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MUST SEE LEVEL ~ Geometry Dash -Sirius- by FunnyGame (3 Coins/Demon)

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Geometry Dash Sirius by FunnyGame! This is an awesome level! --CONTACT ME-- Subscribe to me! ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EricVanWilderman Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/EricVanWilderman Twitter ► https://twitter.com/VanWilderman Outro Song ► http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCoCY5QsfCU --OTHER LEVELS-- ToE2 v2 ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SsGpZ691Bk Deadlocked ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1rW1hwEV7k Jawbreaker ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm4ptEKHTt8 Toxin Lab 2 ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaxs2WXW_2I
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Text Comments (1537)
CosmicPandaGod (1 month ago)
That teddy bear hat is adorable Eric!! I love it
Adriana Tartakoff (1 month ago)
Mobile, PC, one does not simply... Try to type a hypen in the search bar.
RedJive213 (2 months ago)
2015 damn
SoundCzech (8 months ago)
Remember beating it and feeling so proud. Soooooo much fun.
xwildox (9 months ago)
They are the same person
The Windows Guy (9 months ago)
Easy demon level but it's fun!!!!
Sean Decena (9 months ago)
Reverse Time Leaper (9 months ago)
WAHTAFAAAAAAAH (when he fails at The Green ship Part)
ItzEehan_ (10 months ago)
How the hell did you get past 54% that easily?
player1234567 GD (11 months ago)
Counting with Eric 0:54
Darylle Vlogs (11 months ago)
i love the sound effects
Instance GD (11 months ago)
i am 51%
Bovicali Reborn (1 year ago)
9:20 when your battling a virus
Pepper Mint (1 year ago)
Secret if you die at 0% (first spike)
BaliDash GD (1 year ago)
8:11 lol
Not Epic Gaming (1 year ago)
U want healthy food? 🍌 Or meh fast food? 🍔🍟🌭🍕🍗🥤? If u want fast food go to EVW’s Lonely Travel If healthy go to EVW’s REANIMATION Soooo, hope ur hungry! If not, stop reading Just stop Stop Stop Nothing is here Stop it … 😮🌮 NOM
Nebez Pshdary (1 year ago)
Sirius black
Vampz_ (1 year ago)
I still can't believe back then EVW said Wilderdashers..... CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGE
Nathan Henry (1 year ago)
also do bloodlust but i cant give you any tips i find it easier than blood bath and cataclymplus bloodbath teogeter
Nathan Henry (1 year ago)
do unity rating insane but you do have to constate at the first ufo and first ship and the last part of the only wave is triky and you cant touch the flashing platforms and i had to practice the mini ufo for 3 weeks
GatorZ gd (1 year ago)
3:15 Twitching
beyman 3267 (1 year ago)
That’s what funnygame goes through to get to his dojo
Zeus Kashyap (1 year ago)
50 year old man
That One Random Gamer (1 year ago)
My first EVW video! Ah, the memories...
tigerlord600 (1 year ago)
Lol,, crazy crazy crazy,,,,,,,, 69...........
legends xD (1 year ago)
Bro make ur own level... Which will beat everyone exterme demon....
sergey play (1 year ago)
Royale Royalties (1 year ago)
i cant find it any more
IAMPorkyV2 (1 year ago)
Bunnygame's best level yet :b
Inkling 194 (1 year ago)
This is a medium demon no kidding SAW IT the demon yesterday
Smohad Yurajic (1 year ago)
Are you Sirius?!
JaxtheGreat777 (1 year ago)
i beat this (it was my 10th demon :))
SebYaBoi (1 year ago)
His face at 7:53 XD
What happened to terron's amazing Deco since Death Moon
OnePenguBoi (1 year ago)
I don't really like his level cause he uses the same boss over and over
42 (1 year ago)
Your intro reminds me of markiplier I love it
Trent Harper (1 year ago)
Eric you should do blood sugar, it's a pretty fun medium demon
RPHXX (1 year ago)
Joona Illman (1 year ago)
I have no idea how to get through the part at 1:42. I go through the blue portal, fall down, hit the jump pad, I hit the blocks below, go up and hit the side of the block and die. Sometimes I stay on the blocks below and can't go up no matter how much I click. I can clearly see how it's supposed to go but it just doesn't go.
kurb (1 year ago)
Harry Potter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
CitrousSeven (1 year ago)
you cant search it anymore becasue it doesnt let you type hyphens
James McKenzie (1 year ago)
When Geometry Dash dies, they should keep all of FunnyGame's levels and put them in a museum
HUNGARY IS HEAVEN (1 year ago)
CooCoo 333 (1 year ago)
the boss looks like a Christmas tree a 1 part
K4ja RU5 (1 year ago)
I love this Head!
Cube It Nickson (1 year ago)
N fam dunot give up
Skyforce 102 (1 year ago)
In Space Reality there is a Star/Planet/Dwarf Planet called Sirius.
TeeJaaY (1 year ago)
Caustic is Funnygame's emergency account
Circuit Gaming (1 year ago)
r u SIRIUS?!!
savourysnake 123 (1 year ago)
funny game is caustic funny game just uploaded death moon to his emergency account because he had to hack the object limit, and he was afraid to loose his main account
- Taka - (1 year ago)
The Crazy Crazy CRAZYYYY! 69 :)
ihaz cheezburgurz (1 year ago)
attempt 13 : ayy eric we have same
Space stuff (1 year ago)
how's watching in 2017
game for 4 (1 year ago)
youuuuuu have sexxxxxxx
Rythyx (1 year ago)
When this level came out, I didn't find it that impressive. I still liked some 1.9 levels better.
Joshua Lewis (1 year ago)
4:32 EVW: *Wierd Noise* Oh jeezuz you gotta stop making those noizez
Lemonade (1 year ago)
Sirius looks like a Christmas tree
HESH Files (1 year ago)
2:51 most manly response ever
just a random guy (1 year ago)
Eric how did you get the icon
adrian acosta (2 years ago)
Don't ever give yourself up Eric van wilderman
Mr Wizard (2 years ago)
Wow you were so close
Key Zedong (2 years ago)
super demon
Frazor (2 years ago)
oh tiddlywinks
Yours (2 years ago)
Yours (2 years ago)
I bet Regulus is still being made... orr it's a level I don't know
sinister (2 years ago)
I would build a great wall
Tanner Thurber (2 years ago)
"that part is the hardest part of this part"- ericvanwilderman
Royale (5 months ago)
Read it when he said it.
Patttriple (2 years ago)
Hey mate I got a 97% fail twice ok. I feel your pain
Ecto Shiba (2 years ago)
I love the part when the two abominations have a conversation
Szymon Zając (2 years ago)
idk if u noticed but when you collect the 1st coin funny game changes to bunny gamr
The Prescriber (2 years ago)
8:06 ya dun got poked.
Ex spectator modz (2 years ago)
when you realis you use the same counting tecneec
KunKu (2 years ago)
Why 113 dislikes?
Andrei Dumitru (2 years ago)
Now there are 114. You are welcome
Blue Bloon (2 years ago)
8:10 Stewie?!
E&O (2 years ago)
in the beggining of the level why did it said low detail when it was a lot of detail?
Lallama (2 years ago)
"the rythem...in your pants the rythem flows in your pants" ~EVW
br33zie (2 years ago)
this is siriusly not a funnygame
Is this Loss? (1 year ago)
Hypernova kill me Now
FeoniX (2 years ago)
I can beat it but it lags for me
Henry G (2 years ago)
just beat this and GG!
Debugger Us (2 years ago)
Lol i heard him say that
Trazz OnlyEMOJIKING (2 years ago)
[GD] Dagger (2 years ago)
Whos watching during 2019 ww III started... Trump
Certified Human (2 years ago)
[GD] Dagger This is sirius, not a FunnyGame
Kai Davies (2 years ago)
caustic and funny game are the same
Eli Flood (2 years ago)
I have the same hat as you
SAMMIE (2 years ago)
that one is a very nice dutch SCHREEM
BaliDash GD (2 years ago)
Now you gotta beat Nibiru by renzor
Andrew J Gaming (2 years ago)
Funnygame is the best creator there ever was and ever will be
Mattyo9 (2 years ago)
The sky's the limit, unless it's geometry dash then it's 30,000
GhostAsriel // GD (2 years ago)
Sirius boss? *serious boss xD
Colin Torbus (2 years ago)
Yes, death moon was made by funnygame. It was on his emergency account
Dekomori (2 years ago)
caustic is the same as funnygame. Caustic is just his emergency account
That "really" he said at 3:31 was the same as the "REALLY NIGGA" one
emma Pettersson (2 years ago)
try dopamin challenge
nurasyl007 (2 years ago)
you get the 10 silver coins to unlock the vault to get the icons password in the option up look it's the vault
I lag too much at the wave part so I can't get past it :(
Dianna Elizondo (2 years ago)
XD the thing with the poking
Mafia Level.99 (2 years ago)
0:37 funnygame names ia normal but in 0:42 its Bunnygame. wow just wow o_0
Mafia Level.99 (2 years ago)
deadlocked is hard demon and sirius is just medium/easy
MasterBall999 Gaming (2 years ago)
You can get a Lenny face to show up if you die on the first big spike on the top at the beginning
Duuzle (2 years ago)
Like If I Got You Read More
ItsJoey (2 years ago)
I never realize how much Eric is noticed in the GD community. Holy snot...

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