here, as well as Hickam's Dictum.
The eye frame...Is doesn't have the same frame
Dawrong Witch (6 days ago)
If the test is "entirely subjective" it's not a test.
José Crisalide (6 days ago)
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Torey Grier (6 days ago)
I’m a genius with mental illnesses
Officer gabe (6 days ago)
For thumbnail the shadows are on opposite sides
tjf4375 (6 days ago)
This is complete rubbish. You don't need to be a genius or schizophrenic to answer those questions, you just need to be able to visualise and understand complex 3 dimensional forms. Anyone who works in a creative field, particularly anyone who works with CAD or 3d modelling will be able to answer these easily. I really find this video quite objectionable, as two people in my family suffer from schizophrenia and this kind of idiotic ignorance only helps to perpetuate misunderstanding of the condition.
Jack B. Wulf (6 days ago)
well i'm a schizophrenic and theres no difference in that thumbnail you just copypasted it twice next to people to make others feel smarter or feel down about themselves a bit shallow on my opinion
Luci Fr0st (6 days ago)
I got both correct, i dun really believe in this test.
Lina Ramadani (6 days ago)
Everyone Tells me I'm a Genius, so I'm Great!
Raven Gacha (7 days ago)
I saw the difference
ValueOfNothing (7 days ago)
That's right. Geniuses fall for click bait all the time.
Junk Account (7 days ago)
Gosh I got both questions right and I chose the second option on both
Ralt T (7 days ago)
So much for being the smartest-kid in the school. ;P
Sweaty Pete (6 days ago)
Ralt T “smartest kid” is two words.
I see no mask only the one behind the mask.Just kidding ,the voices in my head told told me to say that.
quantenmoi (7 days ago)
I answered all 4 questions according to what this video claims is "genius." And I've taken the Stanford-Binet test a few times in my life and have scored between 145 and 150. So, perhaps there's plausibility to what they claim, at least with regard to IQ. On the other hand, only 4 questions leaves a lot of room for random coincidence. So, I wouldn't go hanging my hat on this test.
Aaditya Shretha (7 days ago)
Peter Picallo (7 days ago)
First question was "do you wanna give it a try?" Who answered that?...
Abbas Ali (7 days ago)
I answer both question right bt m genius not crazy
Southern Sun Candles (8 days ago)
Nowhere did the word crazy appear in this video. It discussed mental health characteristics. I agree schizophrenics are not crazy. I believe their brains can connect to a higher plane of consciousness
carlos alvarez (8 days ago)
I chose one at the first question and on the second question I chose option two. What does that make me ?
CencerousV (8 days ago)
I aint no genius im pretty unintellegent to be honest and I definatly aint no schiz but i got them both right. I just went back to common sense and thought that It physically cant go both ways and It was clearly convexed on one side
Kevin Cayabyab (8 days ago)
Haha im genius
Jewel Spivey (8 days ago)
That was a waste of my time. They were both extremely easy.
GalaxyPandaPlays ! (8 days ago)
I got one right, because I looked up the definition of convex. Is a high IQ good?
Kids Lavery (8 days ago)
Kids Lavery (8 days ago)
AWGaming (8 days ago)
Hey doctor, you YouTube video says I need to see you!
Nicolas Hartman (8 days ago)
Now everybody is gonna start thinking they are a genius, thanks...
Ced Bigby (8 days ago)
Im happy and somewhat intelligent...or am i intelligent and somewhat happy.
Xx_lunacat_ xX (8 days ago)
Suicidu de (8 days ago)
I have schizophrenia, I don't feel as if it's a downside though.
sagewisdom09 (8 days ago)
I’m on acid and still got both of them wrong. Does that mean I’m normal?
cool_monsters (8 days ago)
# alexithymia
Dean Fletcher (8 days ago)
Im a skitz
LegendaryNoob (8 days ago)
hmmm i answered both so i have to find psyhiatrist or what? :D
iva hribal (8 days ago)
I'm a genius and have a high iq okay thanks
Jackaboy the 1st (8 days ago)
First questions I got right
UncleJokes.com (9 days ago)
These questions are obvious? I’m pretty sure everyone got it. The shadows make it obvious which way it is going and the fact the mask is only dented on one side.
Pamelina says (9 days ago)
Guess we are all geniuses and have schizophrenia
Kimberly K (9 days ago)
Oh snap I'm a crazy genius 😎😎😎
New Jones (9 days ago)
Genius and madness are two sides of the coin.
Dennis Ovahn (9 days ago)
So I’m either it seems. Too easy to be true..so sad now😭so happy now🤪so smart now🤓
DIVYESH KUMAR (9 days ago)
Need a psychiatrist
Kian MJ (9 days ago)
i got healthy on first test and possess high quality of a person with a high IQ on the second test. any comment?

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