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Sea Wolf - "Where The Wind Blows" (Audio)

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Buy on iTunes: http://glnk.it/st Sea Wolf "Where The Wind Blows" originally released on limited edition 7" vinyl on Dangerbird Records. http://seawolfmusic.com http://dangerbirdrecords.com
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Text Comments (19)
Curtis Ellis (1 year ago)
Song is pure autumn.
Joanna Miranda (2 years ago)
The one person who disliked was probably like "dis I like"
Samuel Burnett (3 years ago)
she wolf
therotiv4 (3 years ago)
so nice song
deeewberry14 (5 years ago)
i love this band so much
Samuel Boye (5 years ago)
i like the beat
Sai Kiu Ho (6 years ago)
Damn! Where are the lyrics to this song!
j cardenas (6 years ago)
The words baby!!
ICutThatGrassForFree (6 years ago)
I'd really love to listen to an instrumental version of this song. His voice is lovely, but the tune is gorgeous.
Rebecca Owen (6 years ago)
The Words trailer brought me here :)
EliAutry (6 years ago)
great folk tune
m1xolyd1an (6 years ago)
Why are all the "sea" bands always so awesome? :] Sea Wolf, Seabear, Seapony, oh my!
Eva Grimaldo (6 years ago)
His voice makes me so relaxed. <3 Sea Wolf.
Cuirassier23 (6 years ago)
Trying to figure out the chords for this... is it starting out with a fingerpicked Dm?
PerishSong131 (6 years ago)
Hey. Marry me.
momonga (10 months ago)
LightNeverFades (6 years ago)
Breathtaking! <3
mmayhem14 (6 years ago)
gotta say this one's the better of the two, great song
launderground (6 years ago)
we love sea wolf.

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